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  1. My guide is kind of outdates so I had made it invisible. But maybe the info is still useful even if old, so now it's back up. Sorry for confusion.
  2. This is from a workshop theme from OWL, didn't do anything to it. It doesn't happen to other users, just me. So I'm guessing it's either something in my GPU or a mod conflict.
  3. Hello! I'm having trouble figuring out what is causing this issue: Before I start the drawn out process of manual debugging by elimination, which will take ages seeing as I have 150+ mods to sift through, I thought I'd seek help from the community first. The Map Theme is OWL's Mediterranean Alternative, but so far no one I've asked can reproduce the problem. Maybe I'm running out of VRAM? no idea. If anyone knows which mod is causing this, do let me know. Thank you in advance!
  4. Yeah but that's on Valve's end. This is from Paradox: " You hereby grant Paradox and its affiliates the nonexclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable, perpetual right to use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, transmit, broadcast, and otherwise communicate, publicly display and publicly perform your UGC, and derivative works of your UGC, in connection with the operation and promotion of the Game. " I suppose that doesn't give other users those rights, though. Still, I don't see how you can stop people from re-uploading content as long as they make even a minor modification to it, thus qualifying it as "derivative" work, unless you attach some draconian license to your content, which I haven't seen anyone do.
  5. Is there a way to just remove the actual ship but have "ghost" ships maybe?
  6. Regarding the DLC, coming back to topic, I think I'm also starting to change my mind as to the quality of it, although I still believe its a bit overpriced for 15 buildings. But the images boformer posted look very nice. Shame about the illumination issue. I also am not a fan of the overscaled roof textures. Maybe if they fix the LOD issue I might actually end up buying it, even if just to please my completionist impulses
  7. Those roads are so similar to SC4 streets it's uncanny! Are those from NExt?
  8. I have a request/idea if anyone is bored and looking for ideas for mods. I wish I knew how to make this myself but I don't so here goes: Improved Map Theme Editor / More Themefication I want to access the Map Theme Editor Panels while inside a city. How on earth am I supposed to edit/create road and building textures when I cant see roads and buildings? The oversights by CO when making their features are unbelievable. Also, why can't we pick a custom map to load into the Editor? Sigh. Anyway, it would be awesome if we could have Map Theme Editor Panels available inside a city, including Save Theme and Load Theme buttons so I can easily pick a good theme to use on current map without having to reload the city.... Something like More beautification where you press a button on toolbar an the Theme Editor Panels group pops up and lets you create/edit/save/load a theme right there and then. BAM! Awesome. Thanks in advance! Edit: Removed improved pause menu idea as I'm having a go at building that myself. Wish me luck
  9. Ok this is beyond the point of this thread but I was under the distinct impression that the new version of Skyrim is actually a separate game, we've been told we can still use our old, heavily modded version of Skyrim alongside the remaster. Coming back to the issue at hand; I agree that we should probably just not say anything, look the other way and carry on with life as usual
  10. Well that's embarrassing. Ha. I guess most of us are guilty of not having even read the EULA or conveniently forgotten about that very relevant part. I'm particularly perplexed by the prohibition to accept donations and the fact that they haven't enforced it at all, seeing as many of us do ask for donations on workshop and no one has raised an issue with it in all these months. Would be nice to hear officially from CO/Paradox what their stance is on that and why they aren't actively enforcing it. So yeah, thats the end of that
  11. If you need assistance with GUI stuff before October I can also lend a helping hand. I studied Ultimate Eyecandy's GUI code for my last project
  12. YES! I was just wishing for such a mod a couple of days ago, cursing myself for not knowing how to do it! Cannot wait to banish all vanilla trees from my cities.
  13. All hail MrMaison! Man, I can't give you enough praise. You've nailed it once again, absolutely awesome tree! I think I will give you a new nickname: Viridios, God of Vegetation! YEAH! lol
  14. The thing is, most of the money goes to Paradox/CO, the creator only gets a tiny fraction of it. I'm fairly sure they will limit the amount that can be made by the actual creator. I very highly doubt we'd see a rich Matt Crux even if this pack hypothetically sold 10 million copies. Apart from this, and even though I'm happy for Shroomblaze because I know how important this was for him motivationally, I'm not sure how much I like this whole idea.. Why? Because to me it just smells of favoritism, it has the potential to go down really wrong, for example I can't help but feel how modders are being snubbed once again (code modders). When our ideas get incorporated into the game, we get nothing in return, at times not even acknowledgement. Then they arbitrarily pick one from a pool of at least dozens of equally, if not more qualified asset creators(no offense Shroom) and do this expensive DLC. Yes, say what you like, 5 dollars for 15 buildings is expensive, no matter how long it takes to model 15 buildings. In this field, we don't charge by the hour, money is made from volume of sales, not from the intrinsic value of how much time we spent building something. If we charged by the hour then each video game would sell for thousands of dollars once you factor in how much work went into it. Instead you got a video game worth 28 dollars, or whatever it was, which surely took a lot more effort to create than making 5 x 15 buildings. If we want to help creators, just donate to them using their own donate buttons. Then they will get all the money, not Paradox/CO. But as we know, this just doesn't happen very often. Hell, it seems its even too much to ask for to press a Thumbs Up button for some people. Personally I dislike where this could potentially lead, very much. I would rather do as boformer suggested in his other thread and have modders/creators themselves come up with their own model of monetizing things, but that's also another pandora's box. I think the only thing we can do for now is wait and see how well the DLC sells and what they do going forward. I'm curious to see who they pick for their next one. Maybe there will be a backlash and they will stop, maybe they could involve the community and run polls to pick who to hire for content DLCs. There is a lot of potential in this, could go well, could go terribly wrong. They gotta be careful and do it right. And it's going to be very hard not to alienate all the top notch creators who will inevitably be left out of it. I just hope we won't see the workshop die as a result of this.
  15. I found a way to load any map into the theme editor and wrote a guide about it. Will try to implement it into a mod, but I fear I lack the knowledge for that, For now use this workaround if you need to do that. PS. Sorry for necroing this thread but I think this is something that interests many theme creators. Custom Maps in Map Theme Editor