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  1. The first version IMO is devoid of any interesting details or unique character, and I hated it for that. Of all my previous B62 uploads, this was the one I wanted to remake the most. In retrospect, it may have been the one lot that persuaded me to revisit everything (again).
  2. I think Lowe's was one of my lots most in need of a refresh. Looking back, I absolutely hate the old design. It just seems so empty and devoid of an interesting or unique character. Thus... Along with it comes a remake of the Lowe's Distribution Center. This one, however, has had minimal work done to it - besides a few small prop tweaks, the only major thing is new parking textures up front.
  3. I'd stick with the larger textures. In these industrial-type lots, I do not think too much of a concern should be placed with matching with the other (smaller) SHK+ hashes as they most likely will be used on a limited basis. The wider striping looks better overall IMO, especially when placed next to the semis. Even at zoom 4, I think the tight ones are a little hard on the eyes. For those reasons, I'd go with the wider textures.
  4. VW all around
  5. Love the story! Will definitely be going back to read through everything previously.
  6. @RRetail, @Evanjs ... Thanks. @DavidDHetzel ... I agree with you there. I will look into doing some of those eventually. I'm trying to work through all of the B62 stuff first, though. Out of all my previous uploads, the Red Roof Inn one had the least amount of work done to it: I only added a few more trees to the back of the lot.
    Each one has a very natural layout and the extra dependencies used work perfectly.
  7. CSS? I think the inverted truck parking looks a lot more natural right now. Nice.
    Initially, I was concerned about the scaling of the stones and concrete pavers, but after testing them out on the buildings I was surprised to find that they fit pretty well. Especially with larger (taller) buildings, the larger size works well; this is something that I think other texture packs tend to gloss over in favor of small patterns. I am not at all a fan of the grass & water textures, but the sand and "sand-like" textures also are pretty promising. Good job overall!
  8. Alfa Romero Montreal
    Great idea and great execution. I'm always impressed with those who can stitch together Maxis props to look cohesive as one, large structure. The only two things I'm not convinced of are the plop cost and monthly cost. I feel like a neutrino plant would have a massive construction cost and at least a small monthly cost to account for the employees. Other than that, it looks great and I will definitely be using it in my cities.
  9. Just popping in to say that this is what yall are looking for.
  10. Would it be too difficult to package stages 1-3, 4-5, and 6-7 together? That way, SPAM users could at least get some value out of it? Overall, I'm really excited to see what comes of this. Farms have been quite often left behind custom content-wise. Sure, there have been many custom I-A creations, but compared to R, C, and I-M + I-HT....
  11. Chevy Express
  12. Came across a few more thanks to browsing through recent STEX comments. And finally,