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  1. I had no problems running the game without it. But it's just I never managed to get it even work on my copy.
  2. I have it on Steam for a few years. The only problem I have is that I can't get SC4 launcher to work with Steam EXE, whatever the hell they did. Sould I consider buying on GOG?
  3. Nothing special but it gets the job done..
  4. I'll just put 5 pics here. You can look at IMGUR almur here Clicky
  5. Remade it... Looks a lot better.
  6. I'm trying to do other interchange at almost at the center of my town... not sure I like the result tho... Maybe some feedback? UPD: I just realised I got it all wrong.
  7. Got a depression relapse, so I'm doing things at random in my game. Here's some pics. By any means it's not greatest projects I did... But this will work.
  8. I was working on this part of interchange and curent results is like "What the hell you did Domo?.."
  9. I came back to one of my older project... Still shaping things up but I think that's... Something. I dunno.
  10. I just launched the game today after the new update and playing around at night and with collor corrections I saw this... I was stunned.
  11. Look closely, you can see it in the screenshot. I usually get between 15 and 20 FPS at 300% with the dynamic resolution mod. Can easily get 60 without running that mod. that's sort of meh... 200% Should be more than enough for anyone.
  12. What is your framerate?
  13. I don't want to be cynical here, but the whole dog poisoning case is not untypical for me at least... Hell, everyday dogs get's killed by the so called "DogHunters" their ideology is to help the community and make it safe by killing the dogs or groups of them in order to prevent to be bitten or killed by them. I guess that's mostly happening because our local authorities doesn't give a proper attention to homeless dogs. Often even family dogs are in danger... I"m now thinking more that I live in a very savage place.
  14. ^^^^^ ^^^^^ Dat powerlines.