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  1. Sure we can. Let's talk on Discord.
  2. The mods are actually going to be for offline mode. The kind of mods that would be possible to run online, at the current time, are : User interface visuals Buildings skins Visual modifications
  3. Hey guys! It's me again! Let's get into it! April 11th : Experimental mods : - Terrain flattener - Low-elevation for Megatowers's crowns. --------------- (TO BE EDITED)
  4. To be honest, the game engine they uses (Glassbox) is really bad. It haves tons of performances issuesm
  5. April 10th 2017 In progress mods : - Removal of pre-placed modules and adjusted re-blancing of stats and needs. - Upgrading units to full capacity modules. (Eg. : small police station now have 6 placeable parking lots instead of 4) ------------------ Complete but needs to be tested : - Reconfig of Garbage treatment and dumpzones plus modules. #What's new? : New non-replacing dumpzone with greater capacity (everything has been adjusted so it's a better one with higher needs etc.) / Better garbage incinerator and atomizers. -------------------- Planned mods for the update : - New streetcars garages (module)(non-replacing) for the streetcar depot with more streetcars but needs greater workers (eg. 3 medium wealth & 1 high wealth) plus higher maintenance cost). - Streetcars with higher Sims capacity but slown speed. (Yeah... let's add a bit of "weight" and realism here) - Megatower reconfig : this is going to have a very big impact! This actually modifies most of the values for megatowers and makes it harder to have working in a city. ------------------- Experimental mods : - Dynamic layers*
  6. Hey guys ! This topic is made just for you. (!)Posts are going to be edited a lot so make sure to come often. I will mark new edits with a "!" Here we are going to talk about : - News about the SimCity Revive project - Screenshots of the mods - Comments about SCRevive - Q&A allowed! - Requests for the project
  7. Anything is possible buddy! You simply have to find the correct way to do it. Discord
    Gorgeous! Hey buddy do you would like to work together with me? We could make this map and your other ones better ! Believe me Also, I am requesting your agreement to use, modify and share the files.
  8. The time is HERE! I actually am looking for 2 people to help me making the map. Map plannings : HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE!!! (Like around 500 or 1000+ tiles) Separate islands IN THE MAP AND CONNECTED! SEA CONNECTIONS! Water sea depth (we rarely see some of those) *Implementation of some users's map if they want to
  9. >Bump because of project restarting<
  10. In order to get this to work, you would to need to setup your trade system kind of like this if you produce from your city chunk (locally). ->Extraction unit->Processing Unit ->Storages ->Delivery service. So in the end, you would need to have, at least, two trade buildings : one used as an extra local storage plates for your local products and another one for deliveries.
  11. Hey buddy! Sorry for the necro bump. I actually am planning to give a second life to this prototype. I need first your agreement fot hr file usage abd sharing. (Respect and original work reasons). By the way, i am looking for people who still have some skills in modding or coding. Thay project will be huge! Oh boi!^^
  12. My idea is to not plop On the node but place the mine module on the node. Try that out
  13. I definitrly can try to fix it. Here is my Skype : trylk248112 By the way, we should work together so you can help me finding bugs/issues. ::Help me and I'll help you back! ::