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  1. @ReshiramLover ... Before you leave a negative review, make sure you are using the lot correctly. You need to connect the pipes to the pump houses instead of the prop in the center of the lot that appears in underground view.Try this and see what happens... it worked for me.
  2. @RRetail ... Exactly as T Wrecks described.There are two separate lots meant to be placed adjacent to each other. @T Wrecks ... Thanks! You may be surprised that none of the lots come close to the threshold (~850 out of 1280 max objects). It's mostly for my convenience, as things really grind to a halt in PIMX when the object count rises above about 500.
  3. To see the full thing
  4. Just finished up the two versions of Sears Grand. Onto the service station mega pack next... Please click for full zoom 4 detail:
  5. Too true. Add in not enough time and it becomes the perfect mix. I am also nearing the end of all my B62 stuff ... I'm a little scared what might happen after that when I really have no goal.
  6. While we're on the topic of cows, you may be interested in xannepan's cow fauna. There's a few other farm animals too, if you're interested - sheep, pigs, etc.
  7. Volvo C303
  8. Yea technically you're right, but I never played that way. Sure I had a few cities where I legitimately tried to balance everything without "cheating" (I use that term lightly), but for the most part, I just wanted to build a good looking city. I'm sure you've seen players who plop their whole cities; that was me, but I looked for an easier way that would still give me huge variety. It turned out that demand modifiers were the answer. I could achieve basically unlimited growth, so I could focus on MMP and detailing. As for the RCI balance, it's kinda important and kinda not - nothing dramatic happens unless things get really out of whack: e.g. I have cities that functioned fine with 3x more C than R. Overall, I'd say the use of this (and similar) mods just come down to your playstyle. From what I've read above, you prefer the challenge of balancing everything; I prefer not to.
  9. Mercedes Metris
  10. As long as we're talking about the same mod, that's exactly what it should do. I really liked the flexibility of this mod to only max out certain RCI groups - the rest could be controlled on a city-by-city basis. Personally, I do not see what is so strange or surprising about it - it just maxes out demand for RCI groups. I used to use it all the time when playing because it allowed for nearly instantaneous growth when zoning and enabled high-rises to develop much quicker. E.g. for me it was a better system then plopping all of the buildings for the perfect city. As Cori mentioned above, a proper balance does need to be kept between R, C, & I, but with a little work and planning, its never really an issue.
  11. @MarkShot ... Then what editor are you using to create and edit the scripts? Personally, I've been using a bunch of *.txt files which have been changed to *.ahk. They're still openable and editable with Notepad, though.