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  1. Did you read the post? Basic explanation: if on "tracts" that are on the coverage of a certain school there are 1000 sims units capable of being influenced and the school only attends 500 units (vacancies available) then there is the educational deficit indicated by the game. Note: education levels will also be components of deficit according to the suitability of the units achieved and as sugestion to understand the simulation forget the graphical representation. There are no children, adults, old people, dogs, etc ... The graphical simulation is commanded by parameters only to have a small representation of what happens in the simulation even because creating a simulator of cities with everything graphically represented in the fullness of events is out of most the equipment used to execute it even more being just a game. This was the idea behind glassbox SC13 and even if it was just released sandbox offline this would be impossible Just remember the, so to speak, hidden multiplication of the population that could already be detected even before the release of the game. or the scheme " get the fish that is passing" used in ways to represent works trips that resulted in the gaffe of the "first come, first to enter the house" so criticized when perceived. Or the unforgettable " Teleportation " etc... NC
  2. Well... something like this http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17244.msg504953#msg504953 Anywhere, anytime ... something new in SC4. hopes are ending.
  3. Yes but as in many other situations of old mods lacked in project analize of some other considerations. When comparing the radius of dispatch between police and firemen to act within large batches they forgot that for the fight against crime a Maxis Deluxe police station has a helicopter that flies over every Lot to dispelling the crime. This can be seen by entering a crime data view and using the UI control to command a flight over the affected lot and in a short time realize the color change indicative of the crime. Big problem however and that due to mods the helicopter sometimes gets parked on the lot, as many have already reported to the game airport for example, and the others are left unprotected. Solution is the suggested mod to extend Dispatch Center Strength; placement of more than one Deluxe police station or for those who are interested maybe making a mod with dispatch of up to six helicopters that I guarantee is functional.
  4. Well ... the misinterpretation of some descriptions of the properties, as well as the uselessness of some by non-implementation in the game, have always caused some strange considerations and deductions. There is no kind of family concept in SC4, let alone education, SC4 is really nothing more than a huge calculus worksheet where certain properties represent variables to be applied as formulas to the specific niches of these calculations. Depending on the size of the city you have 256x256, 128x128 or 64x64 cells that for RCI calculations & utilities are grouped into groups (tracts) of 16 cells (4x4) from the extreme northwest corner of the map. The scope of any of these properties cited and carried out on these groups which contains the number RCI to be considered for calculation and thus you will have for example that a school with a certain capacity can influence up to this number of residents in the tracts under its influence (Range radius). Education is also a basic parameter for controlling urban development by influencing the development of the lot and the degree of wealth over the type of workforce available, ie, also controlling the type of occupation desired in a given location or city. So here we have the two conditions of its effectiveness; Desirability and Work Force
  5. See - - Freight Rail and Ports How do I make the two work together or PEG CDK3 SP Container Seaport 110 PEG CDK3 SP Break Bulk Seaport 1 but see - PEG CDK3 MASTER SEAPORT CONTROLLER 1 There are other options, just look for ... NC
  6. Like several here ... Just disable automatic translation of the browser on the page when you are posting or wait for the translation to end and click on the translation icon on the url bar and choose original view. Sometimes the translation can occur as soon as you send the post.
  7. Since you do not even use the NAM for the paths then maybe be more interested for one self-explanatory separate controller to adjust the game features more according to your preferences. Try this one - SC4CONFIG
  8. Unfortunately it is not so simple ... it will depend on compatibility with what you are already using. Anyway below I leave the link to the model shown in your picture. -Japanese style decoration road MOD2
  9. Well ... if you really want to follow the mechanics of the game I suggest you read this post and the places that it points to know it. As a deep form of urban development control of the game is very good however just to play is boring. - Query tool information Just as a hint ... progression of the level on the tile wealth can and should be exercised also by the control of the level of education (this is also of the game mechanics) ie, more attention before just randomly distributing the schools. Logically this is dependent on the region design that is intended but to evolve a balanced tile before connecting it to the Sim nation it is basic to properly distribute and provide the correct evolution of the residents according to the form of occupation of desired intendidal work. Remember ... Sims without education should not evolve (closed tile, of course)
  10. Despite the evident willingness to help and always good to inform that this research follows the same path of several moders at the beginning that draw their conclusions by the interpretation of the auxiliary text for the properties. Unfortunately not always the text is well interpreted as many of the properties were not even implemented for inclusion in the calculations although in this specific case this has already been discussed here in the past -Apparently anomalous exemplar reveals new type As a good hunter of the old posts might already have knowledge of it but it seems that the search stex no longer finds the.post of J_McSim As I said before, the dilapidation also suffers from a set of unpredictable factors ranging from the form of allotment of the area, division of lots by the game, placement and road access to plop lots, amount of occupancy defined, etc ... then no solution and total And there will always be the possibility of a certain lot to be a distressed 1 or 2 although there seems to be no reason for this. The practical placement of the factors that could cause such influences would be long, and surely no one would want to play in a way that would have to observe all these nuances unless he was an extremely perfectionist. In order to avoid all these "rediscovery of the wheel" it would be good for those with time available to return to the idea of a compendium of all this information already available although I think that currently the interest in the game no longer compensates the effort but would certainly avoid many repetitions of research.
