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    Amazing work as always. Just incredible!
  1. Beautiful images! I liked this little town and the marina is also pretty.
    Excellent return! This building is simple amazing!
  2. Beautiful pictures again! I liked the apartment complex.
    Very beautiful!
  3. Great! Your suburbs are splendid!
  4. Beautiful pictures! I liked your work with the rails!
  5. It's a beautiful city! Your work are great. I like the W2W neighborhoods. I'm waiting for more (:
  6. New Answorth Downtown. Now, with buildings
  7. A simple cloverleaf interchange...
  8. It's very similar at a brazilian cities with beach. Don't have none skyscraper, just medium-rise buildings and a big cathedral. I liked it so much!
  9. Well, I'm working here, now. It`s a Downtown area.
  10. Yeah, the SAM streets makes a difference in this type of area, after your recomendation, I think used the SAM streets and the NAM roads to combine. I appreciate your advice! Well, I have plop all the buildings, but I understand your point. Indeed have a blanks spaces, but as I say, I never used that pieces. Anyway, your comment is good, and I will try make a little changes for fill this spaces. Thanks!
  11. I'm working in that historic centre in my city: Well, I never worked with a Paris pieces before, so maybe I make something wrong. Anyway.