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  1. Polois, Metzú Republic Polois Suburbs
  2. Polois, Metzú Republic Parque del Suspiro. Playa de la Mandioca.
  3. Article #10 - "Polois: Cultural Center of Metzú" Polois is an important cultural and touristic center of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 40 Km of Yuti (capital city), 78 Km of Costa Laga and 157 Km of Xá. Is one of the best preserved cities in Metzú. That's why it has great historical value. Has great avenues, a lot of parks and strong environmental policies. Polois is the place with the highest education rate per capita in this country, because it has a lot of museums, high grade institutes. Founded in 1860 by spanish and refounded by french people in 1868, marked the city's architecture. Polois is a great place to know History of our nation and our origin. Full Map Population: 22.760 Metropolitan Area: N/A Main Activites: Tourism, Agricultural activities A Polois Trip... 1. Polois Downtown. 2. Casco Histórico de Polois (Historical neighbourhood). Avenida de la Reconciliación. Plaza Fundación & Plaza de la Nación (at centre). Museo Nacional de Historia de Polois (at the bottom). 3. Casco Histórico de Polois. 4. Avenida de la Costa. Playa del Centro. 5. Suburbs. 6. Avenida de los Fundadores. 7. Avenida de los Fundadores. Instituto de Enseñanza Superior de Polois (High School Institute) 8. Avenida de los Fundadores. This avenue separates two different architectural styles. 9. Barrio Nuevo (neighbourhood). A mix of new and old buildings. 10. Torre Alaskar (the tallest building in Polois). Parque del Suspiro. Playa de la Mandioca. 11. Playa de la Mandioca. 12. Parque de los Retoños. 13. Barrio Nuevo. 14. Polois Infrastructure. 15. Playa del Centro. 16. Downtown at night. 17. Parque del Suspiro. Playa de la Mandioca. 9:45 p.m 18. Avenida de los Fundadores. 8:11 p.m We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  4. Ciudad de Polois - Metzú Republic Population: over 22.000 Avenida de los Fundadores - Ciudad de Polois, Metzú Republic NOW in Metzú Republic!
  5. Pronto Durazno, Metzú Republic Population: Over 13.000 Playa de las Marianas - Pronto Durazno, Metzú Republic More of Pronto Durazno: Diagonal de las Tiendas Coming soon in Metzú Republic
  6. Villa Hermosa, Metzú Republic Population: 22.766
  7. Yuti (Capital city), Metzú Republic More of Yuti: Diagonal Angosta ~ Barrio de la Costa ~ Downtown
  8. Serenísima Costa de Laga, Metzú Republic Casco Histórico de Laga - Costa Laga, Metzú Republic
  9. Article #9 - "Costa Laga: Beaches and relax" Costa Laga or Serenísima Costa de Laga is an important touristic centre of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 19 Km of Pronto Durazno (a little city), 120 Km of Yuti (capital city) and 94 Km of Villa Hermosa. Founded in 1785, was the first spanish colony in Metzú. The main acitivity of this town is Tourism. It has beautiful beaches of white sands. Costa Laga has a little but modern airport called Francisco de Laga International Airport. Costa de Laga ows great parks where perform a lot of activities like sports. Anyway, another interesing and peculiar point to visit in Metzú. Full Map Population: 4.816 Metropolitan Area: N/A Main Activities: Tourism Visiting Laga... 1. Downtown. Av. Libertador. 2. Playa de Laga. 3. Diagonal Cervantes. Casco Histórico de Laga (historic neighbourhood). 4. Diagonal Cervantes (road to airport). 5. Parque del Monte. An important park of Costa Laga. 6. Playa Monserrates at 4:00 p.m. 7. Playa Monserrates again. 8. Playa de Laga. Entrance 9. Francisco de Laga International Airport. View from the mountains. 10. The airport dynamic. 11. Serenísima Costa de Laga. A general view. 12. Downtown at night. 13. Casco Histórico de Laga. Midnight. 14. Francisco de Laga International Airport. 9:47 p.m. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  10. For content like this, SC4 still alive. A sublime work. Particularly, I liked a lot the Beagle Channel.
  11. Sir Laga Airport - Costa Laga, Metzú Republic (map)
  12. Metzú Republic Interesting points: Yuti (Capital city, in progress) Wainor (Modern city and important financial centre) Krupó (Industrial city, a lot of NY architecture) Jalai (Touristic city)
  13. Pronto Durazno, Metzú Republic Population: 12.455 Diagonal de las Tiendas - Pronto Durazno, Metzú Republic More of Pronto Durazno: Playas de las Marianas
  14. Wainor City, Metzú Republic Population: 52.351 Wainor Downtown - Wainor, Metzú Republic Wainor Downtown and seashore at midnight - Wainor, Metzú Republic
  15. Nueva República International Airport - Xá, Metzú Republic Renewal Project. Nueva República International Airport is the biggest airport of Metzú Republic. The national government, with participation of Xá government, invested a lot of money to improve the infrastructure of this important building. Were built new roads, new train stations, new parking places, to expand the capacity and comfort of our travellers. Before the project