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  1. I really need to get back into this on a regular basis... Had the desire to work on something today. I ended up rescaling all of the cars for the US set so they are all 100% proportional now. Some tweaks here and there on other things are probably needed on some of the cars. I still have quite a few cars I'd like to add to the bunch (some more SUVs, sedans, and a muscle car or two), but before I fall down that rabbit hole I really need to finish the models for Simmer2's oil refinery. And no, I didn't intentionally put the Honda Fit next to the Ford F-450, though I do admit that it is an amusing comparison. All in all, this is turning out to be a massive pack of cars. Variety will never be a concern ever again. -Mushy
  2. Plopped residential won't abandon if you grow residential in the space you want to plop it first. If you want to plop a 4x4 building down, zone residential to at least cover that space, let it grow, and then plop. The orientation and size of the residential that grows doesn't matter, but the whole footprint of the plopped building must be covered. The other two should work. My only guess is you tried to plop too soon after you added water service. Sometimes the game takes a little bit to update the water coverage, and because the plopped buildings will abandon immediately without water, they will do so if you plop them down right after you add water service (sometimes). No idea what's causing the issue if it isn't that, I plop stuff with that cheat all the time.
  3. I really can't express how great this is. Sometimes I feel like you don't get enough credit for all the work you put into some of these nifty things. A single like just doesn't cover it sometimes. Can't wait to have a totally unified sidewalk - the lack of unification is actually one of the main reasons I avoided using any sidewalk mods up until now, but that's been fixed. Super exciting.
    It's exciting to see these made into prop families! It's something I wished I was able to do but it was beyond my level. Great work with all of the variety and blank chances!
  4. Looks really nice! Good use of those seawalls too - those are one of my favorite seawall assets. Uki's Japanese stuff is top notch.
  5. Alpine A310 I saw it several years ago in some anime and for some reason liked it. The headlights are kind of large but overall I like the style.
    Very nice! This could work well in a variety of city styles.
  6. Looks really good! I would have offered to make those trailers in more angles for you, but I unfortunately lost all of my old gmax models when my hard drive decided it didn't want to work anymore 6 months ago. I copied a lot of folders thinking that the models were included in that, but it turned out gmax kept its scenes in a different place than I thought and by the time I noticed that I had already wiped the drive.
  7. I've spent a lot of time on Goggle Earth flying over Tokyo and Osaka looking for architecture for my art class concentration, and I've got to say this looks just like it! Very nice images!
    The highest of quality. This might be even better than the 3D Camera mod.
  8. Multiple monitors' usefulness can vary. Having two, I can say they're great for when you're working on stuff because you can have two full screen windows without minimizing, and they're also good if you need to look up something for a game as you don't have to tab out. I'd say that actually playing games on more than one screen usually looks weird though. For me I really just use my second screen as an auxiliary monitor as it's off like 95% of the time and sits to the side of my primary screen rather than the point where they touch being in the middle. If you only use the second screen as an aux you can technically get a much smaller and cheaper one so you'll have more money to spend on the main screen.
  9. I can relate to that! It's been a while since I posted here, and I've (sort of) cleaned up my desktop since then. I'm also using a 1x1 px black dot as my background. That plus a SSD means the desktop loads quick enough. That is a second monitor on the right but it's much smaller (it's actually a 12 year old LCD monitor - I have no idea how the thing still works) and I only use it for things like SC4 modding when I have a lot of programs and windows open. It's a fair bit shorter than my main screen but you can't tell since the screencap made the unused space black just like my background.
  10. Grasping for straws here to pull off a legitimate 'X' vehicle... Also it was definitely unintentional for my past 3 vehicles to all be pickups.. Ford F-150 XL (base trim)
  11. 1st generation Toyota Tacoma
  12. I used money trees when I messed around with mods initially, but now I just use the Extra Cheats DLL (which Tarkus gave a link to). I never "play" the game anymore (haven't for several years) so simply using the Moolah cheat to give myself something on the order of a quintillion simoleans when I start so I can build my dioramas in peace works out nicely. I do agree that a 100k/mo deficit is kind of insane though. I never got more than 10k in the red back when I played it as a "game" and that was usually when I was restructuring my budget. I was also pretty young at that point and had a lousy grasp on city planning to start with (largest city I built like that was probably only 218,000 sims strong).