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  1. Danny Muscat added a comment on a file Tree Lined Streets (Low and Medium density)   

    Hey oppie I LOVE your mods and thank you so much (: I was wondering if it would it be possible for any modder to make new functional buildings or is it to early in the game yet (: ?
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  2. Danny Muscat added a comment on a city journal entry Update 69: Heading Northward   

    so much better than simcity 2013
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  3. Danny Muscat added a comment on a file Bombardier Cityrunner Tram   

    I love you oppie <3
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  4. Danny Muscat added a comment on a city journal entry Looking into the past   

    Ba Sing Se <3 Please upload those flags!! I've been dying to build an avatar city, though i suck at architecture and lot editing and stuff....
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  5. Danny Muscat added a comment on a city journal entry Interstate Tour - Marshall   

    This is just amazing...5/5
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  6. Danny Muscat added a comment on a city journal entry North Port City   

    Love the look of this city....Especially the curved highways...nice touch
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  7. Danny Muscat added a comment on a city journal entry Celeste | Ignite the Fire   

    Best one i've seen yet!
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  8. Danny Muscat added a city journal entry in My Imaginary Cities   

    The Town of Malorna
    Hello from the town of Malorna! This town is based at the tip of a busy city that never sleeps on one of the many islands in the imaginary region of the "Isles Of Muron" . The regions economy survives on three main factors: Oil which the region is rich in, a major river splitting up the land into loads of islands (hence 'Isles' in the regions name) and tourism. Without those factors, the economy will most probably collapse.

    So, you have now entered the town by highway. I'm sure you've found it easy to get here, this town isn't very popular and the streets and the highways lack the traffic you'd find in the other cities of the region.

    If you get off the highway on the first two ramps, you'll end up on the avenue entering the residential zone. Few shops line this area, as most jobs in this town are in the industry business.

    I also have a photo, taken a few decades back. Believe it or not, the area hasn't changed since. The only difference is the highway behind the buildings in the north. The school in the bottom left of the photo, is also exactly the same today, except they've just recently added another story to the school, to accommodate with the demands of the residents nearby.

    Further into the residential area, you will end up seeing the little church of St.Patrick. This church was build 40 years ago, when the old church was destroyed by a fire.

    If you keep on going north, you will eventually reach another avenue. There then is a street, which if you take will lead you to the cities fire station. Firemen stay on the alert 24/7 to make sure that the city is 100% fire proof.

    And, now we have also entered the industrial zone. In the beginning one could find high tech industries.

    You could also see the few high-rise buildings, the main headquarters of the internet company on this island.

    Moving more north, you can also find the police headquarters, officers take shifts and make sure the town is safe for everyone to enjoy. People feel safe in their homes and towns, nobody should have that safety taken away from them which is why the police force do everything they can to make sure the town is perfect. Opposite the headquarters, is the main train station of the town.

    Moving further north, you will end up in the manufacturing industry.

    We can now conclude our tour over here. The last thing I would like to show you, is the harbor and the free port. Ships and boats come and go with exported and imported goods. One of our main exports, is the fish. The region here is a rich fishing area. The harbor was built for this purpose however, the people take care when fishing to make sure, that they catch the right amount. Over fishing has never been reported in this region, and that's a thing we're proud of.

    Thanks for stopping by! Our next tour will be in one of the main cities, on a different island in the region. See you next time!
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  9. Danny Muscat added a comment on a file Jupiter Island   

    Amazing for my imaginary cities...thanks alot!
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  10. Danny Muscat added a comment on a file Light Replacement Mod - UK Set   

    Love it..these will go perfect in my imaginary British Towns. Thanks 5 stars...
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  11. Danny Muscat added a comment on a city journal entry Berstatll   

    This is beautiful! Well done...5 stars
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  12. Danny Muscat added a comment on a city journal entry The Suburb of Fgurano   

    [quote name='Jacob Guajardo' timestamp='1346185184']
    Love the look of your city but some of the pictures are really bright but love the work.
    Thanks...i tried my best to make it as original as possible As for the brightness in the photo's, ill try fix that.
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  13. Danny Muscat added a city journal entry in My Imaginary Cities   

    The Suburb of Fgurano
    This is my second entry into the first journal I've ever made. I present to you the imaginary town of Fgurano, is a little treasure, built just under an active volcano it is famous for its old European style, its sports complexes and also its oriental touch found south of the city. It is another suburb of the few main cities along the river.

    North of the city, one could find a wall, built a long time ago. This also separates the new part of town, from the old.

    Within the old area, lies the two watch towers. These where used to see attacks coming in during the medieval times, before the urbanization of the farmlands.

    Spaces of farmland can also be found between some streets.

    In the southern part of the suburb, lies the Oriental Area. On entering the Oriental area, one can perfectly see the Oriental Palace.

    One can find Japanese, Korean and also Chinese style buildings. The 3 temples of the Earth, Fire and Water Gods can be found in the far corner, close to the boarder of the neighboring city.

    A few weeks ago, Mt.Fgurano, the active volcano in the northern part of the suburb erupted. Lava flows brought loads of tourists on holiday and lit up the night sky to a bright orange colour. Fog covered the buildings close to the volcano. No damage was reported as the eruption was not big, however disruption to flights was caused due to the ash cloud.

    Towards the east of the Volcano, lies the sports complex. Inside the complex lies a profession Olympic stadium, rugby and american football field and also a soccer/football stadium.

    Along with the sports complex comes a baseball stadium. One of the main attractions is the Ferris Wheel, in which you have a perfect view of the hole east and south of the town, due to the high position of it on one of the slopes of the volcano.

    Some more pictures of other towns and cities will come later. Thanks for taking the time to read it
    I'll keep you posted often.
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  14. Danny Muscat added a city journal entry in My Imaginary Cities   

    A few pictures from Polorna and Kelowana
    There's a thing about this imaginary town. Its built on hills, and so part of the town is terraced. The lower downtown is built next to the river, thus a major transpiration route, tall buildings, successful businesses and skyscrapers have developed by time, the neighboring cities also have their set of skyscrapers next to the river, creating a lovely scene of a true city. The police and fire coverage is state of the art, thus leaving no buildings vulnerable. The cities in this region are more commercial and residential, than industrial. The demand for industry is quite low here in this region.The hills remain uninhabited, as they are quite steep for many buildings to develop, however it makes an amazing scene.

    But behind the hills lie flat plains. Perfect for building. Little suburbs have developed in the area, including farms. The houses have a little European touch to them, adding to the scenery.

    Meanwhile, the town of Kelowana is one of the suburbs of the main cities along the river. This town is found on the left side of the region, just behind those steep hills. To get to the town, you'll have to use the highway build on the hills. Otherwise, there's no other way besides an airport into the neighboring town. The buildings here also have a European touch. Sometimes, during the winter, a thick fog covers parts of the town, adding to the scene.

    The Cathedral of Kelowana is over 200 years old. It was built on pure land in the middle of nowhere until the recent construction of the commercial area took over the scene. Fog still hangs in this low lying area almost every morning. To keep the old tradition, the Cathedral only uses light from candles. Every evening, for 7 o'clock mass, there is a choir and also an organ playing.

    The suburbs here are very split up, with massive gaps for farmland. Even within the residential and commercial areas, one can still fine traces of farmland and agriculture, as you can see in the upper right.

    Some more images of these two towns and even of new ones to come later..I hope you like them Thanks!
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  15. Danny Muscat added a comment on a city journal entry Update #2: Halbinsel is Founded   

    very nice But try turn off the grid when taking your screenshot for better realistic pictures
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