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  1. More varied cars as someone mention and make the cars go a little bit faster as the now they go quite slow, other than that its amazing. Keep it up. Can i ask also is this going to be browser based only or will we see a windows version?
  2. Its not about whats better or that its about which you enjoy most.
  3. Is this normal in my game the cars etc go way too fast, how can i slow them down?
  4. Its fine, my linx 7 does what i need it for, which is playing FM15, tropico 5 and my browsing needs, im not so bothered about cs but it would have been a bonus, im happy to stick with sc for now, i just thought as sc needed 4gb ram and i can play on my linx 7 thst cs would work but i guess not.
  5. Thanks for that, is simcity 2013 really bad as it seems i need to stick with it.
  6. Ive got sim city 5 on my linx 7 tablet running 8.1 and it play fines with low settings can i run cs based on that i can play sc5, i say this as i plan to buy as peple say sc5 is crap, aldo to say its 32bit.
  7. Thanks for that
  8. Hi i downloaded a car mod(Ferrari) and i was just wondering does this replace certain cars in game or does this add to the tally of cars in game ? I mean like say bus stops for example ive downloaded 4 bus stop mods and in game they add to the bus stops i have so i have more stops.
  9. Thanks very much all really helpful as you may know or may not villages don't have like shops but only like a few probs about a max of 7 and no industrial, would i still need to place both tho i know might need to place maybe a little commercial zone to make about 5 shops...
  10. Hi i was wondering i don't wanna build a city i wanna build like a county like cumbria(england) example with villages is this possible as i think you can only build cities...
  11. Think og championship manager 01/02 alot of people still play it and theres a forum dedicated to it but eidos released it free, so ea should not be greedy and make sc4 open source altho you would have more chance of winning the lottery than getting sc4 open source, tho ea should look at it and say well theres bugs in and stuff that can be tweaked so why not make it open source for others to work on, because at the end of the day maxis is working on the new sc and sc4 will still remain with the problems which persist.
  12. its not fake its the cryengine 3 created by crytek just that it aint going to be used in future sim city games
  13. yeah me got it aswell what a fantastic deal, if only we had more deals like this lol
  14. on that note if ur gona moan, moan at the the people who upload songs to youtube which they don't own (Copyright)...