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  1. @GoKingsGo I really hope you consider releasing the custom content you've made for this blog!
  2. @tigerbuilder nice!
  3. @Bipin a whistle park can't be any more crazy than Peg's 'tude park. ;P
  4. Hey @Simmer2, Since ya got the CN Trailer why not add some more of the "Rail Only" Container people. Like CSX CP J.B. Hunt and Swift Canadian Tire EDIT: Also surprised TROPICAL hasn't been done yet.
  5. Trust me @Evanjs, you don't want them, their really primitive solid color buildings from BATs early days. @RRetail Not feeling that shopping center. you got a 70s style strip mall, a 80s style grocery store, a 90s style drug store a 00s retailer and a 10s Burger King. It doesn't flow well together. :/
  6. @Simmer2 Here's a couple other ones. ZIM Cronos MOL
  7. The Esso / Petro Canada / Texaco Stations in here are good enough to be redone. Maybe the Fry's and Safeway if your into something bigger.
    Cool Stadium, looks like a larger on Campus College Stadium. One thing that bugs me though is the field looks undersized. Take a look at the default Soccer field and try and base your field size off of that.
    This will go great next to @nos.17's Wawa Car Show Lot!
    Very nice, lots might need some touch-up, but fine buildings and a modern Fast food joint! (more info on the Xannepan lots would be great)
  8. @JP Schriefer you could always put a small parking lot on the side. Since there is one (sort of) on the prototype. Huh? Which one is that? The Phoenix one? I don't really go to that part of town often enough otherwise I'd help ya'out more.
  9. Where can I find the white building w/ the squares on its roof.
  10. I think I found a very close ReaL world counter to your Roundhouse Lot - https://www.google.com/maps/@44.8146697,-73.086587,252m/data=!3m1!1e3
  11. Breakbot dropped a new Track this morning and now I'm hyped!
    Another quality build by @Diego Del Llano! (I'd love to see what you could do with non skyscrapers though )