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  1. i redeemed my code but I cannot find where in the interface the items are
  2. Thanks for the link
  3. Found this online, thought I would share
  4. Looks nice, $ income looks nice too.
  5. Where's the Crest thngamijiggies located? I did the online thing but cannot find them in the menus
  6. not getting this, at least not right away...gotta get a job first
  7. Saw this, thought I would share...laughed pretty good. http://imgur.com/can1FwI
  8. i got mine, havent used it yet due to cost, nor since my WOW guild has been running non stop...
  9. Go play Cities XL, the game is built around the idea of having a completely realistic city. The series has been around since 2006 (City Life was the first game in the series). You can buy the current version Cities XL Platinum which is $20 on Amazon for a digital download. Beware though they release a new version every year, though you can buy the new content as an expasion pack . Now leave my retared playable cartoon series alone. + rep
  10. i'll take one if you still got one...impossible to get over here in Korea. Heck, I'll send someone a two dollar bill if they can snag a working code for me
  11. Thanks all for the info...
  12. i play so the haters will hate more...seriously I just like making cities
  13. not sure how you survive with 13% taxes