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    If you use the IRM filler lots already, you are crazy if you don't download this. Such additions are really wonderful and useful for any mayor who cares about making either beautiful (or 'realisticly ugly') cities. Thanks for the hard work!
  1. @Dreadnought thanks so much. The close ups arent done yet so too rough for the site.. (Check your messages for some close ups)
  2. Lovely BATs. Wait... did you say diagonal?!
  3. Another zoomed out shot today, (what will be) suburbs giving way to farmland.
  4. @gene2808 They are in this pack: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2822 if you also download the link below it has some other variations using the same houses. Funny, that particular house model is the only one from the entire set that I don't like very much!
  5. I agree the diagonal avenue is very nice. Also those 'Hong Kong' residentials have never looked so good
  6. Wow, this must have taken a lot of work. Very impressive, well done. I love the way you have done the curved flyover in the first picture as well. The donut place, the drive thru's. All excellent
  7. @Dreadnought The last picture is particularly good, but they are all lovely. After a zoom out yesterday, 3 close ups today.
  8. @_Michael They aren't (at least not yet) i had to do a cheating technique. There is a tutorial at sc4d i followed. You need the Diagonal bridge enabler and enough of a gap to make everything stable, then you plop rhw fillers (one ground level, one elevated) on the half tile transition between the two.
  9. Working in a close up view I really thought i was doing well and that i was begining to fill the tile. Then I zoomed out....
  10. Really congratulations. This is a game changer in terms of the kind of cities it will allow nearly everyone to build, well done on everything
  11. @younghappy i agree with the others, those different textures are really both beautiful and quite unusual, it looks like you are using the sandstone sidewalk, but i would love to see that texture from the plazas used with @rsc204's Custom Sidewalks. I dont know why but i think it might be one of the NDEX ones for some reason, although my recent speculation record is very poor... Anyway really good work, you would surely get a number of eager downloaders of such lots if you could find the dependencies! PS. To the people uninterested in shipping containers, i do feel bad for discussing them at length here, and i also feel bad for @Simmer2 coming back to check the thread and just finding people mentioning other companies! I however, think it's great!
  12. @Simmer2 the reefer unit is cool! The P&O NL container will look nice with this: which already has a warehouse with that branding
  13. @Yarahi Well shows what i know! In my defence when i watched their informative corporate video, it had been discontinued!
  14. @Silur Maersk Line still exists. Part of AP Moller-Maersk group. The specific 'Maersk Sealand' brand has been discontinued a long time though