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  1. It's been a while I have seen a story-driven CJ and I like it.
  2. Here is a night shot of Echizen. One of the 20 special wards of Kaijo, Teiko. This is a part of the city I am currently working on.
  3. I surprisingly look good in here!
  4. Teacher! Tonraq.
  5. Car.
  6. Nice work in here. Looks good. Just out of curiosity, where did you get the tall building in the left in your first image? Thanks.
    Looks fantastic. Just a query tho, when I download the DN version. The file name is "Peninsula Puerto Vallarta". This seems similar to the one you uploaded before sharing the same title as it has the same size. Did you perhaps uploaded the wrong file?
  7. Hi guys, I am sorry for the inactivity in the past days. It's been a long road to unemployment!
  8. Er my god, my name is there. Hahaha. I never topped the chart tho. T.T
  9. Amazing work. You have taken realism to the next the level. The clever use of photoshop and resourcefulness is praiseworthy.
  10. I see, I have been thinking of importing some Japanese building models from the 3d warehouse into the game using gmax. Dryan proposed it before as a joke but now that I think about, it kinda seems plausible. If you have some time, could you share how you import sketchup models into sc4?
  11. OMG! Wonderful. Just one question how, where in hell do you even get those models!?
  12. Holy cow! I have never seen anything like that even in real life. I prolly won't be able to make anything more complicated than a diamond interchange. Nice work!
    Truly wonderful! The building looks nice. I hope you could model some Japanese skyscrapers too!
  13. Another suggestion I could think of is that should we have a minimum nominees per award? Like at least three (number subject to debate) nominations for Trixie CJ Best CJ otherwise the award will not be given.