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  1. The birth of a new town called Cape St. John.
  2. I had two highways in a hilly rural area to connect. The solution was a seven boxes long connecting road.
  3. Fringes of a small city.
  4. I see a lot of reptitive buildings in the commercial areas, but apart from that, it looks good. The mmp work is simply outstanding.
  5. They're found in the god mode tab after you've founded your city. In the vanilla game, you only have five different kinds of trees to choose from, but with mods found on the site you can create incredibly realistic scenes. Here's a shoreline I created some time ago, using a few different sets of them. I can give you a list of download links if you're interested.
  6. Like @airman15, I also stopped using beach lots. I usually opt for less functional, more photorealistic mmp's. Although I can't recall ever really struggling with this stuff, I can relate. i can't help figure out how to solve it either, which is why I just left a tip on what you could do instead.
  7. This can only be a good thing.
  8. Lockheed U-2
  9. WLtoys Q333
  10. I'm sure it could have been good if it wasn't for the damn voice. My biggest grudge with a lot of contemporary music is the trend of distorting voices to the point where they don't even sound human anymore. 6/10, because I do think the music itself was pretty nice.
  11. I ordered something off the internet today, and although it'll probably be almost a week before I get it, I can't stop checking up on the delivery status.

    1. airman15


      I feel ya! Short periods of time just feel like they're taking the longest. Just like waiting for a non-bricked new phone until Thursday..

  12. Work in progress. The town of Decatur keeps expanding, and it's fun to build. I'm 'bout to throw some sicc mmp's in there, yo.
  13. Irmscher Corsa Sprint C
  14. Renault Espace. a desperate attempt at making the minivan cool again by putting huge wheels on it and basically making it into a crossover with sliding doors. For shame, Renault.