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    Architectural drafting and urban planning let not forget i have skills in engineering I major skills in Google Sketchup i posses a model of Atlanta in 3d !!!!!

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  1. Greatly appreciate your time thanks for the critic , U are right tho it has a lot of potiential I work a hetic scheduled I scramble up much time that I can to , play the game MUCH MORE TO COME WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED !!!! STAY TUNED I WILL DO MY BEST TO KEEP THE COMMUNITY ENTRIGED !!!!
  2. Palmdale is the capital of Professional Polo held at the Ralph Lauren stadium , This area of the city is called the polo district one can get off the train n walk around pretty much see everyone in the polo attire ready to watch n play !!! the area also has a football/baseball stadiums the polo district is one of the most popular spots around .
  3. MLK transit station serves the Southlake housing projects this is the city's largest projects and ranks in top 5 most dangerous hoods in Palmdale If your not a local sim of this area stay away !!! Residents in this area are not safe police are afraid to ride thru . Palmdale officials are relocating 1000's .Plans for demolitions is underway.
  4. Airport center is served by 2 transit stations Airport center& Southpoint . Airport Center is one of the most busiest areas of the city for one its blocks away from the convenience of southpoint . and the airport has it own business district making it a major hub for the city , The area is constantly changing, the city's focus is to clean this area up Airport center is literally mins away from the south point projects some citizens are begging for the officials to tear down the housing projects the city ' has not made any attempt to revamp the dangerous housing communities .instead they are looking to gentrify the entire area
  5. thanxs bro still got more to show
  6. Palmdale Transit Authority operates and owns the 21 mile heavy rail system that serves the many districts of Palmdale. One way trip runs about 3.00 weekly pass 30.00 .Some citzens deos not like the rail system they say its overpriced and doesn't run as often or late as it should. Even thought this system need a major overhaul its still a vital aspect of the city transportation climate. P.T.A is currently doing a study to Improve the system /
  7. Here is a screenshot of Palmdale's tallest buildings .The city is a going a new direction with a rising tourist rate and population growth downtown has become over populated . There are currently no room for new projects this city while be forced to make a hard descion . Gentrification is well under way !!!
  8. I just wanna take my time out to say i Aprecaite your Realism : i have been into sc4 since 2009.Soon i will release my very frist city journal # keep up the good work !!
  9. time to desgin somethin thats a classic and realistic

  10. nice finally someone know abot the rsa battle house i been to mobile plenty of times love the skyline great building