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  1. WoW ... Beautiful Where can we find these greenhouses and this street on picture 38?
  2. @korver I do not try to modify my rock mod or other ... I'm looking for MMP lava. I find it strange that many have created water but no one has made lava in this style. Unless a creator goes through this .... Sorry about my English but I'm a French player
  3. After the grass, I need lava. Anyone know (or create) lava MMP? Thanx a lot
  4. Hello I'm looking for grass MMP version to complete girafe flora. Those of RRP Pasture are not really to my taste. Do you know of others? Worth a props? Thank you for your help
  5. It works now ... So unfortunately I can not organize my mods ... I will adapt accordingly. Never mind. Thank you for your help, good game
  6. I am damned. Or I'm bad. I just installed the latest version of the NAM and taking the precautions (place this folder after the NAM), your mod (Urban Tarsealed Street Modd 3.01) does not work anymore. Am I alone in not getting there?
  7. Vraiment joli.... Bravo. Tu ne t'es pas trompé? Je comprends pas, ce que viens faire l'image de Dahammas au centre des images de campagne. Cependant c'est très bien.. Continues comme ça, et vivement la suite
  8. Wow... it's so realistic ... Where did that had this bridge?
  9. Je sais que sur tu es sur TSC, mais je te vois plus actif ici...Ton CJ est vraiment sublime... Bravo... Quel waterMOD utilises tu? Et comment as tu supprimé les effets de vague sur la plage? I know you're out on TS, but I see more asset you here ... Your CJ is really sublime ... Bravo ... What WaterMOD do you use? And how did you removed the ripple effects on the beach?
  10. I had seen on another site ... but which one? You did not put in?
  11. Mug of course, when I'm at home, I always have with coffee. Summer and winter. Ford Mustang or Camaro SS?
  12. Bonjour, Je souhaite me lancer dans un nouvel CJ que je publierai ICI... Cependant, je me posais une question. N'étant pas à l'aise avec l'anglais et la traduction de google Translate laisse à désirer, ai je le droit de le rédiger en français? Les visiteurs pourront le traduire eux même J'attends vos réponses... Merci Hello, I want to get into a new CJ I will publish HERE ... However, I asked myself a question. Not being comfortable with English and the Google Translate translation is poor, I have the right to write in French? Visitors will translate themselves;) I await your replies ... Thanks
    Great... They are very nice... Thanx for sharing.
  13. Hi, When I click on Find their other files on STEX I have a page displaying That page does not exist. Error code: 2S100/1
  14. In fact this is not the hourglass but the circle with the dot in the center .... I'll make you a copy screens, being French, it is not easy to explain. I reinstall the plugin Slipcover and the root of the game ... But to do anything it does not work. I found my error ... I had to activate the button Info ... Sorry for inconvenience