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  1. NO! These are highlights from cities I built last year. All I have done is added some photoshop sparkle to them. Now I've got three highlight entries to finish. After that there is the finale for my CJ. Then that's it. No more- thank God!
  2. British repetition- terraced style!
  3. Faverdale and the Bassenthwaite Reservoir.
  4. Who wants to roam around the forest? Woodland by the lake shore. A looooonnnnggggggg mosaic!
  5. Woodland by the lake. Rock faces and lake. Thirlmere Lake.
  6. A park in the centre of Garforth.
  7. Up close and personal with NYBT W2W. moonlight's canals... A grungy city block.
  8. CT14, massive props for your trail-blazing diagonal W2W and FA W2W buildings! You may just yet give the impression that SC4 is more than a grid. I believe the systemic way you have gone about this project is a first for the SC4 community. Keep it up! /// Grid-busting roundabout. The lone diagonal...
  9. Replies: Abrams124: I appreciate your dedication! matias93: Thank you very much for this fix! hammerb32: Cheers! feyss: BugeyedDragon: Those roads are actually part of a lot. Silur: Cool stuff, glad you liked it. tariely: The river banks are a bit flakey in places, while I think the size of the rapids is not proportionate to the flow of the river. So you've definitely got a point there- God rivers are so hard to do right! Thanks for your comment. kingofsimcity: Thank you very much! mike_oxlong: You've seen the best rural stuff. Now see the best urban stuff! As for korver... He is my polar opposite, he goes out of his way to tweak the game and mod it for aesthetics and beauty. With me I push to the limit functional cities which look very nice. In each one of my city tiles everything you see can be plopped in, nor have I used the Lot Editor for anything. MissVanleider: Thanks for your comment and thanks for providing the link! Akallan: Thanks for that! {---} Highlights from Entries 121 to 130 The bulk of these pictures are from the city tile of Garforth. Garforth was an experiment but because the city tile was medium-sized it allowed me to focus on details and try out different strategies, but without having to worry about filling in a large tile. I reckon my urban design peaked with Garforth. Now, taken as a whole Garforth looks like a slice of city, but its real beauty lies in the close-ups. So without further adieu... {---} 1. There are a few more highlights from Faverdale. 2. Where possible I tried to snake paths through the C.P. trees (of the Arden tree controller). 3. A small village in the countryside. Sometimes English villages can be split in two but be in close proximity, they may be called by different names. 4. It was the semi-detached houses of gascooker's (from the BSC LEX) that got some cogs whirring in my brain. 5. I started thinking about creating a British-styled city but combining it with the other influences in my urban designs: American, European and heavily industrial. 6. 7. It was in Garforth that I discovered FrankU's Dutch Parks (see in the centre). 8. A miniature graveyard. 9. A larger graveyard. I mixed in Paeng's cemetery set with FrankU's parks. 10. 11. For the first time ever I used SFBT's soundwalls to really separate areas from the railway. 12. Always go full-on NYBT W2W. 13. 14. 15. moonlight's canals in action. A VERY cool canal filler set! You can find them on moonlight's webpage- http://blog.livedoor.jp/moonlinght/archives/cat_59226.html. 16. I also began utilising bixel's skyscrapers. Some of them have such a generic design that they can fit into any skyline. My favourite two are SF 680 Folsom Revisited and TG SF 425 Market St. A great pair of office blocks! The two buildings can be seen in the middle of the picture. 17. I combined Reddonquixote's Melbourne Arts Precinct Part Two: Arts Centre with FrankU's Dutch parks. 18. The two diagonally-facing skyscrapers are from Bixel. 19. 20. And here is the British theme kicking in hard: terraced rows. Most of the low-rise terraces you see are gascooker creations, which can be found on this SC4D list- http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=6234.0. 21. The power of diagonals! 22. 23. I like to call this part of Garforth the British Quarter. 24. 25. On the centre right are a selection of buildings from JBSimio's Smalltown USA set (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=642), very good for W2W 2-storey and 3-storey fillers. The back parts of these lots can be completed by adding fenced car park fillers from T Wrecks IRM I-HT filler set. 26. 27. 28. Terraced mode: engaged. 29. And here are gascooker's semi-detached homes. The complete collection of these homes can be found here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=354 and http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=356. 30. 