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  1. I'm sure you could.
  2. I didn't take Jaze and Rhoskel down to Kentucky last time I went, so I took them this time.I took other dolls down as well, I didn't have time for everyone. Here's Beowulf doing some GQ poses.
  3. Back up... $400??? I purchased my own webspace with tons of storage, my own domain, and the ability to host my own website for way, way less than that! And I get to control basically everything. $400 is an utter rip-off.
  4. Mohs Safarikar You like leather interior? How about a leather exterior?
  5. Oh, there are plenty of us around. This thread was originally a sort of refuge, but it's really not needed for that purpose anymore. I think that's why it's not used as much as it once was.
  6. Opera might be a good alternative if you're not a fan of Chrome. It's a Chrome build without all the garbage. I've found that it works much better than Chrome overall.
  7. Can't we just throw our panties at you like we just snuck into a rock concert?
  8. The Carpathia series is no longer on ST. Now, you can find it at http://www.newcarpathia.com
  9. Hi Zelgadis.  Just came back to SC4Deluxe, sort of lost.  But, the Stex Collection may be salvation, but are they usable with a Imac?

    While checking out people's comments I realized that they are older.  Where are the latest remarks?

    And where would I find your response if you did?

    Thank you

    1. Zelgadis


      People generally send PMs rather than status comments, which is why so many of them are old.

      As for SC4 on iMac, the STEX collection would work just fine. My recommendation is to get the Windows version and install VMware. This will allow you to install Windows 7 on your Mac. It runs much better on that.

  10. Been awhile! (Blows dust off thread) See Zet on his Throne of Bones! And Reuli and Darkwind being cute.
  11. That avatar must live forever!
  12. I put a sub down for that. I'll have a closer peek when I have the time in a day or two. Nice to see you still have that avatar.
  13. He was the first to welcome me to Canada and the first to identify me as Canadian. I will miss him deeply.
  14. Vector W8. Anyone remember this?
  15. Obama's hometown! (Sorry, couldn't help myself ) Vancouver, BC