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    Great Work as always!! We bow to your greatness! (as a lotter anyway)
    @mattb325 You are an awesome batter! 5 Stars +1000000
  1. Can we say Lotgasm!
  2. @Simmer2 Hmmmm, I don't suppose......... Maybe upload it? Would love to have a set like this.
  3. Sooooo Coooool!!! Can't wait for it to be released!!! Got my vote!! Whoopie! (can you tell i'm Xstatic!)
  4. OK GREAT! Thanks!
  5. On the barns and noble lot there might be a problem. As the dependencies for it are dead and doing a search comes up with nothing.
  6. I like it! I do see what you mean about the diag. I wish I could help but I'm a noob when it comes to lotting. But I would love to use your retaining walls when you get them complete! Good (Great work) anyway!!
  7. Sorry about that my head was elsewhere at the moment. I knew it was a rail station. Just my mind was elsewhere. As usual!
    As always Great stuff! Need more rail stations so this is a big plus!
  8. ok everyone we need to bug @Simmer2 to clean up his hard drive so we can get more GREAT stuff!!
  9. Just one question what are the specs on this station? Specifically train cap.
  10. Where did you get the roundhouse?
  11. A big waste of time! Won't work! 0 stars!
  12. I for one can attest to that what rsc204 just said. I have tried that on a few occasions and just couldn't achieve what I was attempting. The odds of you getting what you or I or anybody else are trying to accomplish is pretty thin at best. I tried enough that I just manage to get very frustrated and I go and blow up a city just because I can!