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  1. OK, so for me, this building only lights up when facing certain directions in the city, as a function of the map itself and not the camera angle. When it does light up, though, it is BEAUTIFUL. 10/10
  2. Another possibility for HSR specifically would be to use this station and do this, if you like:
  3. That came up for me once, I wanted to make an (el rail over road) x (high monorail) crossing with station, but there is no (el rail over road) x (high monorail) crossing puzzle piece. Instead I wound up with this (tram-in-road) x (monorail), with stations elsewhere using NAM 34:
  4. Alright, thanks! i've got it in 3DS Max and I'll try moving forward from there!
  5. So I made this using AutoCAD: I wanted to test the dimensions and such in-game before continuing, but I'm not sure how to export it as a Lot Editor-ready BAT from AutoCAD. Does anyone know how to do that? Help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. No, though I reduced funding on the waste to energy plant it leads to after the fact.
  7. Well this is new. @BugeyedDragon suggested I post this.
  8. Thanks, Cori! I've been playing wih the different terrain mods for Solaria now, thinking about going with either Yucatan (seeing as how Solaria was intended to be tropical, it might help that rainforest/jungle feel), Canyonlands or Palm Springs!
  9. Thanks! Yeah, you know, sometimes the rendered tiles sow up automatically on the region map, sometimes I have to go into the tile and exit before it shows up as not a plain tile in region view, and I've even seen a few times that some tiles are rendered while others are plain. However, when the tiles do show up automatically as rendered in the region, they do show up with the correct water mod already active, so I don't have to go into city view. I know you know which mod I use, but for everyone I haven't told yet, that's Pegasus' Hawaiian Holiday water mod and HD White Sands beach, found in the Water Shoppe and Beach Shoppe respectively.
  10. Alright, thanks to both of you! (I didn't even know a page 9 existed until you pointed the way, @Yarahi)
  11. Hi! I was hoping someone could help me find these LNG tanks (and the boat would be great, too) that I've been seeing in pictures: In the event that it's SOMY's set found here, and hopefully even if it isn't, does anyone know another location where I can find somy_industry 01 part 2, as it keeps encountering errors when I use 7-zip to decompress that particular .rar file?
  12. Same area as in Show us your Waterfront, a bit later in time:
  13. I made a map! First I grabbed this picture of some cirrus clouds from the NOAA. Then I grayed it, resized, cropped and adjusted the contrast and brightness and used Gaussian blur. And then imported it to a small region.
  14. I'm turning my attention to the north side of my cities' river, working to develop an industrial area in a tropical setting. Here it is, viewed from the east:
  15. Here's my first offering for this thread, a small section of East Solaria: