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  1. So guys my computer completly stopped working so now I have to go buy a new one. Meaning I have to rebuild the portion of Beacon Hills starting over from scratch.
  2. Thank you @T Wrecks eventhough I say it's done I'll still probably do some tweaking
  3. ...Work In Progress... Finally after 5 days of searching and downloading I have finished the CBD of Beacon Hills, California...I can now begin work on the sprawling suburbs surrounding the downtown core.
  4. Does anyone know where I can find the building circled red? Would be greatly appreciated...
  5. Almost finished with downtown Beacon Hills... Once I finish downtown I'll work on the outlying areas.
  6. Do you have any links to buildings I can use?
  7. So you're saying like small apartment blocks?
  8. @matias93 the area is the CBD I'm just lost as to how to continue it southward
  9. So I have no idea what do with the area south of Broadway...the street known as Broadway is the red line... any ideas?
  10. Started work on the government sector for Beacon Hills...
  11. ...Work In Progress... Started work on a medium-sized city located in Northern California known as Beacon Hills. The CBD will be moderately sized surrounded by suburban sprawl, and hilly slightly mountainous areas. In the first pic I present the southern mountains that offer not only hiking trails but also an escape from everyday city life...and in the second pic my work so far on downtown Beacon Hills as of now the CenturyLink Tower is the city's tallest building.
    I absolutely love the amazing recreation I drive past this building almost everyday...
  12. Working on recreating my hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas... This is the I-30/3rd Street Interchange and the I-30/630 Interchange...
  13. thanks @Yarahi can you locate the Allianz tower in the lower right hand corner...
  14. i was wondering if any anyone could help me find these two hotels...