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  1. Good suggestion, in general i really need to start beefing up the rail and highway infrastructure! But ill be "forced" to work with rail a lot very soon, as i gotta implement the actual main train station, a relatively modern and very large 5-7 track station :o) Thanks for the compliment and thanks for watching!
  2. "The vote for our city's name is a close race, so i'll let it run through to the next episode, as well as the suggestions for the ugly mall area! That means you can still get your vote in, it's in the beginning of episode 6 - https://youtu.be/SN0Hk-5OoF4 In this episode we expand to the north, creating what i would consider a very beautiful and scenic area north of one of our main arterial boulevards. The area adjacent to the boulevard was razed during the blitz of WWII, and today this scar of history is visible through the modern highrises and glass covered train station that reside here today."
  3. "I tried to pick the 5 most popular suggestions for the name of our city, sorry if i missed some. It's time to vote! Some generalist expansion going on in this episode, as it was due time for the area directly east of our old main station to come alive. We touch a bit of everything; pre-WWII arch-typical European apartment buildings, soul-draining 1960's public housing, our city's first glass skyscrapers of the late 1980's and more! (Wanted to upload an episode this Monday before a short 3-day vacation, but as the pinned comment on ep.5 explains, the 81-tiles mod is causing a lot of trouble. After 15-something attempts the city finally loaded without a crash pop-up, and this episode became reality. I want to thank the people within the CS asset & youtube community that gave me some assistance yesterday. Let's hope for a fix.)"
  4. "Finally through the last exam of my degree and the theoretical test for my motorcycle license, feels good! In this episode we build some more public housing as well as cover the basics of our city's history, roots and how it has affected the architecture within it. We also build a Roman era fortress and expand the city! Hope you all enjoy!"
  5. "Time for the city council to vote on how (and if) we should apply specific zoning regulations on a now pollution-free and very good location at the waterfront. Will city council send a message to investors that everything can't be for those with good paychecks, or will the council decide to embrace the demand as freely as possible, potentially promoting expensive and extravagant developments? - or maybe something in between? Aside from the vote, we also expand a small amount on the infrastructure, bring the city to an adjacent island, put down some parks and a few of the university buildings."
  6. From my most recent city journal;
  7. It takes a bold city council for sure! "It was due time for our city's first pedestrian zones and public housing! This episode is a bit on the short end, as i am preparing for my exams :o) Hope you all enjoy!"
  8. Thanks for the feedback TekindusT! Appreciated, and good observations - ill keep it all in mind as we go further! We continue with some 'generic' expansion, but also add in an area of modern developments along the waterfront, as well as a ongoing construction site, a converted TV- and Radio tower and a large boulevard.
  9. Glad to hear Dedgren, hope you enjoy!
  10. Hi. Since i have two steam accounts i decided to start working on a realistic European city with stark contrasts to Kendrick (my US inspired series). I will of course cover many of the differences between US and EU cities as far as urban planning, infrastructure etc etc. But also follow a different narrative this time around; one of success, wealth, constant demand & development. In our first episode we start out small, building a central train station, the surrounding neighbourhood, and some basic initial infrastructure by rail and highway to get the city going. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Episode 1, haha! Even though the quality has improved since then.
  12. "We change the southern part of the Port of Kendrick dramatically - but we keep a few things to remind of the areas historical industrial heritage. More detailing than you guys normally see, adjusting to the more detail-demanding task of attempting something realistically European! And speaking of that, I've started to experiment with building European styled inner cores, which i'll quickly showcase in this episode!I want to thank you all for your continued input, especially regarding the airport, which has received a few adjustments. I won't be giving it a major overhaul though, i wan't to move on - i think it will be one or two episodes more of this series though!"
  13. Ah yes, the more classical approach does offer a more relaxed approach to following a city. It never really caught my attention though, and i am also pretty often pressed for time, so i doubt that is something i will be doing :-)
  14. "We have to make one of our last decisions that might very well shape the city forever, as a developer wishes to simply buy out much remaining port industry, demolish it and establish a new large scale development, changing the port's traditional role from manufacturing/industry to leisure. Is this a too aggressive dismissal of Kendrick's industrial roots or is it exactly what the city needs to fully embrace it's transition?We also establish a new light-rail and highway route, leading to a regional airport. An airport has been frequently requested so it was due time, but i have just about no experience with such a task. Hilarity might ensue.. 8)"