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  1. Grasping for straws here to pull off a legitimate 'X' vehicle... Also it was definitely unintentional for my past 3 vehicles to all be pickups.. Ford F-150 XL (base trim)
  2. 1st generation Toyota Tacoma
  3. I used money trees when I messed around with mods initially, but now I just use the Extra Cheats DLL (which Tarkus gave a link to). I never "play" the game anymore (haven't for several years) so simply using the Moolah cheat to give myself something on the order of a quintillion simoleans when I start so I can build my dioramas in peace works out nicely. I do agree that a 100k/mo deficit is kind of insane though. I never got more than 10k in the red back when I played it as a "game" and that was usually when I was restructuring my budget. I was also pretty young at that point and had a lousy grasp on city planning to start with (largest city I built like that was probably only 218,000 sims strong).
  4. 1989 Chevrolet K30 ...It is borderline impossible to pictures of old things like this that don't have some kind of comical modification(s) done to them.
  5. Everything I've heard says that it is completely incompatible with 2017. The problem is Autodesk doesn't let people download "old" (over 3 years old or something like that) versions, so BAT4Max will need to be updated (eventually) somehow...
  6. I use imgur myself. I think it has a cap on how high res the images can be but I don't think that it is usually a problem. I have several hundred images hosted through the site for free.
  7. Wow! Looks like we can snake these trains around on lots as if they were automata (except they look way nicer since they are static props). This is very exciting - nice work!
  8. Not really my thing (outside of supercars I'm more of a 4-door-type) but still pretty cool nonetheless, BMW Z4
    Looks very useful and as always high quality!
  9. No worries, it's not done yet and that's something I still need to add. I'm actually most excited about replacing the storage tanks because NBVC's tanks are probably the part that shows the 'gmax bleaching' effect the most. His set is very useful and versatile but the brightness of it has always bugged me. --- Different view of the truck with the pipes to better show some of the other details, as well as the little set of employee's cars and the 5-to-2 pipe transitions (2-pipe pieces will serve as the connections to stuff). The employee vehicles gave me a little trouble because I needed to mess with scale. They came from my full set I'd like to release at some point, and having discovered that there were some scale discrepancies, I'm going to go back and scale them all properly in relation to each other at a uniform just-a-bit-bigger than reality.
  10. VW Up-exclamation-mark Nobody makes cars that start with a "U." I could've done a Unimog but that'd be too easy... Why are all superminis so ugly? It's better than a smart car but man oh man... I don't want the front of my car smiling at me.
  11. Ford Escort RS Cosworth
  12. Mercedes 560sl
  13. Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition Pointlessly expensive truck is pointlessly expensive.
  14. Toyota gt86 Maybe I'm just biased towards Toyota in general but I like the way this one looks even though I usually don't care for cars in this class. Also, this car looks supremely fun to drive. Too bad I can't drive stick.