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  1. Nice work in here. Looks good. Just out of curiosity, where did you get the tall building in the left in your first image? Thanks.
    Looks fantastic. Just a query tho, when I download the DN version. The file name is "Peninsula Puerto Vallarta". This seems similar to the one you uploaded before sharing the same title as it has the same size. Did you perhaps uploaded the wrong file?
  2. Hi guys, I am sorry for the inactivity in the past days. It's been a long road to unemployment!
  3. Er my god, my name is there. Hahaha. I never topped the chart tho. T.T
  4. Amazing work. You have taken realism to the next the level. The clever use of photoshop and resourcefulness is praiseworthy.
  5. I see, I have been thinking of importing some Japanese building models from the 3d warehouse into the game using gmax. Dryan proposed it before as a joke but now that I think about, it kinda seems plausible. If you have some time, could you share how you import sketchup models into sc4?
  6. OMG! Wonderful. Just one question how, where in hell do you even get those models!?
  7. Holy cow! I have never seen anything like that even in real life. I prolly won't be able to make anything more complicated than a diamond interchange. Nice work!
    Truly wonderful! The building looks nice. I hope you could model some Japanese skyscrapers too!
  8. Another suggestion I could think of is that should we have a minimum nominees per award? Like at least three (number subject to debate) nominations for Trixie CJ Best CJ otherwise the award will not be given.
  9. 48 Laws of Power Robert Greene
  10. Couldn't a bundle of CJs be called CJ Album? Song is for the songwriter and performance is for the artist. Sadly, it's not like every CJ has a CJwriter and CJartist but we do have Trixie for the Best Story in a CJ before. This would be last reply to this as I don't want to flood this thread with topic. Perhaps other members have insight as well. I will simply summarize my points as to not go overboard. Main argument is that I don't think it is necessary to have all the awards that Ln X listed. By that statement I mean, the suburbs, industrial, seaport and airport, etc.. My reasoning is that it is redundant to the awards we are giving like best CJ and such. CJs are supposed to be awarded as a package of awe inspiring city elements not a cherry pick of which part of the CJ is good. A good CJ will be good in totality and not just in parts. Also, having a lot of categories will only make Trixies less valuable. Take a look at the declining of numbers of nominations from 2012 to 2014. Well, there is certainly no harm in having multiple CJ subcategories in the Trixie. It has been quite a long time that Simtropolis had Trixies. In the long run, perhaps just perhaps those suggestions could be added but as long as there is no certainty that there will be enough nominations for them then I guess, it shouldn't cut in. I have seen the list of nominations given to those awards before and I could verify that some categories only received one or two. EDIT: I was also reminded, we actually have Simtropolis challenge for those that deals with CJ subcategories like best transport, best industrial and best CBD. I think that should be a good place where these type of things are given attention and award. After all winning in those challenges is kinda like equivalent to winning a Trixie. In fact, it even has its own dedicated Hall of Fame album which Trixie winners don't have.
  11. Okay, maybe an analogy would help you. Think of the Grammy awards. Each music has its own genre. Yes they are all music but they all have different genre. Also, each song normally has an intro, verse, chorus etc. If you think about it, CJs are like that as well. Each CJ has its own strength and weakness. Asian CJs, European CJs, African CJ, American CJs are all just CJs having different genre. But each CJ is composed of residential areas, commercial areas, industrial areas, they all have transport network too and pretty much everything that seen in a city. You award best pop music and best jazz music but certainly you don't award best chorus or best verse. If you agree with my arguments, then fine but choosing out how many genre we award is different story and is another topic to debate. The argument at hand is why I believe Ln X's list is excessive. EDIT: @Ln X If one image matters so much then why not nominate it for aesthetically pleasing. I still don't see why we have to award every field you mention like suburbs, airports, seaports, transports and such. Aren't those the elements that actually makes a CJ a worthy of a Trixie?
  12. Winter.