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  1. i like how the airfield blends in
    My Favourite Parks getting an update +5
  2. challenge upload

    Very nice, too bad the Grass Textures dont match my Terrain Mod
  3. If you get Brown Boxes, dont install the HD File in the Mntoes Holt Farm Close Dependencie, you must use the Standard one!
  4. you are pumping out Stuff like crazy
    Really nice Textures, i like it
  5. i use this Mod for a very Long time now and it works fine for Streets, but i have never seen Trees on the Roads
  6. How did you get Trees on the Roadsides?
  7. How did you change the Train Textures, mine still have the default Textures
  8. Could you maybe make these for AVE and OWR too?
  9. These Blank Green Fields, what are these
  10. Because he didnt created them
  11. Where did you got these Powerlines
  12. I really should look up the Forum more often, this was totally under my Radar I did not read all the Stuff but i guess this is for the CAM?