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    5x5 is even more uncommon in my mind especially when it comes to custom content. As for the building they're amazing and some of your best work, and the fact they came out at the time CS was at its lowest point in the STEX I think these are a worthy addition.
  1. Reminds me of this
    Neat idea, but man, this building didn't age well. :/
    Zero7 was a very underated BAT, his texture work here shows why he should be on the pantheon of amazing BATers.
  2. @T Wrecks / @madhatter106 honestly I wouldn't care, any Suburban Commerical is good in my book. Do what ya'll feel like. As for the Super Markets, you might be able to fit a smaller one in a 6x6, but my big concern would be how to fit in a realistic amount of parking.
  3. @madhatter106. To be fair that wasn't directly directed at you. the point of that post was more or less, there's been a complete lack of low level suburban commercial buildings in recent STEX history. Yes, but if there's no newer building, it won't be a time capsule. So far only really new commercial rebrands out there are McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, and KFC. (There area few others from back in the day (mid 2000s) that do look updated too) I mean I'd love a Cowboy Hat Arby's next to a shiny new McDonalds or a Western Auto to go alongside a shiny new Advance Auto, so I'm entirely ok w/ the idea your mentioning. But the idea of a "Time Capsule" only works if there are newer version of the building available.
  4. could you NOT boss around the content creator? at least offer suggestion, not demand him to do stuff like you keep doing in here.
  5. I really have been tempted to post an editorial piece on the lack of CS content on the STEX lately, so I'm glad to see this lot come to fruition. As for Jmeyers and Goober, yes they have good models but there are two inherent problems w/ their works. A.) Age and b.) the Lots When I say age, what I mean is; the buildings that they built were representative of the time in which they were made so most buildings are at least in design 10 years old since most of there work was from the early 00s. A lot of major retailers have since updated their looks in the last 10 years, only a handful have ended up in game, even some of Goobers newer works like O'Charley's has rebranded since he made that building. Also a lot of the actuall Lots and buildings were designed for 6x6 growables and plop lots were a mere after though. Now a days Plop lots are the common meta as people move towards a more detailed micomanaged style in which unlimited money cheats allow them to plop every last detail into their cities w/o any monetary reprocussions. So now we're dealing with lots that come off as massively undersized. In short, I think we need more modernized commercial service and retail lots, I'm glad @kingofsimcity and @RRetail are working to fix the second problem I listed, but reelly we need more fresh commercial retail! Hopefully your work will spark more people into BATing commercial retail instead of the dime a dozen skyscrapers we're getting on the STEX right now. Cheers! David H
    I can tell @Ceafus 88, that this was one of your earlier works. Hopefully we can see a nice newer verson ofthis sometime in the future.
  6. yes! We need small commercial! edit: Random idea, but I think you should make a vaping store.
    Great model, but it looks slightly undersized when compared to the building next to it. 4/5
  7. @Simmer2 ah, must be a european thing. Most i've seen either have ribbed or curved sides like these two.
  8. @nos.17, have you thought about redo-ing @pierrebaptiste's lots? Most of them need a LOT of work (Heck most of his retail lots are education for some reason.)
  9. @Simmer2Question, What kind of hoppers are those? They don't look like any American Prototype I've seen? Also now that Vester released his GEVO engines as props, why not have 2 or more locomotives on a train?
  10. you can always learn to use Lot Editor and do it yourself. Also @RRetail glad you found those Hardees/Carl's Jr lots, those things were pretty obscure.