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  1. First one is from the Maxis Renewals;
  2. You want @Follarch version PS: That took literaly 2 secs when using the google site:community.simtropolis.com/files/ search PPS: merged your posts
  3. How complicated will you make this? personally don't use everything from BSC, and the original chain proves sometimes to be way to intricate. (Case in Point; Jardin Independecia)
  4. You may be thinking of Buddybud's work. You even asked about it a few years ago too. Sadly he never finished the set, and he hasn't been online for many years either
  5. Actually. No need to worry about it. Realised that I have most of what i wanted, and the rest i will try to "recreate" myelf
  6. @nos.17 Y'know, when I saw MissV's request, I thought this might be a solution.. However, long way from thought to suggestion... glad you have already jumped on it Are you going to do other sets by him as well?
  7. It's an effect prop called "missile launch" - ID 0x2a6cfc795
  8. (↑ I have a freight station similar to this that has the same error.. no link though) (↑ I get two versions of this; one with walls around the outside of the lot and railtracks on side of the station <-- works as intended , one lot with some kind of road textures on the side <-- does not get overridden) (↑ Cattle loading station)
  9. It will have an installer! In fact that is the point of which we last got any update on developement. See @catty-cb comment here;
  10. Translate the text right above that picture, and you'll find the following sentence; ...making me think this an early version of the JRP Suburban Canals You could try to send a polite PM to Heblem about his rocks.. He is still active around the community (last logged in to ST about a week ago) They are from Kevdan's Mega Prop; http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1212 and Warning; these are dependency packs! Other buildings in your city may need these files to function! Be careful if you remove these files!!
  11. What about the "rail to bulldose"- trick?
  12. For OWR it's also possible to remove half of the Avenue and connect the remaining stub (right?)
  13. Could this be the lot you were thinking of? http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/12456-el-paso-hotel/ (yes, I know I'm waaaaayyy late with this)
  14. I see a Convention Center
  15. Don't think any has been made. But check out Girafe's content - maybe you'll find something similar looking