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  1. Well this is the last dump of pics I'm going to post on this lot. Hopefully soon you will see it, up close in your cities... Pay attention and you will see even more props and scenes never seen before. So make sure your seat belt is on and your table is in the upright position.... RH30 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Simmer2/Nick
  2. Thank you! I try my best to make things as realistic as possible. As I go along building the lot, I create the models needed to fulfill the scenario. This is the North East corner, the water supply pond...done! RH25 2 3 4 Simmer2/Nick
  3. Wow! What a list!. It goes to show us that our beloved game is still very well alive and kicking! Well done. Simmer2
  4. This time I will show you another corner, the chem fluids supply shed with its own delivery track. Diesel fuel, de-greasers, cleaning solutions etc. etc. Four pics. Still have a few things to wrap up and then its coding time. 1 2 3 4 Simmer2/Nick
  5. @Tyberius06 Ah yes! I almost forgot about the abandoned station project! You will be the first one to test drive them once they are ready. 1 prop at the time... RH12 Simmer2
  6. @kingofsimcity As of this writing, it stands at a conservative 14X14. It may be bigger or smaller, depending where my flare for details takes me I can tell you this, beside the textures, almost all props will be custom made by me, as you have probably seen already, thus the time its taking to completion, is a bit longer than my usual. Prop pack 3, which will debut in unison with this lot, it will have dozens of new HD props for everyone to play with. Simmer2 PS. I may also take @MissVanleider suggestion for a more streamlined lot, in to consideration and release both at the same time.
  7. @ninetieskid217 I will dig up the model and see what I can do. Perhaps I will update this DL with a plain one. However keep in mind that I make my lots to suit my needs and then I share them with the community. Key word here is "share" as in "I don't get paid" for my work. So a simple "Would it be possible to make a model with no writings on it?" would have sufficed. Have a great one too. Simmer2
  8. Thanks guys! One corner at the time..... RH11 Simmer2/Nick
    I know a thing or two about making MMPs and this amount of them is just mind boggling!! I hope your fingers and wrist are ok after 1 million mouse clicks...
  9. @DavidDHetzel The upper ones are quad tanks closed hoppers. They carry caustic powder chemicals. Quite common. The lower section is a small parking yard, used to place wagons while the locomotives are being repaired. Simmer2
  10. Thank you! Next teaser.....still work in progress RH Simmer2
  11. @MissVanleider When you see the total picture you will understand the reason behind the size of the lot once completed. Shaving a couple of tiles will not really make a difference anyways, the roundhouse building is massive, for a reason Simmer2
    Love your drive by uploads...
  12. Thank you for your support Lots of new never seen props and textures will accompany this lot This is still very much work in progress but a teaser nonetheless.... RH Simmer2/Nick