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  1. Sorry about that my head was elsewhere at the moment. I knew it was a rail station. Just my mind was elsewhere. As usual!
    As always Great stuff! Need more rail stations so this is a big plus!
  2. ok everyone we need to bug @Simmer2 to clean up his hard drive so we can get more GREAT stuff!!
  3. Just one question what are the specs on this station? Specifically train cap.
  4. Where did you get the roundhouse?
  5. A big waste of time! Won't work! 0 stars!
  6. I for one can attest to that what rsc204 just said. I have tried that on a few occasions and just couldn't achieve what I was attempting. The odds of you getting what you or I or anybody else are trying to accomplish is pretty thin at best. I tried enough that I just manage to get very frustrated and I go and blow up a city just because I can!
  7. Thanks Nos.17! At this point I would have to agree with you and pretty much everyone that a res.community really should be more like a modulated puzzle. I always create my lots using a "Working" plugins. Nothing in it except for what I absolutely need to create the content. Then check it, then move to my "Playing" plugins. Makes for less problems with PIM-X and Ilive reader. Since TEing the lots will not be able to control the density of the traffic then I will just opt for static timed vehicles. I played around last night with different sizes of lots and figured out much larger than 7x7 starts to get laggy, so like it seems 6x6 and below is the optimum size. So making it module is the way to go. Also I plan on making it low density and keeping the houses in the mid class. Probably single level and a few second levels like ranches and the such. Don't want them to grow to a point that my idea of a community. When you get them growing to a point that you have high end housing mixed in with the lower it gets to look kinda crummy. So I will suggest to all to set historical so that don't happen.
  8. Great rsc204! Some great advice there. I use make historical in all my cities once I get them going. In the case of a res. community you'd more than likely want to use that option. Low density I agree with you would be the way to go in this case. I just had a thought, is it advisable/possible to TE something like this? If so is there a way to control the traffic that enters each lot? I know you can set it for the kind like trucks and the such. Just don't know if I can control the density of the traffic.
  9. Thanks! That gives me some insight as what I can get away with . It may be a couple of weeks or so before I start lotting it. Real life and actually playing has gotten in the way of my lotting right now. What Corinamarie suggested is inline as to what I was thinking as a layout. As a modular/puzzle piece set is a good idea, but not sure as to how to mod something like that and get it to work/grow correctly. So if I go that route I probably will be picking all your brains! Anymore ideas will be appreciated! Thanks again!
  10. Oh well I can work with the MHW to rhw transition. But that sucks for el-rail. I will just have to run them around the hills.
  11. Thanks I might give that a go and see how that works. Thanks! I didn't think about an interchange. I've been trying to use them as much as I can just to get a little better at building them. Oh by the way is the El-Rail have the same limitation as RHW with tunnels? Been trying to run a El-Rail through but only allow going over which kinda looks silly at best.
  12. thanks Tarkus! At least now I can stop punishing myself! Thanks Matias93! Tried that and it seems to be a problem because for the one ways to line up they have to be one tile separation between the two runs which makes it even more of a mess to transition back to RHW 6. So I guess I will use MHW through and transition to RHW 6. It seems I can transition MHW to RHW.
  13. Hey, ok for some reason not sure as to why or if it can be done, but I have for the first time trying to run rhw-6 through a hill. It will only allow to go over not through. It only carves out the hill producing a slice through the hill. Is there a way to force the subject? I did figure I can run MHW through as a tunnel then transition from MHW to rhw 4 then back to rhw 6. But was looking for cleaner way to do it.
  14. Hi Guys and Gals I'm considering on creating a couple of lots. Right now just in the initial planning stage. I have a few questions for all of you like good idea or if it's even possible. Not sure if even I create them if I will upload them or not, that depends on how they work out. OK What I'm planning: they will be residential growable lots that are residential communities. I know you can't make ploppable residential lots that work for long anyway. I'm not sure as the size of the lots at the moment probably NOT small. I'm guessing right now there will be anywhere from 12-24 homes on them. More than likely R$ and R$$. Single and two story type homes. Anyone that wants to chime in to tell me to run away fast or give me any pointers please do. Now for the questions that I have at this moment: 1. Is this idea possible? As in getting the lot modded to work like a real residential community. If so then how difficult? Beginner, novice, pro? 2. I assume I would start out with a blank bldg? I see blank models available in PIM-X, is there a certain blank I would need to use? 3. How big of a lot can I create in PIM-X? 4. If I create them I would at the moment keep them to myself except for one or two beta testers. So would this be something that people would like to see? So let me know what you all think!