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  1. What i dont understand is, with all the Knowledge the NAM Team and other Modders gained over the last 10+ Years about the inner Workings of SC, why is there no Way to boost the Performance of SC4 (make it Multicore and 64bit). Is this Stuff in the exe, hardcoded or simple way too complexe?
  2. Very nice of you to make Folders for People like me who not always know how to fix the Load Order :p
  3. Since you clearly know way more about Textures and Stuff than me, could you tell me why i cant change the Textures on this Mod to match with my Paeng Sidewalk Textures? I tryed with PIMx, i can change the Base Texture Style but the overlay doesnt exist??
  4. Worked, thank you :)
  5. Didnt work, it seems to me there are now even more of them
  6. I am looking for something to remove these anyoing green "Things" from my Rails
  7. Ah,i see, so basicly all Mods who change Stuff in NAM Should get 4 underscores like this. But why have Mods like the Stoplight Replacement Mod a Name like "zzz_Stoplight Replacement Mod (SRM)". Isnt it enough to just add 4 Underscores or is the Author just very cautious?^^
  8. So the "z__" Folders getting loaded before or after normal "z" Folders? And does the Value of Underscores do anything else ("z__" or "z______")? I never figured that out.
  9. Still to this day i cannot figure out what "Load Order" really means in Sim City (Skyrim i know). Isnt the Folder Structure inside my Plugin Folder the "Load Order" . From what i see, the Paeng Texture Mod already loaded after your Stuff.
  10. Any News on your SWN (SideWalk NAM) Project? I really like the Sandstone Euro NAM, but it doesnt fit with American Textures. You told me in June that the SWN works with American Textures and you could PN me a Preview Version of this Also it is possible to make the Sandstone on the TULIPS to match the ones in Paeng's Sandstone Mod? They use the mid Textures but i use the low ones (as you see in Screen123) And i have a little Problem with the Gobias TGN, most of the AVE Roundabouts have the correct Textures, but some dont (Screen124) Thx
  11. The dreaded Load Order...
  12. When i remove the DBE Folder (with the zDBE RRW Textures.dat) i get this. Even with only the zDBE RRW Textures.dat in the Plugins Folder it looks off
  13. I could really use this, is this still in progress or on hiatus?
  14. I'm looking for these MMP's to make the transition from Land to Beach look nice, a mayor Problem for me Thx
  15. Could you maybe make a Patch for the American Style Textures?