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  1. I knew something like that must have happened, since some pages have ST links which are completely broken... or perhaps one of the upgrades @catty-cb mentioned changed link formats. Either way, a lot of dead links out there to the STEX.
  2. Hmmmmm.... I wonder if this is part of my problem. I'm running Mint 17.3 (based on Ubuntu 14.04), and I know for a fact that every time I've tried to launch SC4 there have been other windows open... most obvious of all, the terminal window from which I've been calling the script. I guess I'll be doing a system upgrade (again) soon.
  3. That's what I do too (I also run Mint.... ) There's a couple things I run on my windows 7 partition, but I don't play them much, so it gets used maybe twice a year. I haven't had much luck getting SC4 to run on WINE, but there are those who have. Handyman's article is highly informative, and will hopefully get you up and running.
  4. I was wondering about that too. It's a great shot.
  5. I also consider city 'tiles' as something of a county or parish (or even prefecture - since my cities tend to remind me of Japan). Parcel I think of as a tile. But yeah, there are some ambiguities as Jeffry pointed out. Edit to fix dyslexic moment
  6. Top notch @CorinaMarie - great find on that website, too. Reminds me of fracplanet . Looks like we have another excellent means of random terrain generation - more time buidling, less time terraforming
  7. Huh... learn something new everyday. I thought that was supposed to be because a large map is 4km x 4km, but you're explanation seems equally reasonable. Either way, the formula works!! (Haha - 'for whyever it needs a plus one'... I always thought that was a bit weird too, though I'm sure there's a good reason for it)
  8. All this fuss is a good example of why GIMP is such a good choice.
  9. From my experience it seems that everything needs to be absolutely correct, especially with the pixel size of the greyscale: 64 x LENGTH IN km + 1 = # PIXELS FOR GREYSCALE MAP So, for 5x5 large map file: 64 x (5x4) + 1 = 1281pixels, or 1281x1281 pixels, since it's a 5x4 large map.
  10. I wonder what Pegasus does nowadays - his are some of my favorite mods. Got a few of Paeng's mods too. While the idea of a 3D simulator would be cool, some of the complaints I've heard about CS turns me off. SC2013 sounds to be a bit of a disappoint too. What I'd like to see is Maxis come out with something like SC4 with regional maps (minus 'features' like eternal commuters) in 3D with ground-level viewing/exploring... but I digress.... It would be cool to at least get all the still existing stuff out there in one place (if that hasn't been done already - there seems to be a lot of stuff already on STEX, though I'm unsure as to how complete a collection it is).
  11. Yeah, PDFs don't lend themselves to editing very well. I know they're kind old school, but what about compiled HTML files? They're kinda cool, and I wouldn't think they'd be too hard to update, provided the raw HTML files were kept intact. FreePascal has a means of compiling them, to name one multi-platform method.
  12. Looks involved... probably do that a little later - need to take a break from that project for a moment. Great find though - thanks! Edit/Update: Well, same thing, unfortunately. Still get the same error. Thank you for your help @matias93 and @f3cs - it looks like for now I'm still stuck in the V-Box.
  13. Well, put that DLL in the /Apps/ folder, and still get the same message. I suspect you're right that the autostart is the the issue - I wonder if there's a way around that.
  14. I have Wine (and Playonlinux) installed. What of this launcher..?? (Btw this is what I get when I try to launch it now: ) Edit: My bash script looks like this: #!/bin/bash env WINEPREFIX="/home/robert/.wine" \ wine "C:/Program Files (x86)/Maxis/SimCity 4 Deluxe/Apps/SimCity 4.exe" -intro:off -CPUCount:1
  15. Might give that a shot. Might be worth trying - Mint 17.3 - if it can be run with wine with hardware graphics, it will be worthwhile, otherwise, I think I'll stick with what I'm doing. Edit: So no luck with that being the only plugin - same results.