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  1. poll

    my 750Ti is a little bit piece of shame for this game :X
  2. Wow, just one word - AMAZING. I was all time so worry about count of them. When I was placing some paving textures, I was sooooo worry and had bad feel about it. But now, it changes everything! Thanks you, thanks you, thanks you!!!!! :-)
  3. I present you my version of Unique roundabout - the pump of life. Its right side driving version of real one, you can see it here: https://www.google.cz/maps/@-37.8012453,144.9574637,18.75z All is timed, still there are few issue points due to missing seconds on delays, but its really hard at the moment. What do you think? Will you worry to enter this roundabout in real life? What you dont like? What props I should use here in european style? Let me know! I appreciate much!
  4. Heart of my city pumping life into whole region. Whats your opinion? Let me know!
  5. Wow, thanks you! I decided make new style, I was bored with USA style all time... Even this looks more friendly to limits. No epic megalopolis, just mid size 100-200k city with cute districts. Dont have much work done, I was started few days ago. (Also had problems with RAM memory and that was factor, why I created new city) Only the left intersection between road and tram is issue point at the moment. There is high traffic and flowable out of that issue point....
  6. Heart of downtown still in progress, there is still much work, but you can see it in action! Any suggestions?
  7. It looks awesome! But isnt it designed more to American cities?
  8. Shopping area [WIP] rough sketch
  9. haha :-D Thank so much! Working on two lane version on each direction for better flowing in bigger cities :-) It seems workable.
  10. Hello best community on this planet! Few days ago I was watching videos on YT, then I saw creativeDEX. He impressed me so much! I took his idea of highway reconstruction/works and I decided I make it functional if it would be possible. This version seems best what I tried. Hope you enjoy guys and let me know, what you think! (sorry for my English if I did mistake) UPDATED VERSION with two lanes on each direction: Version with one lane on each direction:
  11. JUST WOW! Cannot wait to try it! You are god!
  12. Beardmonkey you are just perfect man! Every day is more exciting when I see your new content. With all your work we are enjoying this game for maximum! I love you and if you marry to NeguchiMaroyama I will be angry! :-D
  13. Hello guys, I made this: I was inspired by this intersection in Miami, Florida https://www.google.com/maps/@26.0868636,-80.2079013,3260m/data=!3m1!1e3
  14. Hello guys, some time left and finally I made my port of my city. Not every aspect is the best solved, but i think it is not bad looking port/harbor. This port took one week of time to build it. What do you think about this guys? What ports did you make,
  15. When they implemented this into game, I never go out again