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    The love playing The Sims, Sim City 4, Citie Skylines, GTA IV GTA V, love to walk.

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  1. Looks great
  2. Sorry not meaning to. lol don't mean to act so bossy. My bad.... I try to say please and all that sometime but Usually I'm at work when I comment this.... I will try and say please and all more. Sorry David
  3. With the Waffle House can you add more parking? And if possible ad the Waffle House sign.
  4. What about lbt gas pack?
  5. Ok thanks can't wait...
  6. Great lot that need new relots. Could you add the signs that go with the lots please?
  7. Maybe you could do the othe cvs on here. I
  8. Ok.... thanks anyways....
  9. There's this lot somewheres also well. This is also a simgoober lot.
  10. Nothing look bad I was say bad as* I a nicer way that why I said bad butt....
  11. Looks bad butt..... great work
  12. Ok will do!
  13. Yes need a dollar general! Could you do maybe a newer looking family dollar also?
  14. Costco need a relot so bad thanks!!!! What about a Walmart shopping center?
  15. I have another list of restaurants if you wanna do pack 3