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  1. Crazy... never ran it on Windows. I'd almost forgotten about restore points. Seamonkey is really good too... I nearly forgot about that, if this list doesn't produce something. (Kompozer is good - but temporarily broken on at least some Debian-based Linux distros)
  2. I'm not sure about that... looking at the wikipedia page on it, there's no reference to Seamonkey. (Agreed - FLOSS is the way to go)
  3. I've been pretty happy with Bluefish as a WYSIWYG editor. I think they all insert some crap, but my experience with Bluefish is those can be cleaned up with a typical text editor once you're all finished with how you want it. (If I recall, there was only one kind of artefact to remove)
  4. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to disassemble the exe... for educational purposes, of course While I'm more of a hack than a hacker (though more learned than a script kiddie), looking at the string dump from the exe, it looks like they used VisualStudio (which is now available on Linux, btw, for those here who use Linux).
  5. I don't personally use highways, but while R$$$ do have a propensity to drive, I have seen them using mass transit, including buses. I guess the question becomes what are your aims in having both RHW and HSP? Without knowing that all I can say is that I would try to place each in convenient locations, but far enough away from each other that one doesn't get ignored.
  6. <Rant on> It's exactly as Cyclone Boom says - Dropbox with their dirty little changes. I really need to find a new cloud service. </Rant off> I'd only downloaded from screwpile what was interesting, so my own collection is incomplete - but it sounds like we are covered.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This was made by 'and, so it's called Andia. Lots of flat place for building, which is nice if you use roadtop mass transit of any sort. Features both coasts and mountains. A greyscale image, region.ini, and config file are included. Use the config, or make your own to suit. To install press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R, browse to and select the greyscale image, then go do some chores while the game renders the map.
  8. Dang... that's not the first time that's happened recently. About a month or two ago, the best mirror of SOMY's (http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/) stuff is no longer up either. There is the other site, http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/, as of yet, I haven't figured out how he's separated the large zip files (apparently I can't 'cat' them back together - and he probably used something on Windoze). Does anyone know Ordio? It would be nice to have the utility uploaded somewhere else.
  9. Well, mouse panning across screen has the map zipping from one end to another in a small fraction of the time it used to take, but other than that it seems to be running just fine.... Very weird feeling going back to that game, and having messed with it for few moments, I can safely say I don't miss it. ;P (There are *so* many more possibilities with SC4). Edit: So I guess for some sort of official testing purposes: Running Virtualbox 5.1.18 on linux with kernel 3.19.
  10. Interesting looking virtualizer - it'd be fun to play around with Windows 95, since that doesn't do too well in Virtualbox (always wanted to run in safe mode). I got enough room. I'll try it out.
  11. Geez, I can't remember what I was running SC3000 on... seems to me it would have been '95 (I stuck with that basically until XP, with only a brief stint using 2000 - then off to Linux about the time 7 came out). It seems like XP should be able to handle it though. In fact, I know I did play it on XP before getting SC4, and that was before that old machine was maxed out (I have the best video card for the machine and RAM maxed out - though I run SC4 on my new machine, which is way better). Great questions! I don't think Virtualbox supports any kind of DirectX, only software rendering. Not sure if that was available to SC3000, but as that old machine was nothing special - especially in those days, I'd be inclined to think there is some sort of fallback. Edit: What's the disk space requirement @CorinaMarie? I might just have to try this out.
  12. Why not set up a VirtualBox of an appropriate Windows version? SC4 runs smashing on an XP Virtualbox, albeit in software rendering mode. Perhaps if I've got enough space on the virtual drive [a fixed sized disk] I'll dig up the old SC3000 CD and test it out, but I have a strong suspicion that it'll work fine.
  13. My suggestion, Stellaris[=115]88, is to be patient - there is a steep learning curve to this game, but with perseverance, you can make a metropolis of any size, depending on how big your region is, of course. The last region I worked on I spent 2 years on, spending maybe on average 5 hours a week (it's hard to say for sure - took a couple breaks, but also was at it regularly a few times over that 2 year period). If I recall that 6x6 large tile region had a population of something like 17 million - I stopped working on that one since I'd messed it up with eternal commuters, so the exact number is a bit foggy. For a long time the only thing in my plugin folder was an air-purification plant, but then I discovered NAM, which really fixes the game's traffic simulator. Now days I have about a gig of plugins - but you don't need all that; but I do strongly suggest NAM.
  14. So, I guess I can't embed from Dropbox any more - that service sure has gone down the toilet with the new changes they've made...... :-/ Anyway, I present a shot of a downtown - maybe not as cool as some of these others, but does feature a lot of Peg CDK stuff. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vs76n6thgwzjay/Yalton-01.png Mod Edit: Image Embedded -APSMS
  15. I started off with SC 2000 in '97, then to 3000 a couple years later, and only about 2011 did I get SC4. There is a steep learning curve, but if you're willing and patient, it can be rewarding seeing what you've built. @MarkShot - your analogy is about how I see it - a dynamic painting. But then there is also the aspect of management. As others have mentioned it's (mostly) a chill game - no violence, you can be creative, etc. I say mostly because I still play in many ways like I did in SC 2000, generally making large cities, which can get hectic to manage. Though, since I've installed SPAM, I've really started to enjoy the smaller towns with agriculture.