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  1. Liberty Eye ferris wheel

    Is the same that Wonder Wheel of Coney Island in NYC ! Great Job !
  2. One World Trade Center

  3. Comcast Center

    Great !
  4. 667 Madison Avenue

    What will be the next and fantastic building in NY? 432 Park Avenue Marriot Marquis One 57 etc etc...
  5. 667 Madison Avenue

    The same of always absolutly beautiful , THANK YOU !!!!
  6. NYBT 41 Park Avenue

    Is possible this type of building's in Landmark version? Would magnific for recreate cities. I expect some response. Thank you !
  7. Watkins & Sons

    Great Job ! Magnific for my city NY style !
  8. ESP15 1095 6th Avenue

    Version -


    1095 Avenue Of The Americas is a 630 ft (192m) tall skyscraper in New York City, New York. It was constructed from 1972 to 1974 as headquarters of New York Telephone and has 41 floors. The building also served as the headquarters of NYNEX and Bell Atlantic. Kahn & Jacobs designed the building, which is the 61st tallest in New York. The original facade was said to be designed to resemble the relays which were commonly found inside telephones of the time. From 2006 to 2007 the tower received a $260 million renovation which upgraded the office space from Class B+ to Class A office space.[citation needed] The phone company moved its headquarters to the Verizon Building in the early 2000s, and sold off most of the building, retaining a condominium interest in floors 6-12, where Verizon maintained offices and a telephone exchange serving landlines in Midtown Manhattan. However, in 2013 the company moved its corporate headquarters back to 1095 Avenue of the Americas, following a sale of the upper floors of the Verizon Building. Is a Landmark version MN.
  9. 600 Madison Avenue

    Yeeeessssss !!! Absolutly !
  10. 261 5th Avenue

    We missed the works of this artist! 10!!!
  11. Transamerica Pyramid

    Es increíblemente genial ! Me encantan tus trabajos. Espero ansioso que subas algún día edificios de la ciudad de Nueva York !
  12. Transamerica Pyramid

    Great Work !
  13. Stephens Inc.

    Tus trabajos son siempre increíbles ! Grande Diego !
  14. Water Street Brewery

    Nice work !!
  15. ESP15 750 Seventh Avenue

    Version 1.0


    750 Seventh Avenue 750 Seventh Avenue is a 615 ft (187m) tall skyscraper in New York City. It was completed in 1989 and has 36 floors. Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo & Associate designed the building, and it is owned by Hines,[1] a Texas based real estate investment company.[2] The building's continuous helix design, culminating in a chimney-like extension, was caused by the New York City Building Code, which requires setbacks. The 84 exterior column transfers exist because of the owner's requirement for a column-free space. It is tied with the New York Life Building for the 74th tallest building in New York City. In April 2011 Fosterlane Management from Kuwait announced they are buying the building from Hines for $485 million Landmark version. Hope you like it and be better than my previous buildings. ESP15. Model sourced from the 3D Warehouse, created by Google Geo Models.