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  1. my second WIP.. San Luis (major desert US city themed)
  2. Hi, the map is Mangrove Beach (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=458935786) It's not a Miami map, but with the necessary adjustments you can create the same vibes and feel.. The same crazy traffic comes along with it though lol
  3. WIP... Miami style city...
  4. Working on a Miami / florida themed city... 160k population so far... Pictures show the beach (with downtown at the back) and close up of downtown.
  5. Looks great... you have some street views too?
  6. I keep looking... and looking... and looking ;-)
  7. nice... curious to see how it will play out ;-)
  8. I remember that CJ very clearly still - it was fabulous! ;-) I hope the CSL version will be a lot better even.. Regarding the buildings/city growth.. to counter the growth into highrises, I always enable the 'no highrise' policy - which for the most time does the trick. Good luck!!
  9. Looking forward to see more of Ashford!
  10. I'm sad to say I lost interest in the game after two weeks of playing, and I haven't touched it ever since. Even these little whatever you'd call them (instructions, progaganda, interesting facts...) don't really help. Might consider to be interested again if map sizes get increased.. if that ever happens!
  11. No, I would not buy it again, not for $80 anyway. Though I was very optimistic at the start, and enjoyed the first few days.. after a week or two I found myself not interested anymore. Since then I have hardly touched the game again. Why I wasn't interested anymore? Hard to say, maybe because I did not feel any attachment to the cities I created, the limitations of the city size...I felt I was doing the same over and over again...
  12. I was able to play for over two hours; got message every now and then it lost connection and was trying to reconnect. But I could play.. Then I went to one of my other cities; and boy; was that a mistake. Got kicked out; now I'm in a queue again... I really hope they address these server issues soon; it is frustrating to see all servers busy.
  13. yep you got a good point there... even at turtle speed the little sims wiz past the screen , at cheetah speed they just go travel light speed lol
  14. I downloaded and played last night without a problem, right after midnight... yeah, I know, I couldn't wait to play till this evening. Hope this evening there won't be any troubles. Funny thing though was that though i'm in Western Europe they put me on an Eastern Europe server..