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  1. @kingleno Thanks for that, I was planning on making my own seats so I was waiting for those. Made a little restaurant, had some trouble importing it as the game kept crashing but it seems to work now. The scale is a bit off but I'm writing things down before the "real" import so I'll have that sorted when I want to actually publish. The building includes the trevis thing for the ivy, steps and railing and the parasols to the right, it's 542 tris on 512x1024 textures. The seats are props, comes as table and 2 seats and you can assemble them together as so, it's 143 tris on 128x256. Finally, my beautiful little salad bar prop that you barely see (might make it a 0.1 bigger) is 232 tris on 256x256. I'll probably make a food version using the same theme so that they can be lined up so you can design a makeshift food service area for festivals or what ever.
  2. Well, here it is! Really tried to put my mind to this one and I think it came out very nice. The building includes the porch and the awning and it's 513 tris at 512x1024 textures. I tried to make something interesting with the awning but it looks kind of weird so might have to tweak that or scrap that idea, don't worry if you can't see it. The ice cream fridge is a prop and I left it and all other props (tables and what not) out of the building so you can make your own design. It's 117 tris with 256x256 textures. This asset taught me quite a bit, I figured out how to properly reduce tri count in blender after import and fix pretty much all the weird issues I've had in the past.
  3. Ignoring the flipped normal.. 1kg of old cheddar you say? Of course monsieur.. Here's a little charcuterie I made today. It's jam packed with nutritious goodness at 243 tris with 512x512 textures. The cheese fridge is a separate prop that's 185 tri at 256x256. The ice cream version is coming as well ^___^
  4. Not sure how viable detail this tiny is really, unless you're extra zoomed in with the mod you can't really make it out. Scrapped the initial version and made these double ones that fill both the boxes on the table, they're 24 tris on a 64x64 texture. Made a stacked version of the crate which I think I should make a little bigger like the regular version even if it's unrealistic, just so you can see the detail better. Also a little dolly for carrying them around. Another little commercial joins the fight, 200 tris on 512x512 textures. The sign is kind of crappy but it's not like you're going to be zoomed in staring at these buildings while you play. I think detail is good where it's seen and these buildings are going to be cramped together and stuck between bigger buildings, not so distinguishable individually but coming together as a whole so I think this is good enough for this one. I wanted to make some better looking shops but the lack of semi transparency hurts and shop pictures aren't that great even though I'm constantly using them. That's why I'm trying to make this theme of small open air market decorations just so you can add some more liveliness around the town and make it look more alive. Have some fun things planned for the next posts.
  5. Made some props, I hope you guys like fish They're all 70-120 tris with 128x256 textures, the awning is at 234tris with 512x512. Couldn't get the styro box to look right, it's still too bright so might omit that one. The fish on the very left is a modular piece, I'm also going to make some vegetable versions of it so you can plop what ever you want on those tables and I should also increase the size just 1 more notch. I have stacked versions of the blue crate as well but I wasn't happy with it's plastic texture so I didn't want to make it too visible, I'll make stacked ones of the wooden crates instead as I'm also going to use those for vegetables.
  6. Turned out alright, hip hip huray! I left the bottom space on the left open for some fruit stalls but can't enable assets so you'll just have to imagine for now. 732 tris on a 512x1024 texture. This was the last one so now I can start on some new models, I had a special project planned so I might start on that.
  7. These last two are my favorites out of the lot so hopefully the next one also works without issue. This one is 436 tris on a 512x1024 texture. I can see the textures on the bottom faces of both the green and white wall are kind of smeared. The face sizes and uvs are all the same so I don't know why it's picking on the bottom ones specifically. I experimented a bit with roof decorations as well as shapes. The one on the left is just 2 rectangles lifted on the edge they meet, 8 faces and simple to arrange the uvs to make the textures look like they continue off one another. The one on the right is 4 edges meeting on an elevated point also with 8 faces but 2 of them have wonky uv shapes so the textures don't match perfectly. I think I'll prefer simpler roofs like the left one in the future and think up some decorations, also make some flat roofs as well. Although it doesn't look like it, all the previous roof textures were slightly different (the game loves to color them this weird color in the asset editor, this isn't their real color). This is a flat asphalt texture and looks so much better than the clay ones. I think the flat-ness of my textures is a little less alarming on smaller buildings like these so I might continue with this size for a while.
