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  1. Danny Muscat added a comment on a file Tree Lined Streets (Low and Medium density)   

    Hey oppie I LOVE your mods and thank you so much (: I was wondering if it would it be possible for any modder to make new functional buildings or is it to early in the game yet (: ?
  2. Danny Muscat added a comment on a file Bombardier Cityrunner Tram   

    I love you oppie <3
  3. Danny Muscat added a comment on a file Jupiter Island   

    Amazing for my imaginary cities...thanks alot!
  4. Danny Muscat added a comment on a file Light Replacement Mod - UK Set   

    Love it..these will go perfect in my imaginary British Towns. Thanks 5 stars...
  5. Danny Muscat added a post in a topic Sim City: Wishlists   

    Another idea is better disasters such as, if your close to a large body of water or on the sea shore, an earthquake would then trigger a tsunami. Or maybe even a hurricane that could destroy a large area, instead of those tiny tornadoes. Sandstorms also exist, and so do wars....Imagine if your world idea gets used, you could chose three...two...or even more countries to go to war! Quite fun i'd say.
    And as for the volcanoes in sim city 4, they become extinct after one use. I would think that you should have a choice for an extinct, dormant (erupts unexpectedly) or active volcano.
    Whatcha think?