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  4. How do you mean 'smart cities' in the context of SC4? By that, I mean very efficient cities with a good road layout without any jams, availability of services everywhere, eco-friendly planning and minimum pollution, clean and efficient power and water system, recycling and minimum garbage, jobs and workplaces in the right area without polluting much, a well-built transportation system, a well balanced, educated and healthy population, a well balanced budget with enough reserves in case they are needed, all this in a very space-efficient and completely realistic manner. Also using Euro-Contemporary architecture set since that is the closest thing in the game to modern and contemporary architecture. These are basically the smart city features that can be built in SC4. Real world smart cities have much more like high connectivity, electronic and smart government system, a dedicated goal (most smart cities are built for a purpose, such as IT sector for example) and they are sustainable and eco-friendly with buildings not being constructed by traditional materials.