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  1. I hope so too! What a realistic CBD!
  2. @Dreadnought Understand. Yes I know what you mean. I use so many of @rsc204's mods that I'm not exactly sure what does what anymore but I haven't seen those ones on the diagonal for a while, so they must have been zapped by that or something else. On balance, I imagine I am zapping it with this: But should think that any T21 mod with significant changes from the maxis will probably have the same effect. The Sayonara Maxis trees replace the maxis ones with models of a similar size, but a prettier model. I believe this extends to the lots too, so you will get the filler lot with a bunch of nicer trees, as opposed to the maxis. At least that is my understanding.
  3. I read this before but didn't quite understand. Can you post a picture of the ones you mean? Seems like you are talking about T21 mods but don't know which 'stuff' you want to get rid of. This isn't exactly what you want (it may work for what you want, depending on what that is), but I would recommend it anyway for those that don't want maxis trees ruining their lives:
  4. Oh yes! Your rural work is something that has really reached an amazingly high level in these pictures, you have also inspired me to try the diggis streams, they look great here. If you mean the roads on the far left of the image, think that is a lot. Specifically 'WMP TenBrook Estates' by DocRorlach which you can get here: http://workingman-productions.co.uk/downloads/shore_doc.asp Sorry to answer for @Ln X but I just got all excited "I know this one! I know this one!"
  5. I like the stadium, it looks very authentic for the region! The beaches look pretty awesome too, i hope they sell those cocktails with the enormous umbrellas in!
  6. I think it comes down to this, but also on the design of your RHW. My understanding is your assumption is correct. I am fairly sure that there is no consideration given to 'current' congestion in terms of the agents 'checking' the ultimate fastest route including congestion before starting a journey or even 'en route' but i am only a mere mortal when it comes to this. The behaviour of the automata seems to support this idea. My conception of it has always been tiles travelled × 'speed' of network = speed of route, meaning you see some very busy routes and some, only slightly further and (obviously) significantly less congested routes are not used. Freight always just gets to the edge of a tile and vanishes into nothingness, so aside from getting it to the edge of a tile, i don't think it requires further consideration. $$$ sims always drive. I would have thought they will use your rhw as it is a much 'faster' network than the others, but design of the RHW is important in this, if my understanding is right then interchanges placed close to $$$ areas should collect quite a lot of sims. It is also worth understanding the 'neighbor connections' that have their own icon in RHW menu, without getting these right, nothing will work. If my understanding is wrong then someone much smarter will be along to correct my misconceptions shortly.
  7. Really good, I like all the pictures, but 3 is my favourite. Well done and thanks for sharing.
  8. very wow! The normal images are great but the 3D ones are amazing, well done.
  9. @_Michael i really like it, the quayside as a wall is awesome, along with the way you drag the path down the slope there. I actually quite like the quantity of paths too, feels reasonable given that this is is clearly an 'artificial' green space at the heart of a city. For me, i'd do without the little mmp stone walls, for me a bit too quaint maybe next to the relative grandeour of the 'quay' wall and the hefty yet pretty retaining walls? Maybe use the mmp wall to make a smaller, self contained section of the park - an inner sanctum perhaps?
  10. Very pretty, i like the pink wildflowers, i don't see them used too often so they are a rare treat
  11. Last one for the weekend. Got distracted playing with draggable ground light rail. I like it, but i think i'm either missing stations due to neglect of light rail in the past or possibly scrolling too fast. Either way, here is my little neighbourhood now
  12. @Thin White Duke very impressive progress. All that 'real' water! Are the quaysides near the ferris wheel the quais de seine? For me they would be glitched if i looked at the from that zoom distance
    Lovely details, thanks very much for this. I was looking at the old lot not so long ago thinking how sad it looked, this is great
  13. It's magnificent. Hideously ugly, but beautifully intricately designed. You have created a monster, well done!
  14. Lets hope nobody was home when 'it happened'... I'm looking forward to this distribution center. The flexibilty of those parking textures is remarkable! I need to learn how to use them myself.