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  1. Hey there I can take a special request if you want. I will try to remove alien's invasions.
  2. Hey there. I can try seeking into the mod what are problems.
  3. Hey... Get to know what is a troll first. Then call me again a troll if I am.
  4. Hey there. I am making a gigantic mod for SimCity in which I will review and rethink the concept of many buildings. If you want some tools designed for test purpose s as unlocked, let me know it and we will work together into a direction to make this game better.
  5. Heya buddy! The greatest idea would be to create new highway overpasses. Like a T in a curve.
  6. Sadly I clean my Dropbox repository every months and photos are gone. I can still try to find them back but wish me luck.
  7. Alright then I want to offer you to add me on Skype : trylk248112 My Origin Name is trylk248112 We will look together into the issue deeper. Maybe I will have to make a mod and/or fix it.
  8. Project cancelled in reason of a new modpack announced later in late 2016.
  9. Hello there. Does the game crashes on startup or when you load the city?
  10. That... Feels like it's the power distribution being completely bugged.
  11. Download links are down again. I apologize... I really want to to make high quality mods that have very few issues or almost none. Also. Update 2.0 is being completely remade. Mod should be back in early March on the STEX!
  12. Alright, by using Orion 3k mod, the city tile is likely expanded, so it affects the layers as well. Maybe I can create a fix for that but still... I don't know if it gonna work.
  13. Oh yeah i will help you out.
  14. Okay guys. I definitevely am back to modding. Here what i can do : mods, value editing, tweaks, fixes and some like that. What i can not do : 3d modeling, scripting, compiling.
  15. Sadly the file's gone but I can still try to recreate the mod. Hahaha tbat was so easy lmao