31. The grid-busting roundabout of dreams... 32. 33. I squeezed the hell out of SFBT's diagonal fillers. And the reason for this? Diagonal texture consistency. 34. Once more utilising the grungy road pieces found in Bipin's industrial essentials. 35. FrankU's parks can be fitted into even grungy areas and still look good (see the thin strip in the middle right). They are probably one of the best filler sets of 2015. 36. My most grungy industrial estate yet- so many concrete textures! 37. 38. 39. By combining SFBT's diagonal fillers (the orthogonal tree filler piece), FrankU's parks (the tree filler pieces) and PEGPROD's tree fillers, I was able to create a very diverse and varied set of suburban tree lines. 40. 41. The small urban stream is another one of moonlight's creations. It fits in well with -- you guessed it -- FrankU's parks. 42. 43. And now we say goodbye to Garforth. 44. At last we come to the highlights from Erinsberg. This FA factory is one of them. 45. In a nutshell the Erinsberg urban area (in the city tile) is Garforth but three times bigger, while the north is incredibly rural and MMP dense. 46. Commie blocks for the grunge win! 47. 48. Sometimes canal pieces can make for interesting park fillers... 49. A rather cutting diagonal line of houses. {---} Next week there are highlights from Erinsberg- the last city tile I completed. Erinsberg has a bit of everything and I pushed to the limit visual beauty in a functional SC4 city. Finally I would like to say that the finale for this CJ is going to be happening in about two or three weeks time. I do have something very special planned so stay tuned...
  10. Careful what you wish for. Turkey will let loose 2 or 3 million refugees into Europe, quite possibly unvetted too. Worse Turkey supports Jihadist groups in Syria.
  11. You nailed Phang Nga Bay, Angkor Wat and Bagan. Nice one! But I have a challenge for you: English countryside. If anything this is a request. In particular these locations: the Howgills, Pennines and the Lake District. So in the spoilers here are some pictures to get you started for the inspiration. Pretty please?
  12. It's not good, I would not want any President to inherit the mess- even if that president had been Hillary Clinton. I would not want any factors to speed up the coming of another financial crisis because it means jobs lost, pensions slashed and lives ruined. It means a whole wave of suffering which I would not wish for anyone; it is NOT something to hope for or get excited about. Those that do get excited about such things are doom-mongers and addicted to calamity- just as long as it doesn't happen to them. It's that whole: it's fun to watch parts of the world burn in the comfort of ones own room. This attitude plagues too many young people. I will admit a few years ago I was one of them. But I wouldn't get your hopes up about a terminal financial crisis. Just because central banks have gone all in doesn't mean there aren't temporary solutions to buy some time. For starters the Federal Reserve could cut interest rates deeply into the negative if there was another financial crisis. Another method to stabilise financial markets is to literally force feed major investors with cash to encourage them to hold onto their assets for longer- this was done in March 2009 when the Financial Crisis reached its climax. What I think is going to happen is that there could be a flair-up, a severe global financial crisis that will last six months maybe a year. It will cost tens of trillions of dollars to fix- remember now the US government must bail out all the derivative markets banks are heavily invested in: forex, mortages, government bonds, etc... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/dec/10/congressional-budget-big-bank-bailouts Which means the US government debt probably goes up by 5 to 10 trillion in a year or two and will continue exploding upwards. The financial world will be saved again but this time the cost is even worse: government liabilities that will threaten the welfare state due to yet another pension blackhole, negative interest rates which will force everyone with money to invest and from there I can only imagine the situation becoming so strange and weird that what happens next is impossible to tell. What I can see is extremists on both sides of the left-right political spectrum doubling down. The right will blame globalism for the mess and powerful nationalist forces will be unleashed. While at the same time the left will blame capitalism and go full-on Communist/Marxist. Both sides will be wrong since the problem is crony capitalism, amorality, greed and the power of money creation taken away from the government. It will probably be akin to the political fallout which happened after the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Mark my words, brutes and tyrants will arise from this.