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  1. I smell history! Great work as always Skibbith!
  2. Hey, I am preparing for Hollywood Boulevard, walk of fame we have in workshop what is really nice. But what i missing and it adds real feeling is this bus. (bus vehicle + prop version would be cool) If anyone will have mood and time for it, i would appreciate much! Thanks!
  3. Truck weigh station (functional) Hello! When I finished toll booth I decided make TWS. Its just neccessary have it around at least one highway. I started thinking how can I do it "like in real". Here is little graph: Every truck has to visit this TWS. Cars (service, etc..) can follow only green lane. Trucks follow blue line to weigh scale point where they stopped for few seconds //there is stop sign (red lines). If trucks weight "isnt right", then truck has to follow yellow line into inspection barn (here its starting be little tricky. I builded two industry buildings-mobile office from Beardmonkey. These buildings entrance is exactly in barn (for us its looking like there is some search of trucks trailer - trailer is staying at one position for few seconds). Sometimes truck dissapears in barn because truck delivered goods into industry office buildings (we can imagine like some prohibited stuff was found) or continues to parking lot (cannot imitate functional way) OR can goes again on highway. Trucks CANNOT go on green line, but when truck is going from yellow, he hasnt any other choice - he continues on green lane next to weigh scale (which is as perfect as it can be). Speed limits are mostly 30. For me, as man who never visited weigh station in real life it was really hard. Of course I was searching google pictures, but it wasnt exactly what the game allows. So I started with my own system. Dont know if this can be workable in real life. And here is short video just for showcase (didnt record final version yet): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLJBnmc5boY This "little project" took me few hours but I hope some of you will enjoy it! I appreciate every feedback! Critism is also welcome!
  4. American Toll Booth by AJR - Showcase
  5. Thank you! Place track in -12m, place quys on both sides. Then place roads and finally pillars. In this case it were narrow pillars. Must have mod: Fine road anarchy Move it Quay anarchy Prop anarchy (to place walls to protect tracks on top - u can elevate them to whatever height)
  6. Its big shame this can happen. Moreover my favourite asset creator
  7. Hello all! I introduce you Friend suggested me this: https://www.google.cz/maps/@33.888835,-118.2190985,173m/data=!3m1!1e3 It is Alameda corridor in Los Angeles (more info here) So I started and have first sample. 12m bellow ground is rail, on both sides are quays to prevent terrain being buggy. On left quay is another rail.
  8. Idea took from @kazuka10, poor district with awesome trains
  9. Thanks for your reply! Hm, I am waiting almost all this year. So I want buy it as soon as possible. Sadly dont have enough money for 64GB ram, anyway I can upgrade when i will have enough.. Ye, i saw better gpus are really much more expensive, like double price, which isnt possible for me. (but there are many of 1070) About cpu... i read much about intel and amd, but cannot decide. I7 is better for games and ryzen is better for videomaking etc..My priority is game. But is is true? At the moment, is best choice get i7 7700k? They are saying, get ryzen it wil lbe better in future.. My plan is buy it at 1st of July.. (cannot wait more for playing this awesome game with high end setup..I am saving money from January - I am not rich man)
  10. Hello guys! what do you think about this pc i want buy? mb:GIGABYTE Z270X-Ultra Gaming - Intel Z270 cpu:Intel Core i7-7700K gpu:Gainward GeForce GTX 1070 Phoenix, 8GB GDDR5 RAM:Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3000 MHz and some ssd for this game... i know there are so many people who know much more about pc than me, thats why i am posting it here. Is it good choice? Or can I get something better or make some combination? I plan high detailed city with cca 50-60 mods, over 1000+ assets. How many people should I handle without bigger drops? Can we say 200k at max.? Thousands thanks!
  11. First attemp to better USA intersection Timed traffic lights are used. (3 steps) From West to East cars dont have to stop. U turn not allowed. Speed limit 50 (I think its km/h) Do you see anything is looking "out"? What should I change?
  12. Cannot wait for awesome pools! You are just GENIUS!!!!!!
  13. Awesome area need to visit!!! I love tennis.