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  1. An Art Director explains the design of the ploppable buildings ingame
  2. An animator explains the simulation of the Sims ingame.
  3. SH*T! Guess I wasn't fast enough.
  4. The Lead Designer explains the Global Market of SimCity. *You need an Origin account to access the information
  5. Guys just stop this argument
  6. An article explains more about SimCity World and its features. Information on the Global Market will be released this Friday.
  7. Are you serious? The maps are even tinier than I imagined
  8. Seriously? They never even release a single information about the game, not even a gameplay video of the beta. Gamescom was a disappointment...
  9. Dude wtf, its an online Simcity Societies. I won't even pirate this crap.
  10. Windows 7*
  11. Dude, I'm using Windows Explorer. ._.
  12. I heard that subways aren't included. But I'm not so sure.