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  1. Well ... you can use a little movement to solve this problem .. It can build families with and without animated supports to randomly spread livestock in their lots. Downloading - Cows of Xannepam (necessary registration) the props will be available in the editor You can be sure that it is possible to do any type of S3D modification with Model Tweaker as in the example below
  2. Well ... it is not my route query but the query presented by the game and hardly a mod plugin can modify this without changing the behavior encoded in it. I just quoted what was said (neighbor commute always long) because many myths in SC4 are born precisely by repeating concepts in past experiences that may or may not cover all the variables that lead to a conclusion. In this case the said penalty to cross borders seems to have really become a myth. NAM? ...commute for pedestrians or cars?
  3. Suggest read the chapter about Regional Development in Guia Prime to understand how this happens (in case you are really interested in creating the cities to develop them) because will have problems in this division of residential tile and tile for work since from the Initial tiles developments . There is a limit to the simulation for how much one, so to speak, tile for work can satisfy their existing jobs with resident sims from another tile and vice versa. With patience and constant entrance and exit of the cities you can transform one central tile small or media in a dormitory city to its neighbors with few problems already for big tiles is a little more complicated if it is to fill it. Obviously this is for the style of game that is intended therefore if the intention is only visualize the cities working make a suggestion that you import them ready and leave aside the simulation.
  4. Well ... also always read that aim of modifying the exemplar of traffic tuning by NAM was to reduce cases of comute long. Or maybe this are referring to unknown " time commute penalty for Neighbor Connections" that no matter how hard look, still can not find it except for an erroneous interpretation of the text below. As has been said before .... it's all by the beatiful visual then is no discussion about it but the concept is incorrect
  5. In fact, this is not very correct. The idea that the distance to complete work trip on the other tile (neighbor or not) makes no difference is also incorrect. If it were to consider only actual performance it would be evident that many of the mods would lose meaning so I also agree ... if it is by art then not have discussion.
  6. In part Hotkeys can be defined / modified directly in Simcity_1.Dat - since 2003 "DATGEN hotkey" - Hot Keys in SC4 How do it ... - KEYCFG File format. Note: SC4 running in window mode or news OS (WDDM) observe system hotkey.
  7. Just to complete 3 - In the case of importing cities (other sites) it is also necessary to remember about the fact that if third party plugins are present in their structure the city may not be executed as planned unless they have also been imported. Therefore importing cities that contain non-original material also requires the knowledge and installation of this material.
  8. Did you read the post? Basic explanation: if on "tracts" that are on the coverage of a certain school there are 1000 sims units capable of being influenced and the school only attends 500 units (vacancies available) then there is the educational deficit indicated by the game. Note: education levels will also be components of deficit according to the suitability of the units achieved and as sugestion to understand the simulation forget the graphical representation. There are no children, adults, old people, dogs, etc ... The graphical simulation is commanded by parameters only to have a small representation of what happens in the simulation even because creating a simulator of cities with everything graphically represented in the fullness of events is out of most the equipment used to execute it even more being just a game. This was the idea behind glassbox SC13 and even if it was just released sandbox offline this would be impossible Just remember the, so to speak, hidden multiplication of the population that could already be detected even before the release of the game. - - Why the simulation brings population growth in multiples of six? or the scheme " get the fish that is passing " used in paths to represent workers trips that resulted in the gaffe of the "first come, first to enter the house" so criticized when perceived. Or the unforgettable " Teleportation " etc... NC
  9. Well... something like this http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17244.msg504953#msg504953 Anywhere, anytime ... something new in SC4. hopes are ending.
  10. Yes but as in many other situations of old mods lacked in project analize of some other considerations. When comparing the radius of dispatch between police and firemen to act within large batches they forgot that for the fight against crime a Maxis Deluxe police station has a helicopter that flies over every Lot to dispelling the crime. This can be seen by entering a crime data view and using the UI control to command a flight over the affected lot and in a short time realize the color change indicative of the crime. Big problem however and that due to mods the helicopter sometimes gets parked on the lot, as many have already reported to the game airport for example, and the others are left unprotected. Solution is the suggested mod to extend Dispatch Center Strength; placement of more than one Deluxe police station or for those who are interested maybe making a mod with dispatch of up to six helicopters that I guarantee is functional.
  11. Well ... the misinterpretation of some descriptions of the properties, as well as the uselessness of some by non-implementation in the game, have always caused some strange considerations and deductions. There is no kind of family concept in SC4, let alone education, SC4 is really nothing more than a huge calculus worksheet where certain properties represent variables to be applied as formulas to the specific niches of these calculations. Depending on the size of the city you have 256x256, 128x128 or 64x64 cells that for RCI calculations & utilities are grouped into groups (tracts) of 16 cells (4x4) from the extreme northwest corner of the map. The scope of any of these properties cited and carried out on these groups which contains the number RCI to be considered for calculation and thus you will have for example that a school with a certain capacity can influence up to this number of residents in the tracts under its influence (Range radius). Education is also a basic parameter for controlling urban development by influencing the development of the lot and the degree of wealth over the type of workforce available, ie, also controlling the type of occupation desired in a given location or city. So here we have the two conditions of its effectiveness; Desirability and Work Force
  12. See - - Freight Rail and Ports How do I make the two work together or PEG CDK3 SP Container Seaport 110 PEG CDK3 SP Break Bulk Seaport 1 but see - PEG CDK3 MASTER SEAPORT CONTROLLER 1 There are other options, just look for ... NC
  13. Like several here ... Just disable automatic translation of the browser on the page when you are posting or wait for the translation to end and click on the translation icon on the url bar and choose original view. Sometimes the translation can occur as soon as you send the post.
  14. Since you do not even use the NAM for the paths then maybe be more interested for one self-explanatory separate controller to adjust the game features more according to your preferences. Try this one - SC4CONFIG
  15. Unfortunately it is not so simple ... it will depend on compatibility with what you are already using. Anyway below I leave the link to the model shown in your picture. -Japanese style decoration road MOD2