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  1. Avatar Caption Game v2.0

    Designed for subsonic flight, the Boa 848 pictured as a concept design. Thankfully it did knot get off the ground.
  2. Guess Who's Next V2

    Negative. matias93?
  3. Site Updates & Announcements

    Omnibus & News Redesign In a much needed update as part of the ongoing site renovation, we've given the Omnibus and News sections a facelift. Thus far, the notable changes reside on the index page which was previously a dull list of categories and clutter. Submissions are now clearly and more prominently displayed. Images making each stand out whereas previously only the titles and author were shown on the article listings. This approach has also been extended to the category pages. In addition, all categories now show the correct page title and those for SC13, CXL and SCS have been consolidated into "Other Games". There are still a few things to adjust with the design, and this includes the 'hero' images. Making them the correct proportion (some of them are stretched) or adding new ones. Another effort planned is an overhaul of the articles themselves. Understandably as many images were hosted on 3rd party sites, these are no longer available. Since numerous articles are based around the pictures to explain a concept, they are essential to the usefulness. For this reason, we'll be removing these broken images and trying to find replacements to salvage such articles. The same also goes for URLs that may no longer be in the correct format. Either converting or redirecting them to the intended location. Stay tuned for other refinements to the site's design, notably with the homepage over the coming weeks...
  4. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    It's exactly the same version. I've just fixed the ModDB link that wasn't redirecting correctly.
  5. Big maps?

    Agreed, let's add a note on these files to prevent any more confusion. As much as these jokes never get old (and continue to fool unsuspecting mayors day after day), the fooling is rightly over once April 2nd rolls along. I think it's nice to keep them for posterity with substantial effort going into many, but they don't serve any purpose other than to deceive and cause confusion. No one is the beneficiary from that -- not even the author once the time's up. In fact, instead of in the description I've got another idea. (I've been meaning to enable this.) Moderators: Check the "File Actions" menu for a new Add Message option. I think this is just the kind of thing where these notes will be useful. You'll also see a few colour options for the background, so maybe choose red or orange for maximum impact. And for anyone who overlooks that, you've been fooled twice...
  6. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    @Tyberius06 @matias93 This is just a temporary issue as we're currently rearranging a few resources related to themes. All being well it should be completed very shortly. Let us know if it continues to persist, and a force refresh (Ctrl+F5 on desktop, or equivalent option on mobile) may be required to purge your browser's cache.
  7. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Well, it turns out I spoke too soon with my post above... First of all, cutting to the chase, I can confirm Simtropolis is now back fully operational. Sadly earlier at around 19:00 EDT (23:00 UTC), it came to our attention that the site was the recipient of a DNS hijack. Our domain was compromised in a way that caused anyone visiting it to be forcefully redirected to a 3rd party domain hosting advertising. After investigating the various aspects, we were able to narrow down the cause, and successfully add measures to propagate the DNS records back to where they should point. Due to the nature of the internet, it may take up to 48 hours for these changes to fully propagate around the globe. A scan of the site has also been completed and we've performed checks to ensure the integrity of the files and the database. No threats have been found, so for that reason we do not believe any data has been compromised. As a precaution however, we do recommend monitoring your Recently Used Devices for any signs of unusual activity. Also should you have visited the domain where the advertising was hosted, we strongly recommend performing a scan using a reputable anti-virus application, or tool such as Malwarebytes. We sincerely apologise for any convenience this may have caused, and thank you for patience. Regards, -The Admins
  8. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    We've made a few adjustments to help alleviate the performance issues yesterday (including 520 errors). Although it should now be working better, the site still may not be fully back to optimal speed. As always, please also let us know if there's anything not working as it should.
  9. Simtropolis 9.0 Site Upgrade

    Yes. The site staff reserve the right to remove any such content deemed inappropriate for this, a city-building community.
  10. Why Namiko Isn't a Moderator?

    Don't worry. We all make mistakes, it's just all about learning from them.
  11. The Simtropolis Annuarians Club

    A while ago back in the summer of 2012, this happened... Yep, this post marks exactly 5 years since the moment I set sail on my Simtropolis adventure. Wow, what a remarkable voyage! To be involved within such a special community has been both a privilege and an honour. Along the way there have been many heights, and also a few challenges. But I can honestly say I've enjoyed and continue to enjoy every minute here. All two million, six hundred and twenty-nine thousand, four hundred and forty of them to be precise (not that I was counting). Of course, this place wouldn't be the same without each of you who bring your own colour and character to the site. Both as a member and staffer, Simtropolis has been a memorable experience I'll always fondly look back on, and be forever grateful I was also able to play a part. But for now looking ahead, here's to the next quinquennium and beyond... Cheers! -CB
  12. Contour Lines

    I think you may be referring to those that toggle on/off when pressing: Ctrl + Shift + C Like so: (These are included in the game by default, and don't even require the Extra Cheats DLL.)
  13. Prior Inundatio (10x10 Lg Tiles)

    Another Goodie (You'll get the reference)
  14. Why Namiko Isn't a Moderator?

    In your previous thread about site moderators, my reply (and others) helps to answer this: So while many members often fit the criteria to become part of the site staff, candidates are only considered should there be a need for selection of new moderators. This is determined internally at the admin level, and there is no application or nomination process for such positions to be filled. Hope this clarifies.
  15. Brazilian newcomer asking for a tour guide to the site

    Hello Gilberto, welcome to Simtropolis! First of all I'd recommend checking out this guide: It has a very useful overview of the site, explaining where everything is, and some useful tips for getting started. No, not at all! This is in exactly the right place. Let us know if you've any questions, or would like anything explaining. This really is a friendly community, and we're always happy to help.