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  1. Water Street Brewery

    Yay! Loving the bay windows. Finally some bay windowed buildings.
  2. Hi. I recently wanted to go through my old posts to double-check which processors don't work with the HD terrain mods, and noticed that all of my old posts and history was gone. Is this a new thing, or can this all be recovered somehow? Thank you.
  3. Hi. Does anyone know if there is a residential reducer, meaning a mod that reduces the population of each house or apartment? I searched the search box and typed in several different phrases. Thank you in advance.
  4. Residential Reducer?

    Thank you very much for the feedback. I have the industry quadrupler yet it's not enough. The large tiles (256) only make up a neighborhood, and to spread over a real size city is with enough houses to support having skyscrapers realistically I still think I'll need to adjust the individual houses. It'll be worth it, I've accomplished long term sc4 goals before.
  5. Residential Reducer?

    I have a strategy (design/layout) that I think would work using the NAM to get the desired effect of tons of houses and everyone getting to work. "Chicago" is the desired look. If I just make a map of Chicago and zone residential all over I run out of jobs really really fast. The other goal is to not duplicate stuff too much except chain stores (7-Elevens) and houses. I want to make a screenshot of the region view, showing one coastal waterfront city. One concern is the lack of midtown sized commercial buildings, which I've been working on BATs but haven't finished any yet. I hope to have one up this year. I've been working really hard on this layout idea, and with the advancements in MMPs and concrete tiles, etc. and a focus on distance and how to fill it (about 50' per square) I think it'll work out. Field trips to Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Detroit have helped me understand blight better, and how to use it to my advantage in SC4. Also the parking lots that came out last year were a big breakthrough, as well as getting the new NAM, which works now so the freeways take up a lot of space. This will be the first city to have a subway system for me. It really seems like a metropolis could really be possible now. I'm really excited and cannot thank everyone enough for all of their hard work. The creations people have made over the years are amazing and obviously none of this would exist without everyone doing a wonderful job. It really amazes me when with the correct placement of a handful of buildings, one can step back and sort of see that the scale, detail, and functionality of everything is correct. The support that's been given time and time again for petty question after petty question is greatly appreciated. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
  6. it's a way of life, not a game. And I think we've only seen the tip of the iceberg from a distance.
  7. Evil Clock Tower

    It used to not be that way....
  8. Cori's Water Shoppe

    Northern Pacific FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
  9. Hi, is there a good video that shows support for the elevated NAM 34 8 and 6 lane highways, particularly on and off ramps? I've been trying for a while now, and have gotten Project Symphony down, but everytime I add an off ramp to the elevated 6 or 8 lane highway it just squishes it. Any help would be great, thank you.
  10. Recommend me plugins/mods

    Be aware that even with the transit-enabled hover fix the viaduct rail puzzle pieces will still crash the game when hovered over certain rail stations, at least it does for me.
  11. If I paid $1 per download I would have invested over $10k so far. Even though I don't really have a problem with buying cool buildings, I think it would be like the ipod days when people finally realized spending over $10k on a toy is a waste of money. The same amount of money could send a kid or two to community college. Also, some of these buildings aren't very good. What happens then? It can't be like a vending machine with a checkout button where you plop the money in and the download comes out. I have lots of buildings that are either ugly, lame, or just plain don't work, whether it be brown boxes (after triple checking for dependencies) or zoom out problems or whatever. One scenario I thought that might work is if you made custom buildings people wanted, and they paid to get them early before everyone else. Let's say for example I don't know how to make buildings and I can't sign up for BAT'ing school. Now let's say I want the Addison Hotel in Detroit, MI made. I will give you $1 to make it, and then I get it a full week before it's released onto the STEX for everybody. Then I can fancy it up and make a cool homepage-featured town all based on the Addison Hotel and everyone would be all jealous and wiggling for the rest of the week with anticipation. For that matter, I will pay you $200 to make every single building in the city of Detroit for me. Personally, I don't think legally any of this would work out, and I also think the range of BAT-making talent is so extreme that too many people are going to get their feelings hurt. I don't think it's a bad idea, I just don't think it's a great idea.
  12. "Sim Prague" Under Construction

    cool project, man.
  13. NAM 34 Elevated 6 and 8 lane support

    I have re-installed, rebooted, re-everythinged, and it's still not working, unfortunately. The only thing I've added since is the no grass mod which works perfectly fine. Thanks to everyone for their help. I really do appreciate it.
  14. Your real-life city inspirations

    rust belt cities are the best on sc4 because there's so many rust belt buildings that people have made. I think Erie, PA would be a good town to make cause you'll get known brands on the signage. Remember that people on the west coast don't have the same brands as people on the east coast, so if you have a building with a specific sign painted on the side of it, it will look out of place if you build it in the wrong area.
  15. Show me your layout ideas