  8. Obligatory broken asset to bring you down right when you feel you're on a roll. 970 tris on a 512x1024 texture in all it's shitty glory. I know why those parts are broken, they have ngons and the game doesn't like it. I can go in and fiddle with it a bit later but I don't feel up to it atm. I want to draw your attention to something else. In the first image I'm up real close and just as I back off a meter or so you can see parts of the textures start to become blurred, I've marked the seams where they occur in pink. It's really visible on the concrete column, upper half is fine but the lower half is blurred. Basically when you're looking at it from a normal distance most of my textures are blurred depending on your angle and it looks extra bad, any idea why this is? It's not always on faces but it might have something to do with my cleanup. I merge triangular faces on the same plane (so same texture and "material" if you will) in Blender to form rectangles so I can manage them easier when mapping the UV, could this have something to do with the issue here? Could the game be reading them as separate and creating a blur to seam them together but ends up messing everything up? Apart from that, my texture work is very shitty compared to other assets and that's kind of brought me down. If someone can give me some advice, maybe a few tricks or just a general look or direction I should adopt I'd really appreciate it.
  9. Another little apartment this one is 874 tris with a 512x1024 texture. It's designed, if you could call it that, to be tucked between smaller 1-2 story buildings so that mostly the top part is showing. There's a little cafe at the top which I haven't decorated but you can imagine some tables and what not on the terrace could make it look pretty nice. I have an issue with the wooden railing part, it's a plane so as soon as you turn your head it stops showing. I've been told planes just act that way but when you make an alpha on a fence, that fence still shows from the other side so there may be some experimenting to trick the game into showing it. Would like to hear thoughts if someone knows already. I made a color variation on the green part to add some variety. Also the windows are a new experiment, the balcony I took from google and modified it but the windows I made myself. Haven't figured out the nightlights fully, they don't look so great and the cafe window specially looks like it's turned greyscale and then illuminated afterwards. Is there a way to preserve window objects in the nightlight, a setting someone knows? I'm still experimenting obviously and don't really know what I'm doing.
  10. Little apartment complex 1162 tris, 1024x1024 textures. I'm happy with the result and I can already see a bunch of things I can do better next time. First there are small faults here and there that will be corrected like the normals on some windows, specially that balcony where I did it fast and didn't want to put 40 boxes with pixel perfect accuracy. The model is also missing seam elements to mark the places where two textures or buildings meet, it looks kind of flat and awkward when there's no transition. This looks weird at the two doors for example. While modelling you can see they're two separate buildings but when the texture goes on and there's no transition element it looks kind of odd. I'm not happy with the windows either . I think I need to take one day and just make some window textures myself as I haven't seen any proper ones yet, they're all real life windows with shadows or slanted models which is not only annoying to work with but ugly as well. Finally I need to learn how to make a big face with windows on it for these kinds of buildings or just leave a lot of space in the diffuse for window variations because the night lights look pretty bad. All those faults aside I'm still happy with the result, there are lots of little elements and ideas in this that I can use for future models.
  11. My main reason to check out Blender was to see if I could make sense of it now that I have a better understanding of things thanks to that introductory to 3DS Max before I commit to anything. It did make sense and I made that previous building in it but it took 2 days of modelling. Slow modelling that was frustrating and the asset turned out a bit broken to boot. With sketchup I can make 3-4 proper models a day without rushing anything and have fun while doing it (feels fun vs feeling like work) so I think I'll stick to it. I sorted out the issue as well. Basically saving as sketch8 breaks the model, exporting as fbx breaks the model, it needs to be .dae or it doesn't work. The export from blender also has to be .dae. I'll be doing modelling on Sketchup and exporting to Blender for UVs since there I can take some time to clean up the model without too much hassle and then map it. I also figured out some extra things I can do in Sketchup to lessen the hassle of cleanup where I draw out some triangles to force it to triangulate faces the way I want rather than letting the export do it and mess every thing up. There's still a lot of kinks but hopefully I'll get the hang of it. Anyhow, I made 5 models and I'm texturing them now so here's the first one, a little house. I think this will fit into the collection I have in mind to publish so I'll revisit this later to change a few things, add lod and color variation and make it ready. Some details are a bit flat so I may revisit them and adjust the normals on those textures as it's already sitting at 436 tris.
