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  1. Buenos trabajos ! te felicito compañero ! :)

  2. No night has no lighting, I'm trying to do the best I can since I'm not very expert in the editor. I will upload some more work than I have in a few days. I'm a New York lover, I hope you like it. Please vote 5 stars thanks.
  3. Hello ! AXA Center Equitable Building , It's my first job. I know it's up in parts, sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you like it. I'll try for the next one to do better. Thank you !

  4. Version 1.0.0


    AXA Equitable Center. New York , Manhattan , 51-52 Street / 7th Avenue 229 meters tall. 54 floors. Landmark Version
  5. Do you have the '' One 57 Building '' ???? I see this magnific building in your picture. Great Job !
  6. Perfect !! I hope to enjoy this type of buildings soon.
  7. This is the flag that symbolizes the Catalan within Spain. The one of the supposed independent country is similar to the one of Cuba, with a blue estelada. I am from there.
  8. Hi guys. I like that someone who knows how to design buildings, can do some styles of style Art-Deco style of what is in Manhattan. I think there are few designed and I would love someone to do me that favor. High level buildings with 25 - 30 floors. They are usually brown, I hope they understand me and I try to speak the best English possible. Thank you very much and I hope you like my comment.
  9. Woooow !!!! I need this building for my city, I'm trying to make New York as real as possible. This with the American building would give a more real touch to the Bryant Park that until now i built. Fantastic job.
    How can i install the map on my sc4 deluxe? Thanks ! I love NYC and this map
    Beautiful !
  10. Where can I download these buildings ?

    - NY Plaza Hotel
    - Trump Tower and other's near buildings ? 

    Thank's :) 


    1. Mr Saturn64

      Mr Saturn64

      1. I don't see Trump Tower.

      2. The Plaza Hotel has not been released yet.  It is by user Parisian.

    2. ESP15


      Thank's ! :D