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  1. Cannot wait for awesome pools! You are just GENIUS!!!!!!
  2. Awesome area need to visit!!! I love tennis.
  3. I checked Google Earth Pro and there I am able get some informations about height. Most city is builded in easy editable terrain height. For example Prague castle is 60 metres above river, which will be most difficult. But I agree thats most important that in future I can save much time. My priority at the moment is create some tunnels, before i change height (can avoid crazy road slopes). Then I can start with highways. There are not so many kms in this square. What I am thinking is what will be around "main" city. Most main roads are placed, most rails are placed. (Now have 5800 network limits, and its not bad. For metro I plan use cca 6000 and it is really long! For highway 4000 and still have half limits to detail whole city... we see what happens) P.S. This wont be 1:1 version of Prague. Just I do what is in my best and what the game limits allow...
  4. Road layout - rough scetch (updated) (there are also railway tracks, but it can not be seen from this view)
  5. Looking soooo usable! Cannot wait man
  6. Road layout - rough scetch (there are also railway tracks, but it can not be seen from this view)
  7. High resolution screenshot:
  8. Imperial Island (Císařský ostrov) - work in progress
  9. Thanks much man! Spent really much time on it. Now finally another chapter. :-)
  10. Update Shipping canal Podbaba After some time, again, I changed this canal entrance. I deleted vanilla canals and made them by myself (asset from RonyX69). Had to change shape of left gate because behind it is vanilla quay to block major water (some water go throw, but its nice). Left chamber is closed due to maintenance.
  11. Thanks much man! Really, really nice buildings! Ok doesnt matter
  12. No problem, I meant that how long is the bridge over the island (on first picture the bridge is farthest from us). And can I know your residental buildings? They are looking awesome!
  13. Thanks Rotype and MissVanleider for help! The worst thing is beginning, but I try hard.