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  1. @Hotwheeler here is your closeup shot of liberty island and here is what if completed so far in New York City
  2. @Hotwheeler of course I'll show you an upclose shot of liberty island. And yes there well be lots of differences.
  3. Decided to construct an amazing city as if it were in an alternate universe... ...Welcome to the "New" New York...
  4. I liking how this is turning out even though I'm using RL Los Angeles as downtown Angel Grove... The first picture is the area around what in RL is the LA Live area. The second is the Financial District.
  5. A strip of Palm Trees between the Wells Fargo Tower and Bank of America Tower
  6. Starting to do a total reconstruction on downtown Angel Grove... As now it will be a much greener version of Los Angeles
  7. Thanks for the tip @MissVanleider
  8. @f3cs thanks for the comment. How would I use the ave flup under the rhw?
  9. Added a few new buildings to downtown.... Here is a day and night shot....
  10. Starting a new city in southern California known as Angel Grove...if you ever seen Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or the new Power Rangers movie you'll recognize the name... ...So I welcome you to downtown Angel Grove...
  11. Yea I've always loved that city @Thin White Duke
  12. Finally after 5 days im able to start on the CBD of Raccoon City...this is what I have completed so far...
  13. Could you please specify which avenue @f3cs cause right now I have two avenues in suburbia
  14. Once again korver you've out done yourself. Half the time my brain is wondering if I'm looking at a sc4 image or an image from the real world.
  15. The current city I'm working on...I'm starting on the suburbia area first then I'll work on the CBD of Raccoon City.