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  1. I forgot to mention that .data.package goes into SimCity/SimCityData folder and for .udata.package it goes into SimCity/UserData/Scripts folder.
  2. SimCity 2013 isn't a piece of garbage. It's a game like any other games... ._.
  3. That's a laptop or desktop ? Anyway, sure Cities Skylines is a "Feed me with RAM!" game but the game engine isn't the best to be honest.
  4. The request you have here requires to re-create all of the existing roads and change pathes for every each single roads types. Possible, by modding, but takes a very long time to get done properly.
  5. Hey guys! Sorry for this late City Journal update. So recently I am putting a lot of efforts on the terrain to make it nice. I changed the CJ update rate ti every 2 or 3 days. Stay tuned! Pictures are gonna be part or the next CJ update. EDIT : I added the map file, the map name's "NewMap". Sorry for this. :/ NewMap.crp
  6. Thanks a lot for this great advice.
  7. Hello Simtropolitans! I'm Sebastian anmd I'm gonna be your narrator for the very unique Stepped cliffs city journal, or more specifically, map and city journal. The map will be available (terrain ready to play) once I will have completed this City Journal. Here, I wanted to create something unique with a very different story from what we're used to hear/listen to. So here I begin with the very first hours of mapping... It all began by a simple image in my mind, two cliffs at the edges of the map's bounds, a middly steep valley between 'em. A simple image that took 2hours to make both cliffs... 30 mins after, I was trying to figure out how I could make this map playable, because I don't want a very lot of water in the map. Back to the real world where I live at, there is no such similiar thing around me. All I can see outdoor is the city.
  8. Working on a forestry-themed map, here is the greyscale so everyone can work on the map. It's open to public. Also, share the work you've done with it. Oh! Good news for people who were wondering if I was going to let my content for Cities Skylines off the road or not. The HTNEP(Highway Network Enhancement Project) and GTNEP (Global Transportation Network Enhancement Project) are b a c k ! YES! BACK! NewMap.crp
  9. In answer to scaletho : I am ready to build up a team for moddingif people are interested, I currently am looking for : 3D moddelers, photoshop/paint.net/paint/gimp,... (image editing) skilled guys, people who are good in javascript, c++ = and html and any other extra coding languages.
  10. Sure we can. Let's talk on Discord.
  11. The mods are actually going to be for offline mode. The kind of mods that would be possible to run online, at the current time, are : User interface visuals Buildings skins Visual modifications
  12. Hey guys! It's me again! Let's get into it! April 11th : Experimental mods : - Terrain flattener - Low-elevation for Megatowers's crowns. --------------- (TO BE EDITED)
  13. To be honest, the game engine they uses (Glassbox) is really bad. It haves tons of performances issuesm
  14. April 10th 2017 In progress mods : - Removal of pre-placed modules and adjusted re-blancing of stats and needs. - Upgrading units to full capacity modules. (Eg. : small police station now have 6 placeable parking lots instead of 4) ------------------ Complete but needs to be tested : - Reconfig of Garbage treatment and dumpzones plus modules. #What's new? : New non-replacing dumpzone with greater capacity (everything has been adjusted so it's a better one with higher needs etc.) / Better garbage incinerator and atomizers. -------------------- Planned mods for the update : - New streetcars garages (module)(non-replacing) for the streetcar depot with more streetcars but needs greater workers (eg. 3 medium wealth & 1 high wealth) plus higher maintenance cost). - Streetcars with higher Sims capacity but slown speed. (Yeah... let's add a bit of "weight" and realism here) - Megatower reconfig : this is going to have a very big impact! This actually modifies most of the values for megatowers and makes it harder to have working in a city. ------------------- Experimental mods : - Dynamic layers*