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  1. Uhh... how can I use this with PEG Ponds? The parts have no water and I can over-place them on a PPonds lot, the read-me file didn't really help because it just told me to put an 1*1 pond lot besides the hangar and suddenly there are water under the hanger in the next step... I don't get it.
  2. OMG, this, is, simply, awesome! One of the top SCAG airport I ever seen! And all those super detailed ancillary facilities, I wonder did you put all of them from different props?
  3. Nice!But I think the white base texture is better,the black base texture is for wide-body aircraft。And I hope you can made a lufthansa‘s 737。
  4. 三桑叶子你搞什么
  5. 我想要那个机场廊桥,没找到有下载啊
  6. 太科幻了
  7. 没有改变自带飞机的外观啊