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  1. However that might come out, the folks who play the game win!
  2. I see small town North America, specifically the New England or Maritime Provinces region. But maybe that's just what I want to see. David
  3. The red cedar, which is actually a juniper tree, is ubiquitous in central Kentucky and is perfect for my Jessamine quad. Thank you Dennis- great work! David
  4. I've probably just missed it ma'am, but a region view would be just amazing. David
  5. Hi Dreamtown- Could you do a map in Cimtographer or a similar mod, please? It would be great to have a sense of where everything is. Good to see a new update! David
  6. Peaceful "nice place" sort if feeling. It would be good to see more of Whitefish Bay at some point, yes. David
  7. First, some eye candy to soften you up a bit. #1 Handy's Bend is a huge loop in the Kentucky River in the heart of the Palisades area. #2 I've focused my foresting efforts here and in adjacent Polly's Bend for the past several days. #3 The limestone walls of the bend are anywhere from 50 to over 100 feet (15-30+ meters) high and are often near vertical. #4 The river flows quietly through this area, which up until fairly recently was largely in a primitive and unspoiled state. #5 I created the "bedded limestone" texture I'm using for the cliffs in Jessamine. #6 If anyone would like to use it, let me know. #7 The bend is crossed by one of the numerous high-tension power lines that are found radiating out from the E.W. Brown power generating station next to Dix Dam a short distance away. #8 I am currently just filling in the forested areas with oak trees. My plan is to add in other varieties of trees and bushes and grasses during a second superdetailing phase after the basic foresting of the quad is done. ______________________ Okay, fun's over. < rant on > You folks have really been great about liking and commenting in my CJ since I started it just about two years ago, especially considering the very long break I took for over half that time. I don't pay a lot of attention to the stats except to note the current views and comments at the bottom of each update, but I think TRR might be the most commented on journal in the forum-based Cities: Skylines CJs. I am really grateful for all the kind words you have said and hope you will always see fit to do that. But... ...here it comes... But there's one thing I am hugely disappointed in these days, CJing-wise. That is the lack of comments- virtually any comments at all- in many CJs, and especially the newer ones. There seems to be "foot traffic" in these journals based on page views and, in some cases, they even get a number of likes on an update. But nobody- well, almost nobody- is commenting. I stopped by a beautifully done journal this morning that has been up for almost two weeks and left the first comment. I find that incredible and very, very distressing. Unlike 10 years ago when I was in the thick of doing Three Rivers Region, I would bet that most of you reading this have never done a city journal. That's fine- there's no shame in just enjoying a great game by playing it, or perhaps even creating content for it. But, IMHO, journaling what you create and what you are doing as you go along takes things to a whole 'nother level. By doing that and through then interacting with your readers over what you create a marvelous synergy happens. You do something good which leads to comments like, "Hey, I never thought of that," or "Well, OK, but what if you..." which then leads you to perhaps do something even better or more interesting the next time around. People also learn from these interactions. The back and forth of posts and comments can be a very good teacher to other readers- certainly a better one than just looking at a post with a few images that just sort of ends there without getting anything going. And hitting the "like" button, while appreciated, just doesn't cut it. What feedback does that leave? "I like this a whole lot," "I like this but then I like everything," or "I like this better than a kick in the pants?" The author really doesn't learn a whole lot from a like and the reader pretty much nothing at all. Now, NONE OF THIS APPLIES TO MY CJ. I want that to be clear. I've had all the comments and likes anyone could possibly ask for. I'm not trying to be arrogant about that, either. It just worked out that way, and I am, again, eternally grateful. But I'd rather, at this point, not see another comment in TRR/Jessamine, not another like even, until I start seeing them with much greater frequency in the 20 or so active forum-based Cities: Skylines CJs on Simtropolis. While I like to hear from my friends, in some cases great friends- lifelong friends, that I have made in the city builder community over the years, I'll know you're out there. I'll see the page views in TRR. But honor that friendship, please, by encouraging other authors with your comments. Thank you for bearing with me here. I feel pretty passionate about this- I hope I've communicated some of that passion to you. < /rant off > David 24284/351
  8. I love the hydrological aspect of this game. If Colossal Order would listen to me, I have some suggestions that I think would vastly improve it. One would be to allow, maybe with a slider control, the "ebb and flow" effect where a river will rise and then fall all on its own over the course of a minute or two. Another would be to put a little modal info bubble that pops up on each of the water sources after they are placed. It would tell you the output quantity or drain effect in some uniform measurement and the max capacity of the source. It would also be great to be able to move a source once it is placed without changing its capacity and resetting it to max output. Another neat thing to have would be some "steam effect" plops like in SC4 so that you could better simulate rapids and waterfalls. I did watch the entire video, as this is an area of interest for me. David
  9. It is very nice. I have to say that "likes," while it is always good to see them, don't take the place of a comment, however brief. Ten years ago a CJ showing this kind of quality would have had ten or fifteen comments in a couple of days. Today- pretty much crickets. Please take a few minutes to encourage the author of a CJ you like, especially if it is just getting started, with a comment. NeguchiMaroyama, I don't mean to rant all over your comment section. I really liked your screenies and think you are capturing the ambiance of the countryside in rural France perfectly. Like out friend Robban I will follow your CJ and am very much looking forward to your next post. David
  10. "Exact change only" Heh! Beautiful work, as always. David
  11. EA's finest hour. Now if EA would only do the right thing and turn the source code over to the community everyone could move on and bring SC4 into the future. If that would happen, SimCoug will still be smiling 15 years from now. I have moved on to Cities: Skylines, but SC4 will remain the greatest city builder game ever no matter what comes along. David
  12. My bias shows through here. I've never been a fan of the use of all but the most occasional video in a CJ, but judging from the number of authors these days who present their work in video format I am probably in the minority, and perhaps a small minority at that. I posted years ago in Three Rivers Region that a CJer's most important audience in terms of pleasing someone was the author her or himself and that hand in hand with that rule should go that the author should always be his or her own toughest critic. If you can look yourself in the eye and say "this is good enough to post," then it almost certainly is no matter what the format. Nobody here gets paid for authoring a CJ- it's all about sharing your enjoyment of playing a great game. You should do that in whatever way you feel comfortable with, David
  13. Hey, hi! A suggestion- I see your CJ has been posted for a couple of weeks now and mine is the first comment. That's got to be disappointing, as I'm sure you invested time and effort into putting your video together and posting it. Rather than get discouraged, though perhaps you might consider that, before you would ask folks to take almost 20 minutes of their time to watch the video, you would build some interest by posting some teaser updates of your best screenies. Once those have gained an audience you can go on to posting videos, but again, not as your only content. I've long held the theory that readers of CJs have limited time to spend on a given day looking at journals and so an author has to post entries that recognize that and take it into account. Good luck! David
  14. I've missed commenting on the last couple of updates Robban, but that doesn't mean I'm not paying attention. Your airport is something to be marveled at. To be able to to take a bunch of available things- assets, textures, decals- and combine them all together into something entirely new and different and completely convincing takes a modeler's skill I can only dream about possessing. I can only imagine the investment of time you have in "Project X." Congrats too on posting updates into your CJ's second year. Not many journals have "the legs" to run that long-- it's easy to see why yours does. Really great work- I can't wait to see what you'll be working on next. David