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  1. Fantastic aerial shots!! It feels like I'm on a twin prop flying around and getting ready to do some crop dusting. Simmer2
  2. Very good suggestions everyone! @matias93 aye I'm aware, however her hard drive crashed a while ago and she lost a lot of finished work. I would also be devastated if something similar happened to me. It has now been almost a year since I started this project and I would not presume to push her any further therefore I will re-do what I can with my models and release the assembly. If @MushyMushy decides to restart this project and re-do those absolutely amazing models in the future then I will re-lot it all again and release a newer version. It would not be a big problem for me. Simmer2
  3. @Tyberius06 Way to go Tibi!! You really know how to make my lots shine! Simmer2
  4. @JP Schriefer I will do my best to deliver a top notch lot. Custom all the way baby Simmer2
  5. Just a reminder of projects to finish and release. This one, soon. You can still see cranes putting the assembly together. rt1
  6. @tigerbuilder That is just awesome!!! It will save a ton of work on my part. Vester was going to make mine into automata but this!! this is incredible! Would you mind posting on my thread over at SC4D what you posted here? Or if its ok I could mention your work over there. Let me know. @Hotwheeler Label hunting is now over. I finalized 50 all together, I think its enough for props. Thank you for the suggestion. Simmer2
    Nicely done!
  7. @Fantozzi Yes you can There is a trick...
  8. @Fantozzi Dang! I was working on something similar but model based so that it would include diagonals for perfect fit and with custom made shrubs and trees...oh well. Great set! I would create an MML like I did for my pipe set and drop it in the landmark menu but put the pieces in the park menu. They will only appear when you drop the MML. Simmer2
  9. @Silur Nope. @matias93 No but interesting guess nonetheless! @Fantozzi Dreams sometimes can come true....sometimes @T Wrecks Can't hide anything from you can't I It is Gustav's sister, Dora. I'm thinking to make it into museum showcase piece for a lot I have in mind. Simmer2
  10. @MissVanleider Very nice starting layout!
  11. @korver You never cease to amaze me!!
  12. @AsimPika3172 I should be able to squeeze at least one or 2 of those in my final pack. However I'm taking a bit of a break from making containers, so I dusted off an old fave of mine which I have been slowly making over the last few months. I do have the front section almost done. What I'm about to show you is part of something absolutely colossal that actually rode on rails. This is a small fraction of the assembly, what do you think it is? Simme2/Nick
  13. @DavidDHetzel I got CSX, CP rail and Tropical on the docks already
  14. @CT14 That is a great project to dabble in. Perhaps I will make the models and turn it in to a power plant for the game. *Simmer2 powers up the modelling computer*