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  1. Show us your railroads

    Waiting for clearance on the Cajon Pass Route in California.
  2. Modern Freight Cars Props

    Hello, It's been a long time since I posted here, but I have good news for you: I think this prop pack is already finished, and I might release it in a few days (still need to be tested and some minors details, such as a readme file, user's guide, etc). Now I want to ask you a favour, I need to test this pack to make sure it is safe to use (not causing CTD, or some other weird things), so, who wants to test it? Before you say "yes" to test it, please have in mind that this pack have around 3,300 props (that's why it took so long) so, it may slow loading times in game, depending on your computer.
  3. Modern Freight Cars Props

    Thank you everybody. I know that perfection doesn't exist, and I don't plan to reach it, I just want this prop pack to be as good as possible. I think it's almost ready, like 90% ready. I just need to export some models and test it, and if everything is going right, release it. @Krasner I was planning to make a few shunter locomotives, the american EMD SW series that @DavidDHetzel suggested, specially the SW1500, but that will take some time. It would be interesting making an european prop pack, something I've thinking these last weeks, but I don't know a lot about european trains but I will consider it.
  4. Modern Freight Cars Props

    I've modified the can bales. I modified the size and z axis position. I added more textures too. Also, I worked on the rusty scrap mesh, Now it has more angles: I think these look good, but, as always, I ask for your opinion.
  5. Modern Freight Cars Props

    @tigerbuilder I think this one will be the definitive load for now, I'll just work on the details that @Fantozzi pointed at. In fact I got stuck with this part (hopper and gondola loads) for months, so I decided to work on it just when everything else were finished. The first part of this prop pack is almost ready, so this is the last thing that I left pending: The gondola loads. I have 3 different loads for them: Aluminum can bales rust scrap metal mixed scrap metal So, what do you think?
  6. Show us your railroads

    @Talla 2XLC As DavidDHetzel said, those are props, something I'm working on. For automata, you can try Jesstar's set as CT14 says, and for locomotives, I like verster's automatas, he has a lot of locomotives and passenger cars from different eras. Here's the link: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_search_00.php?query=eyJjcmVhdG9yIjoiNDkiLCJleGNsdWRlX2xvY2tlZCI6IjEiLCJleGNsdWRlX25vdGNlcnQiOiIwIiwicXVlcnkiOiIifQ==
  7. Show us your railroads

    Somewhere in Florida. Juice Train!!! I had this idea while I was having breakfast this morning.
  8. Orange Juice Train!!!

    juice train.png

  9. Modern Freight Cars Props

    I've been working on the coal load shape for the bethgons. I like this one: Also, I worked on the textures. The loaded bethgon have a darker shade of gray than its unloaded version. The coal is darker too. What do you think?
  10. Show Us What You're Working On

    @Tyberius06 Wow, those docks are really amazing, nice work you have done there Is that VW plant based on a real building? I really loved it. About my prop pack, I really want to relase it now, it's almost done, but I still need to work on some minor details. I expect to relase it, if everything's going right, by the end of the next month, maybe. Meanwhile, a little bit of what I've been working on:
  11. Modern Freight Cars Props

    @CT14 I checked it at different zooms. here are the results These are all the zooms in which the cars are visible. They look ok to me, but if there are something odd with them, please tell me.
  12. Modern Freight Cars Props

    Thank you everyone. After doing some research, I found the shape of the coal load is determined by the loading process. The mounds freatured on the picture @DavidDHetzel posted are examples of mounds formed by modern loading process, in which, the coal is poured as the train is moving, leaving a very smooth, flat profile on the top of the load as shown on this picture. The mound showed on the car #1 is intended to simulate this loading process, although I need to work more the shape of the mound The irregular coal mounds are formed by older loading process where the train cars remained static as the coal was poured, or in process where the coal is loaded by heavy duty equipment, such as bulldozers: #2 is an example of a car loaded by one of these process. I think I could keep both, with #1 in bethgons and 100-ton 3 bay hoppers, while #2 will only appear in the 100-ton 3 bay coal hopper, but it's just an idea. The cars were "overfilled" on purpose to show the shape of the mounds. I will make them look less overfilled later. Also, I'll work on the textures, making them darker to resemble real coal.
  13. Modern Freight Cars Props

    Also, I worked on the coal loads for bethgons and coal hoppers. I have three candidates for it: A simple, smooth 3D gaussian distribution. A 3D irregular coal load. Again, a gaussian distribution, but this one with sharp edges. Which one looks better?
  14. Modern Freight Cars Props

    @T Wrecks Hahaha, I just want this mod to be accurate with the nowadays rolling stock found on the railroad tracks. @CT14 I thought it was an old design when I saw the wood panels. I don't think they run on the rails anymore. Thank you, I appreciate your knowledge on woodchip cars. @Silur Thank you, in this mod there are some weathered cars that you might like.
  15. Modern Freight Cars Props

    @CT14 I appreciate your help with this, thank you, around here we don't have a lot of wood industry. Are you refering to something like this? I notice the diagonal bars when I searched more info about the Gunderson woodchip gondola. I think too that the SP car probably doesn't have ridges or bars, so it should look like the first design I made, shown on some of the pictures of my previous post. Maybe I will include a few FMC Woodchip cars in a future update of this mod.