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  1. Pizza around midnight! Like it.
  2. Yeahh, let;s get the buildings!!! Amazing!
  3. Are the stations you are using are diagonally?
  4. He was clever, he was stubborn, he was uncompromising, but ... ... who is not? Clap your hands for his life.
  5. What a night!!
  6. Very good looking!!
  7. I can't wait for more!!
  8. Excelent city. I think that shadows below the bridge is a bug the game. It also happens with me.
  9. Two airports is need? Amazing City!!
  10. Congratularions, but one tran line is too close the other one.
  11. Amazing, i feel like a hunter in this place.
  12. In a hard work, for sure. Excellent works!
  13. Is there Oak Ridges?
  14. Man, great work. I really would like drive in this avenue. Look this height!!!
  15. I can't wait for more update. Amazing! Tip: try to put smooth curves in OWR after avenue.