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  1. It looks like I have about 8,100 visits to Simtropolis, but that is only over the past 7-8 months at most (I had to reinstall W7 on my machine around October of last year). I say at most because I don't know if I wiped my browser data since then. Even so, that's quite a lot of visits! I open up all of my notifications (at least the ones that I'm actually going to look at) in separate tabs and do have a habit of just browsing around for interesting stuff to look at.
  2. VW Vanagon Westfalia Camper I have no idea what this is but it starts with W so here you go.
    Looks fabulous - just like all of your other works!
  3. Looking really good! Your BATting skills have come a long way - it looks real nice. If I can nitpick a bit about one tiny thing, it looks like the cranes don't have tight-ish LODs, making lower parts overlap over the containers on the rail cars (seen in the image I left in the quote). You can technically fix that by making the LOD shape not a straight box that somewhat conforms to the general shape of the model (just have to be sure it's still completely inside the LOD though).
  4. I don't use the status update thing much, but today was my last day of high school. Onward to the next phase in life. *:party:

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    2. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Congrats! It's a great feeling when all the hard work pays off. *:8)

      Over here (in the UK), we don't even have a formal graduation ceremony in our equivalent of high school. That part with the fancy dress & caps only happens in colleges / universities.

    3. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Kind of makes me feel bad for you, but you're out of school already and I have over two weeks left. *:D

    4. nos.17



      Nice! Enjoy summer vacation while you still can. Hell, as I'm finishing my junior year in college, I'm already looking back at those summers where I had no responsibilities.

  5. Wow, those are some very well-done nature scenes! And the message about deforestation is important. It hits home for me to an extent because a logging operation has been going on for quite a few years down the road from one of my relative's houses (they live out in the middle of nowhere). It's really changed the largely untouched rural landscape in an ugly way.
  6. Thanks for the replies! I suppose it's worth mentioning that not all of the cars will actually come in white (although the majority of them will); certain cars that are more popular in "loud" colors, like muscle cars, most likely won't have it as a choice. I'm just making them all that color in my lineups and wip scenes for consistency. Some cars won't have a lot of color options simply because the number of colors will technically determine the car's frequency in prop families. Not too many things left to add at this point. A few more "meh" sedans and SUVs (and maybe a wagon - for some reason they aren't very common in the States), and that'll be the set. I suspect I'll make a smaller pack later on that's intended to function as a "high wealth" car pack. This is one ugly assortment of cars... from top to bottom: Ford Escape, Cadillac CTS, Nissan Quest, Chevrolet Camaro, Hummer H2 SUT, Dodge Caravan, the absolute worst generation of Ford Mustang, Infinity G37, GMC Sierra 1500 CCSB I'm looking to add a Blazer and yet another Suburban generation to the lineup before I call it quits with SUVs. I can also confidently say right now that the Hummer will only be yellow. Don't want too many of those monstrosities in your parking lots. --- In other news, I cleaned off my desk for the first time in a year and a half. I suppose it could be considered "work," since it took close to an hour to dispose/store/sort all of the paper I had piled up on it and to dust the whole thing down. Having a clean work space is refreshing. Maybe I should think about doing the same to my computer's desktop. Those who've seen my two posts in the desktop thread (current) will know what I'm talking about there... Looks better than it used to but I have a long way to go. Unfortunately, properly cleaning up and organizing the files would take far longer than I really want to devote to it... You can see my "cable management" peaking out at the bottom of the picture there... Guess I've just been in the mood to change up some stuff. Changed my avatar for the first time in at least a year as well. -Mushy
  7. That looks really nice! Logistics has always been shooed under the rug and largely forgotten about, but this will make it possible to add some variety (and a way to move stuff) to industrial/warehouse districts. Good work! Honestly never expected to see my trucks put to such good use.
  8. did u get my message?

    1. MushyMushy


      Yeah, just took a minute to throw together a screenshot thing, sent a reply now.

  9. I really need to get back into this on a regular basis... Had the desire to work on something today. I ended up rescaling all of the cars for the US set so they are all 100% proportional now. Some tweaks here and there on other things are probably needed on some of the cars. I still have quite a few cars I'd like to add to the bunch (some more SUVs, sedans, and a muscle car or two), but before I fall down that rabbit hole I really need to finish the models for Simmer2's oil refinery. And no, I didn't intentionally put the Honda Fit next to the Ford F-450, though I do admit that it is an amusing comparison. All in all, this is turning out to be a massive pack of cars. Variety will never be a concern ever again. -Mushy
  10. Plopped residential won't abandon if you grow residential in the space you want to plop it first. If you want to plop a 4x4 building down, zone residential to at least cover that space, let it grow, and then plop. The orientation and size of the residential that grows doesn't matter, but the whole footprint of the plopped building must be covered. The other two should work. My only guess is you tried to plop too soon after you added water service. Sometimes the game takes a little bit to update the water coverage, and because the plopped buildings will abandon immediately without water, they will do so if you plop them down right after you add water service (sometimes). No idea what's causing the issue if it isn't that, I plop stuff with that cheat all the time.
  11. I really can't express how great this is. Sometimes I feel like you don't get enough credit for all the work you put into some of these nifty things. A single like just doesn't cover it sometimes. Can't wait to have a totally unified sidewalk - the lack of unification is actually one of the main reasons I avoided using any sidewalk mods up until now, but that's been fixed. Super exciting.
    It's exciting to see these made into prop families! It's something I wished I was able to do but it was beyond my level. Great work with all of the variety and blank chances!
  12. Looks really nice! Good use of those seawalls too - those are one of my favorite seawall assets. Uki's Japanese stuff is top notch.
  13. Alpine A310 I saw it several years ago in some anime and for some reason liked it. The headlights are kind of large but overall I like the style.