  12. @wasaki Thanks! Don't know if they're awesome but I'm hoping to get there one day @kingleno Thanks, I watched some of your videos they're what gave me the confidence to start with it. Computer says no... Tore out half my hair and learned a bit of Blender. Can't model to my liking just yet but I learned the UV mapping. It's a double edged sword compared with the 3ds mapping. On one hand you can mass select all the shitty little face pieces, throw them onto the UV map and mass scale them so they are the same resolution. Hitting E even maps the faces according to how they appear on the model so I don't have to micro align them so textures have continuation from one face to the other. On the other hand scaling is global and to stretch a corner you need to select the vertex or edge one by one, or snap scale to an axis which will do it both ways. Definitely faster than 3ds but I'm not sure, maybe when I get used to it I'll like it more. So I noticed that exporting from sketchup is the issue even though my first couple of assets are somehow fine. Apparently the program inserts a hidden vertex somewhere into the model when exporting that breaks the model for unity. There's a way to not have it do that which is to use the CS add on which removes it but then it exports is as ASCII which blender doesn't want to open, meaning you gotta do the uv mapping in sketchup with roadkill which is apparently a P.O.S. so yeah.. no thanks. I went ahead and UV mapped the next model for 2 hours and the game still shows the same problem, even though the un-mapped version was fine. No idea, perhaps someone has run into this issue before and can help me. Anyhow here's what it was supposed to look like (took the pic on the max model since the blender import was a bit broken) Next one will be Blender made so it might take a couple of days... "I just want to make a damn box, not the next Pixar movie" - A wise man
  13. @Tim The Terrible I can see the file but the picture is blank, changing the scale doesn't affect it though. I tried 999 and flipped all the buttons and nothing, also if I click more than 2 assets it crashes is this just how it is even with -noworkshop? I've done everything exactly the same as the previous ones and there aren't any options for export. My guess is somewhere along the line opening and closing programs 3ds changed an option and now it's not exporting it properly. Just tried with the final model and it's doing the same thing.
  14. This one's a bit of a disaster. Sketchup's flaws starting to show early in our relationship.. You measure 5cm, the program has a smart track system that automatically snaps you into place, it's 5cm "I promise". The tracking even tells you "on edge", further guaranteeing your vertex is at a 90 degree angle with color codes. But no, when you export it (in 2008 mode cause it's x10 more funky on regular export) everything it just told you was fake and only a method of viewing that model in sketchup, that vertex actually sits 0.01cm to a side and forms into 7 triangles or some bullshit IRL. Then max has 0 feedback or tooltips so I have no idea why it doesn't connect my vertices and what not, it only works when everything is on the same plane. I don't like using cut either because there's no pressing shift to snap it or anything like in 99% of any program ever made, you gotta eyeball it and then form it into a group and then slide them together and then ... why? Why even bother.. It probably has every function I could've ever wanted but they're all hidden under the interface in a bunch of menus. I have 2 more models to texture and then I'm giving blender another shot, simply because "press F" and all your problems go away, even though everything else is out to eat you and very hungry. I don't know why this asset turned out so terrible but everything is off and I just rushed it out to get it over with, I can see some of my UV scaling on the right side wall is off but I won't bother. The balcony is broken because of what I mentioned earlier and you can see some of that funkyness on the 2nd story door if you look closely. I matched the texture to camouflage it but it's there. More pressing matter, I worked pretty hard on another one and I'm really excited to show that one but the game doesn't recognize it. I've done everything, exporting using all the different buttons, just using the model and none of the other maps, it just appears empty in the asset editor, I looked this up and there's some threads but no answers, does anyone know what the issue is?