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  1. You are the C:S Tree God, Dennis. ...we are not worthy...we are not worthy... David
  2. Hope all is well, Turjan, and that there's more of this great CJ ahead for us to see. David
  3. I can see I have some reading and looking to do. Having just spent over three months in Seattle and Western Washington, I can only say that I'm just all that much more amazed by what I see here. Great stuff! David
  4. Well, here I am, back in Alaska after over three months living out of a suitcase. Thanks everyone for the well-wishes sent to Heather. She is recovering, but it will be a slow process. I picked up my computer a couple of days after I arrived back home. Everything works incredibly well, including Cities: Skylines. But I do have a problem- I'm hoping that someone already knows the answer. You might recall I was working on a CJ prior to my rather abrupt departure. Doing a lot of forestry work. Well, I held my breath during the boot up process keeping my fingers crossed that no updates to the game might have killed the TRR map in the process. All looked well... huge sigh of relief... untill I looked in the southwest corner, which was the last place I had been planting trees. What the heck is this yellow stuff? I zoomed in closer... ...and closer. Kind of like a selective autumn is happening. The above pic shows an area right in the corner of the map that is not affected. That's because I started there and worked outwards over the last few weeks of the end of last year. This is one of the last areas where I was planting my forests. So what is this stuff? Whatever it is, it's not a tree, as you can see from these last close-ups. My guess is that there's some sort of an ID conflict involving some of the last trees I planted. I can take the time to look by trial and error, but if anyone simply knows the answer, please give me a heads up. I'd like to know of any way to easily remove this stuff, too, if one is out there. There's quite a lot of it, and bulldozing is a very tedious process, not to mention the need to more or less replant the affected forest area. Thanks in advance if you can help. I'm looking forward to getting back to TRR during the next couple of weeks, and to getting this CJ up and running again. David 16396/284
  5. I aten't dead. My wife Heather has been seriously ill since around the first of the year. We have been in Seattle while she receives treatments at the Swedish Medical Center, and are hoping to be back to Alaska mid-April. I'll admit to being pretty down about the situation- I just haven't haven't had the heart to come over here to ST and tell everyone that I have no way to move forward at this point with TRR because Cities: Skylines won't run on the laptop I have with me. One bit of good news- before I left Alaska I ordered the following to upgrade my desktop: EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2 80+ GOLD, 850W ECO Mode Fully Modular NVIDIA SLI and Crossfire Ready 10 Year Warranty Power Supply 220-G2-0850-XR ASUS STRIX Radeon R9 390X Overclocked 8 GB DDR5 512-bit DisplayPort HDMI 1.4a DVI-I Gaming Graphics Card I left these parts at my local computer shop with instructions to add an additional 16 GB of RAM to the current 16GB and another fan while they were doing the installation- I didn't have time before I left. So C:S should really fly when I get back. Missing everyone here- thanks for understanding. David
  6. I've planted over a million trees and have never seen that issue, namspopof. Is it specific to that sort of tree and, if so, which tree is it? David
  7. So, y'all are from the south... The Anchorage metro area has about 2/3 of the state's population living in it. About 500,000 people. Our port has a lot of barge traffic in and out of it in the ice-free months. A couple of amusing new 3RR pics here [linkie]. Thanks for the kind words. I'm just standing, to borrow a phrase, on the shoulders of giants. David
  8. Great pics, Jesper! My state's largest city, Anchorage, has a port that is probably smaller than Kinnarp's. The two things I think any far Northern port is going to have a lot of are oil and gas storage tanks (I am presuming they are what you are referring to when you say "cistern") and indoor warehousing/break bulk buildings. I think you've included both of these facilities nicely. We are a bit above 61.5 degrees north latitude here. How far north do you live? David
  9. That's some of the most RL-looking Cities: Skylines I've seen yet. Incredible pics. A question- are you desaturating them in post-processing? If so, what program are you using? Thanks in advance. David
  10. Excellent map! The ability to bring the game into Open Street Maps is just incredible, and really raises the level of city builder cartography. David
  11. Just upping my game a bit. So yes, I'm going to do 3RR maps in Cities: Skylines. It's a long term project, and I plan to do it alongside Jessamine, from which I have learned a lot about C:S terraforming. Three Rivers Region will be, heh!... ten years old in March. That gives me a couple of months. UPDATE: Weird scenes from inside the heightmapping. 1# Canyonlands? #2 #3 #4 Monument Valley? #5 David
  12. Dem wuz da days! On a serious note, I know our friend John (Darmok - Anduin Valley Revisited) is up there reading over our shoulders and smiling. David
  13. Never say never, my friend. Do some backtracking through your installed mods and assets. It is almost certainly something like that. Good luck, and we'll all have our fingers crossed for you. David
  14. Been distracted. Haven't forgotten about Jessamine. I've just been spending a bit of time in, yes... Three Rivers Region [linkie]. Cities: Skylines may never be quite the same. Back in a bit. Happy New Year from Alaska! David