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    I loved JBSimio's banks, glad to see you relot them.
    the first and last lots are ok, but the middle one feels super rushed.
  1. @Arn71 where'd you get that?
  2. West Fenwick Warehousing
  3. Lot I'm working on, Working name is "Sherwood's Forest Products" (Any clue how to fix the textures?)
  4. Japan, where else? Here's West Fenwick
  5. @mattb325 I popped hima message Via YT last night, so maybe he'll see it. Also I just realized that those billboard lots he made were growable!
  6. great Small town Post office! but....why is it a growable? :V
  7. More Milwahkhe Trains!
    my one comment would be, I'd go for tree props on the back, rather than actual plants like your using. Other than that its great.!
  8. Found this video randomly It sucks some of these may never see the light, especially the Indoor storage facility, the billboards, and the plastics factory which I think may be the best representation of a generic American factory I've seen.
  9. Love this building,. I found it on a Japanse site, and it's based of the I-HT building from the first SimCity.
  10. Did a little more work on Grog Pond. The High School Also SE Milwahkhe Includes Middlebrook University