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  1. So realistic, it's just like a suburban shopping area or plaza, reminds me of Charlotte, NC.
  2. New York has the best
  3. Nice, what are those Rowhomes at the last pic called?
  4. This is kool what mod did ]you use for the grass and trees on the side of the streets.
  5. Very nice Downtown and beach. You should expand your Downtown.
  6. Very Nice!!! Where did you get most of your skyscrapers? And where did you get that parking lot at the end? Very very nice!
  7. Very Nice. I like the urban grimy downtown mixed with the nice wealthy downtown. Like a realistic city.
  8. Love the nice big downtown and ghetto areas!
  9. Very Nice! I like how you put the downtown on the beach and the beaches are crowded this is very Nice do More!
  10. NICE! Almost perfect! I love the urban style of the city being the hood lol. Very nice. I'm looking forward to see more.
  11. I like large and huge cities but I would rather live in a big urban house like they have in Queens, Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, NY. Or maybe a brownstone or a nice apartment or condo in the Down, or Uptown area.
  12. I really like the New York look, and especially the brownstones and fire escapes you made .
  13. This is nice. Where did you get the seats and field from?
  14. This is nice, where did you download them from. These are all nice! Please tell me where you downloaded them from. Oh, and by the way, all of those brownstones and row houses had basements so there actually a story higher than what you said they were in the descriptions.(Brownstones ARE ALWAYS at least 3 stories high.)
  15. Nice except for the abandoned buildings, weird shape of the island, Statue of Liberty Island looks weird, there's no airport in Manhattan, there's no industry in Manhattan, and the grid system is wrong. Otherwise it's nice.