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    The love playing The Sims, Sim City 4, Citie Skylines, GTA IV GTA V, love to walk.

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  1. @DavidDHetzel if I fine it I'll let you know.
  2. What about that Hardee's in the forsaken file?
  3. So happy to see a truck stop much needed. Can't wait till see it all down thanks so much.
  4. The red and tan one, some what new one.
  5. Where is that Burger King from? Also there's a McDonald's you could used on the Chinese website.
  6. Could you try the dollar tree and tjmaxx please?
  7. Looks great but I would like to request on the shopping center relot could you do maybe two different lot sizes with different buildings other then the food lion.
  8. Looks great most of them need bigger lots. Could you if possible make two versions some with Perhaps parking garage with small lots for more downtown areas. Thanks for doing these anyways and thanks for all you're relot now and to come.
  9. I found it thanks so much. It a chilis by jawoods
  10. Do you know where I can find it please?
  11. Looks good but can I ask what am that green building on the Second one pictures?
  12. Anyone know where I can fine this at?
  13. Looking great.
  14. Looks great