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  1. Can anyone build a Steak N Shake for Sims City 4.
    Wish we had a Menards, Pizza Ranch, Steak N Shake, County Market and Buffalo Wild Wings
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Highway Sign for Days Inn Hotel
  3. I wish someone could make a Steak N Shake 




  4. I love it could you possibly make a Buffalo Wild Wings, County Market, Steak N Shake and Menards thks monicals7
  5. I also got a box :[
  6. I dont have all the cheats in the box. One  want the most plopable one
  7. Where is Lake Springfield?
  8. I can not get this or Cracker Barrel on my sims i downloaded it over 15 times and can not get it!
  9. How do u download these