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  1. i can try , i dont see why i should after i did the three
  2. Version 1.0(beta)


    ah yes, welcome . this mod allows all construction costs and further costs vanish   in this mod its like the other 2 but now for others, (foreign cities, heros/villans, amusement park, ect..)   this mod is broken down for different packs, for example the British city set has its own folder, and so does the hero pack.   just follow the folders in the downloads to find where to REPLACE files, do NOT merge , COPY and REPLACE.   thanks enjoy   GP22
  3. Version 1.0(beta)


    Hello there , this is my second mod, this mod is related to the recent free mod.   this mod makes all cost for building and monthly vanish.   this is the free mod but for COT now. note it is only the COT file, and you need the other download too for Everything to be free.   there is no known incompatibilities known yet,   you do need The COT Pack OR Complete edition to work.   just put the file in Simcity/SimcityData NOT Userdata.   thanks   GP22
  4. Version 1.0(beta)


    Hello there. This is my first upload.This mods makes all construction costs and maintenance costs disappear.This only applies to the base version. Does not count COT or others.I don't know of any incompatibilities or issues but if so , let me know.Thanks and enjoy
  5. still a rip off of skyestorms modpack
  6. nice mod, but when i used it, it still only allowed 6 garages at a time
  7. is this a bug or something, 12380 minuites is wrong, right?
  8. Hello, Can you help me, when i am in a mission or free drive mode, the sirens on cops, fire, or ambulance vehicles are not powerful enough, when their on, the cars only pull over if their a tile a way or so, so when a big truck or vehicle spawns , it blows up my car, can someone make a mod so that other cars will pull over about 10+ tiles away, to make it seem mow realistic, if anyone can, please do so, gp22.
  9. like the photos, just think you should remover the grid lines though, just press g to remove
  10. nice map
  11. lots , i hate lots that people just mix buildings together 2/10
  12. many farms, just love it .but i agree with jack3 , you do need those modds
  13. same thing here , when i try to download it , all it does is stop in the middle of the installing , help
  14. i got it and all that came up was a box