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  1. Road layout - rough scetch (updated) (there are also railway tracks, but it can not be seen from this view)
  2. Looking soooo usable! Cannot wait man
  3. Road layout - rough scetch (there are also railway tracks, but it can not be seen from this view)
  4. High resolution screenshot:
  5. Imperial Island (Císařský ostrov) - work in progress
  6. Thanks much man! Spent really much time on it. Now finally another chapter. :-)
  7. Update Shipping canal Podbaba After some time, again, I changed this canal entrance. I deleted vanilla canals and made them by myself (asset from RonyX69). Had to change shape of left gate because behind it is vanilla quay to block major water (some water go throw, but its nice). Left chamber is closed due to maintenance.
  8. Thanks much man! Really, really nice buildings! Ok doesnt matter
  9. No problem, I meant that how long is the bridge over the island (on first picture the bridge is farthest from us). And can I know your residental buildings? They are looking awesome!
  10. Thanks Rotype and MissVanleider for help! The worst thing is beginning, but I try hard.
  11. You deserve more eyes watching your art Thumbs up!
  12. Hello everbody, Project started: 08.04.2017 Project ended: (estimate: 1 year) Mod list: in progress Asset list: in progress //Dont have experience with video making, dont have any program yet. Also my style is different to others. Once I finish some part, sometimes I destroy whole area and start with better sense. If anyone can help me with some newbie tricks to video making, I much appreciate!!// Few days ago, after I reached 1600 played hrs in this game I decided make something, whats close to me (i think its bad sentence, still best what i can do :X). I was thinking how decrease workshop items, especially buildings. I wanted massively use vanilla european buildings, so there wasnt much to think about. Plan: (every Sunday I am updating stuff) My plan isnt build Prague in 1:1. Anyway it is impossible yet. But I want build some well-known places at its own positions to create similar shape of city. In final phase I want have over 250k people at maximum! I am big detailer, so building blocks/districts take much time for me (I am too thinking about every prop I place) Currently stage: Placing rails First step: is create river Vltava. Shipping canal Podbaba (you can see on screen below) Change terrain heights to right ones, build around coasts. Create rail system (its is huge, huge system which I am looking forward!) Find the way how to build Prague Castle. Prague - few interesting facts: Prague Castle is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest castle in the world (70 000 m² is equivalent to 17,297 acre or 0,027 mile²) Charles Square is one of the largest squares in the world and was the largest town square of the medieval Europe. It used to be called "The Big Marketplace" (Tržiště velké) or „Cattle Market" (Dobytčí trh) The most famous square is certainly the Wenceslas Square, formerly known as Horse Market (Koňský trh). It was renamed Saint Wenceslas square (Svatováclavské náměstí) in 1848 on the proposal of Karel Havlíček Borovský. The Prague pneumatic post is the world's last preserved municipal pneumatic post system It is an underground system of metal tubes under the wider centre of Prague, totaling about 55 kilometres in length. It crosses the river Vltava three times. You can visit the Astronomical Clock not only in Prague but even thousand miles away - in Seoul. The replica was built in a popular district Hongda and works as a restaurant and exhibition centre. Prague Subway (metro) comprises three lines, serving 57 stations, and consists of a transit network 59,3 km (= 35.7 mi.) long. The shortest distance is between Hlavní nádraží (Main Train Station) and Muzeum (425 m = 0,26 mi.), the longest distance is between Nádraží Holešovice (Holešovice Train Station) and Kobylisy (2748 m = 1708 mi.) Vršovice is a less well-known district of Prague but in the last century there was one of the world largest amusement park - the Eden Pleasure Gardens with roller coaster, helter-skelter or just boating. Now Tesco and the Slavia football stadium stand here. (Slavia Praha is my most favourite football team) And finally some first tastings:
  13. P.S. Can you say me how wide is river behind island called "Štvanice"? Just to compare if I was close P.S.2 Its really helpful to see terrain height, because i started with flat map and editing in real time...
  14. LOL man When I saw first picture, i said WHAT. I wasnt first who wanted make Prague? Oh, thats shame for me :X I live nearby it, so if you have any questions, dont worry ask Anyway I like so much ! (Not only because of my country :P)