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    I absolutely love the amazing recreation I drive past this building almost everyday...
  1. Working on recreating my hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas... This is the I-30/3rd Street Interchange and the I-30/630 Interchange...
  2. thanks @Yarahi can you locate the Allianz tower in the lower right hand corner...
  3. i was wondering if any anyone could help me find these two hotels...
  4. So I have no pics as of yet, however I need/would like some ideas from y'all. I'm wanting to construct my own version for Chicago, Illinois... Any and all ideas will be taken into consideration.
  5. I was also wondering if anyone knows of a working link to 2 Prudential Plaza in Chicago?
  6. so ive found "Cloud Gate" but im having trouble finding the other park pieces inside the red circle I cant remember what they are called
  7. A WORK IN PROGESS... It's slow going in the Rose City...working on one of my favorite cities on the west coast....Portland, Oregon...however as some things may look similar to RL this will be my own version so some things will be different as I continue on expanding the city... Now I present to you the downtown area of Portland, Oregon...
  8. so ive decided to add trams into my city I just cant figure out how to connect the tram in road to the bridge...
  9. @Hotwheeler here is your closeup shot of liberty island and here is what if completed so far in New York City
  10. @Hotwheeler of course I'll show you an upclose shot of liberty island. And yes there well be lots of differences.
  11. Decided to construct an amazing city as if it were in an alternate universe... ...Welcome to the "New" New York...
  12. I liking how this is turning out even though I'm using RL Los Angeles as downtown Angel Grove... The first picture is the area around what in RL is the LA Live area. The second is the Financial District.
  13. A strip of Palm Trees between the Wells Fargo Tower and Bank of America Tower