  11. Well to be simple ....forget it As simulation the SC4 is only a complex calculation worksheet that tries only some similarity with the real world but can not be treated as I.A. Although some variables, such as those discussed above, can be adjusted thanks to the work of G.O. this is not going to change behaviors that now some persons maybe consider as erratic but which were not considered of this way when of the development. I tried to explain a little more about this in the topic - Query tool information on the industrial buildings - but the reaction was not very positive and the subject died, maybe due to the fact that everyone prefers to think that the Sims are actually powered by some intelligence implemented in the simulation. Alias is the same logic brought to SC13 where producers said that each Sim would have an individualized life and at the end we discover that it was not exactly that way. However, there is an important information missing in this topic about the existence of an occupancy limit per Tract (4 x 4 tiles - unit considered in the worksheet for variation in occupancy desirability) for all RCI wealth levels. This limit is diminished by each tile that does not represent RCI occupancy ( a Lot ) in space of the Tract and sometimes this fake simulation of reality occurs in strange calculations on the overflow of these capacities as well as on the extent of negative and positive influences over the same Tract That is why the RCIs developed by plugins that bring inadequate values in their properties are so damaging to the said simulation and why it is recommended to use Pim-x that does the batch with the automatic calculation by the volume ( Bounding Box ). Anyway, this was supposed to be a game ... although the desire of some to seem more real made it too complicated for most players
  12. If you have the time to read you will realize that this is not true. http://www.simcity.cn/forum-20-1.html SimCity CN is a huge site and takes care to respect opinions but most works are placed according to the rules. Unlike some discussions here in the West, while some want to break rules to bring back a lost works only because they were the reason for their own work, the CN intent is to make available in the language standard work that would otherwise be difficult to interpret because the automatic translation makes it a bit confusing In doubt just read ...
  13. There is a concept which is not very clear in the game about the fact of not exist simultaneity of execution of all city tiles ie whenever you go out of a city tile all your simulation is stoped where he was, is recorded and becomes available at that point to each of its neighbors and region. This requires that you necessarily play running the each city for at least four or six months alternately to properly adapt the simulation capabilities of neighboring recorded when playing with regions. Note that if you build a city tile only for work without any neighbor connection, let it grow a little and go to a nearby town, you will be able to build a residence neighbor homes near the town of work and even if not exist any connection to work's buildings in the other side your sims will cross the border to go to work there and if you continue alternating between the cities vera grow both trababalho capacity as residents up to a point. Generally speaking, a town not see the other directly as you might think but just get the recorded simulation data in the output of neighboring and these may or may not reflect a situation that you think is happening according to the visual representation depending on the point in that simulation was stopped. I suggest reading the of SC4 Prima Guide if you are really interested in playing with regions as these concepts are properly explained there.
  14. And thus..... = Good for those who have to have traffic, right? In this case I'd rather go with my helicopter ....
  15. Many times we were antagonistic and sometimes we disagree deeply ... but it's undeniable the legacy of their life time dedicated to this community and it shows how much he deserves all possible respect and admiration of us all. We know that everyone will miss his presence but I also know that he will live in the memory of all who love the game and the community he loved and that lived the opportunity of frequent coexistence with their experience Sad, sad day knowing this ... Ncgaio