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  1. I like it! Although that McDonalds looks out of place
  2. Very nicely done! @Seraf , do you have anything else in the pipeline?
  3. Very nicely done, though you should consider investing in a slope mod. Roads look really steep
  4. Probably should have condensed the last 5 or 6 updates into one big update.
  5. That looks like an amazing hi end industrial buildign!
    really nice building, looks very postmodern! 5/5
  6. Teufort, New Mexico?
    5 ***** Model but 4**** Lot. My only real complaint is that the lot should probably be 8x3 not 8x2, the lot as it is look barren (Although I get why it does)
  7. @harryloko20 That looks like something made by Moonlight or NKT, but I can't seem to find it on either persons site, it might be Polish though. Paging @Yarahi
  8. @IDS2 @madhatter106, It's even worse when your like me and your plugins mix together in a way that CO grows automatically from the start But yeah, I'd love to see small offices that compete w/ the King Design and Morello Buildings of the world.
  9. @Bipin what is that round yellow building next to the Aldi?
  10. You're missing a texture. it's Footballtextures.dat
    Good concept, maybe a lil rough around the edges, but I like where its going.
  11. Roof really fits in with the stuff Cycledogg has been putting out lately.
  12. So here's another group of BaT requests. mainly small town W2W stuff. Before anyone freaks out, please note I am posting these as suggestions and not requests. I don't care if none or all of them get made. Candler Art Gallery - Camrose, Alberta Pizza Ranch - LeMars, IA / Emporia, KS / Brookings,SD Bank of The West - Lamoni, IA Sears - Great Bend, KS Elena's - Erskine, MN Northern Exposure - Walker,MN Scratchtown Brewery - Ord, NE Raton FD, Raton, NM Edna's - Hettinger, ND Wallauers Paint, Yonkers, NY Starbucks Rye, NY Autoworks, Bronx, NY AIMBank, Miami,TX Ben's - Cotulla,TX City Hall - Gilmer,TX / Schulenberg, TX Hallmark - LaGrane,TX (yes that one) Western Auto - Snyder,TX Texas Theatre - Shamrock,TX Venison World - Edon, TX