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  1. @Captain Slow i gotta say that is an amazing piece of work, gate to taxiway spacing well done and the runways, properly marked both sides. only concern though are the taller buidings up there, it should be height restricted even when not within the flight path. But overall this is a well done aerodrome, nice work. (now wheres @GMT's opinion when you need him)
  2. Teaser on Brilliant Park, probably the largest city park i've been doing.
  3. Miyamizu Airport (ZYM/JTMZ) RWY: [17/35 - 2,208m]
  4. Several versions and 6 months on, Izuna Kamui International Airport's final revision is complete (moved the terminal in between runways, separated both RWYs further) - Terminal with new road layout - Domestic Wing (Remote Ramp for turboprops and Ground Equipment yard at the other side) - Aircraft Maintenance Hangar I - Primary Runway RWY05L/23R (09L/27R since i have no custom markings) - 3,872m - International Wing - Cargo Terminal & Control Tower - Private Aircraft ramp/hangar - Maintenance Hangar II - Secondary Runway RWY05R/23L - 3,200m - The new LCC Terminal (T2) - linked to the main terminal via tunnel. - Full layout (05L/23R's approach lights are on neighboring cities, its too long!) - Ending with a night view
  5. the tall building could be this one:
  6. thanks, another reason to redo the gates in my airport again 5/5
  7. four months into rebuilding the airport, added a new terminal: Izuna Kamui International Airport LCC Terminal (T2)
  8. I lost this RHW texture and i forgot the name, any help?
  9. MMP work in progress, this happened after watching a movie.
  10. a mix of Neko's (http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=887) and Kori's (http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=781)
  11. Miyamizu Airport finished within 24+ hours.