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  1. Could you please specify which avenue @f3cs cause right now I have two avenues in suburbia
  2. Once again korver you've out done yourself. Half the time my brain is wondering if I'm looking at a sc4 image or an image from the real world.
  3. The current city I'm working on...I'm starting on the suburbia area first then I'll work on the CBD of Raccoon City.
  4. hey guys I'm searching for the international day of peace mod. I've looked all over for it and most of the links are out of date...I'm hoping one of yall has a working link for this mod. Thanks.
    I believe its time to start replacing the skyscrapers in the skyline of downtown Beacon Hills...
  5. So I have the steam version of SC4 and the game will load to title card then crash to desktop. It was working fine last night and I have not downloaded any new plugins. Any ideas as to what may be the problem?
  6. So Im trying to recreate the Stack Interchange from Los Angeles with the RHW, any tips....
  7. I tried my best to zoom in on the picture. and circled the other two Im looking for
  8. so im looking for a these three buildings ive circled I know its not the best quality as i do apologize...
  9. @Yarahi how about the National Diet Building or the one from the second pic
  10. @Yarahi you're the best man
  11. @Yarahi do you know where I could find the Twin 21 building complex from Osaka. Ive downloaded it before but now I cant find it?
  12. thanks again @Yarahi
  13. does anyone know where I can get this building circled in red? possibly you @Yarahi you've been so helpful to me in the past...again much thanks.
  14. I was wondering if anyone could bat this for me as a billboard welcome sign into my city. If so it would be greatly appreciated.