    There is somewhat of a strategy to what you're asking, depending on how many and what type of mods you have installed. If you are just running vanilla, I would advise you follow the 'main street' America grid design, and create a natural barrier (like a river with trees running alongside it) to separate your industrial park from your residential, so pollution doesn't overwhelm your town. Good luck.
  16. Hi, does anyone know of a sidewalk mod that works on rd-4 and tla 5 that gets rid of the grass, making the medium density all sidewalk style streets? I found Swamper's avenue sidewalk mod, will that do it? Thanks. I want the grass gone!
  17. Kammersburg

    It's the White House! Thank you very much.
  18. Kammersburg

    Very very good job building a euro looking city. I am very impressed and have to say I've seen noteworthy progress over the past couple of years indeed. I do have a question, it's about the yellow 10 story germanic building on the two avenues, what is it? Other than that, excellent work, you really made an awesome scene and its really made my day to see such a wonderful picture. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  19. How to plop residentials

    From my understanding, you can zone a residential area, let a building grow on it, and then plop a similar building over that footprint. Typically, the bigger it is, the more complex it is connecting it to the road is, so it will die more often. However, I've had rowhouses last in neighborhoods for 100-150 years before dying. I'm not sure what the technical aspects of this strategy is, but that's been my experience. If you're trying to get some of Aaron Graham's giant New York apartment buildings, I would say the best technique would be to bulldoze again and again until you get it and then mark it historical obviously.
  20. I like it, and while I'm not a huge fan of contemporary architecture, I think its presence will be a welcome sight in San Antonio, and will really help a nice city draw some attention to itself. I remember I wasn't a huge fan of the Chicago Trump Tower when it was first proposed, but now I couldn't imagine the city without it.
  21. NAM 34 Elevated 6 and 8 lane support

    The NAM installer isn't the problem, loading NAM takes about 5 minutes, albeit it never picks up the java part. The problem is I have to turn the game off, unload NAM, re-install NAM, and then restart SC4. The restarting SC4 is the 6 1/2 hour part. I think what the problem is is running virtual memory constantly. I've copied and pasted my plugins folder onto other computers I use for work related graphics, etc, and played SC4, and the game started up instantly. The problem there is the graphics cards aren't compatible with the HD terrain mods, etc. so that isn't something I want to do. I really don't have much of an issue with it, because once the game is on, it works just fine. The real issue I'd like to figure out is that some buildings, when zoomed out, disappear, mostly diagonals. I've talked to some of the creators of these BATs, and they say that the buildings work perfectly fine, and have for 10 years or more. So I'm thinking there's something wrong with my setup, but I haven't had time to look into it all that much.
  22. NAM 34 Elevated 6 and 8 lane support

    We've gone over this before, its the Windows 7 Professional with the AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3800 + 2.4 GHz with 3.00 GB of RAM on the 32 Bit Operating System. The speed of this thing is ridiculously slow, but whenever I try putting SC4 on a faster computer, we have graphics card issues. I'm not going to do all the linux and wine crap to build an SC4 purpose built computer - today. It would also help if I repackaged all 10k of my plugins, but I learned that takes way too long to do. However, I have learned over the past year that I can possibly run a computer with a slave drive at the same time somehow, eliminating my start time. When the time comes for doing that, I'm going to re load all of my plugins, and at that time, everything should be good to go. I didn't learn about datapacking until I already had like 6k plugins, so the cat was already well out of the bag. I'm hoping that when I do all of that, that it could possibly clear up some of my zoom out level 5 building dissappearance issues, but that's also another thing, I'm hoping to learn how to build these buildings with GMAX, and possibly learn how to relot a lot of these buildings, and someday be able to do all that. For now I'll just turn the game on, go to work, and when I come home, its all ready to go. (6 1/2 hours to start) Thanks for your time.
  23. How to kill Bennet Music Corp?

    You can plop all 256 squares, like I do.
  24. NAM 34 Elevated 6 and 8 lane support

    it's A1, and I'm going to reinstall NAM, which will take several hours so we'll see if that works in a day or two. Thank you very much for your help.