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  1. Nice and tiny Template good for new mod authors. 
  2.   it´s not working, i installed as suggested, but it takes no effect. The Mod is enabled i see the camera symbol but i see no difference to the normal view when following a citizens. The problem is when i activate the tab button its zoomed out       Have you windows or are other system?
  3. Look at the Topright and you can find a new camera button for configuration, to enter the mode itself, press Tab. And thank you for your Feedback
  4. Version


    Map of Föhr and a little bit from Westerland (Nordsee/North Sea)     Have fun with this Map!  Greets Neo
  5.   Hi, in the Mod description you can now find a installation instruction. The Mod must be Installed into a subdirectory (.../Mods/YourFolderName/STGCamera.dll) 
  6. Version 1.1


    See your City from the Eyes of your Citizen based of AlexanderDzhoganov FPSCamera, all Credits to him!     Click on the new Camera button in the Topright to open the Configuration.   Controls:   Scrollwheel Up/Down - In/Decrease sprint speed W - forward  S - back  A - left  D - right  Q - down  E - up   Configurable Controls: Tab - Switch to STG Cam and back to normal Left Shift - Sprint   Installation: The Mod must be Installed into a subdirectory (.../Mods/YourFolderName/STGCamera.dll)      Source: https://github.com/neocromicon/Skylines-FPSCamera   Greets neo