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  1. yes it is actually! I use it with my 23" touch screen display, feels very futuristic.
  2. honestly I just like the pure functionality of it, plus it uses so little CPU! all the more for gaming ya? also in case anyone was wondering, this is how I typically run music mode, not a fan of bulky media players I went another route.
  3. it it really?! 0_o I had no idea!
  4. Decided to mix it up with a tron legacy inspired desktop.
  5. UnumProvident: sounds like you gave em peace, may they rest well in the afterlife without problems. so... new pic? this time featuring my wearable computer that I've been tinkering with and eventually plan to turn into a cyberdeck The Computer is in the satchel, it's very tiny, and the orange and black thing is a Video display. in my right hand, is the keyboard, in my left, a copy of 2600, the hacker quarterly. Behind me is my car, and that tall Antenna is connected to the CB radio I have in it... just because.
  6. Most recent. and a previous one Because I worry not about people finding me... I know kung-fu lol.
  7. I vote Benjamin Sisko for most badass Startrek Captain/Commander ever. as a side note, I'm currently catching up on the flash/arrow/legends of tomorrow while tinkering with my various projects to get them to do what I want.
  8. what does your computer setup look like? what customizations have you made to make it your own? Here's mine, it's still in progress/under construction so expect changes as time goes on, the latest change is the shelf to hold the CPU and make room for more stuff. EDIT: here's a better picture of my setup
  9. Ironically I did use molex to sata power adapters for a while on the system I was using 2 builds previous to power my backup drive. but they weren't cheap ebay/china ones either, I'd gotten them from a computer repair place who at the time was using them for hardware upgrades. and they lasted a good 4 or 5 years before I ended up upgrading my psu to support sata. so I can't vouch for how well said adapters work now, but back when I last used them they didn't do anything like short out drives or catch fire or melt or anything like that.
  10. honestly if you're already going to do an external power supply why not invest in an affordable modular power supply? I'm currently using one on my desktop, cost less than $80 new, and you only plug in the cables you need into the various ports on the front with all the cables being interchangeable. need more sata power? add sata power cables, need some molex? add compatible molex cables. it's cheap, it's efficient, and it'll probably solve all your problems. here's what they tend to look like: clearly labeled and easy to setup too.
  11. my most current desktop running linux
  12. you know I don't think I've posted in this thread, might as well, this is me in my new coat.
  13. did some serious hardware upgrades today and wanted to share them with the world. Old system specs: quad core 3.0ghz sempron II X4, 8gb DDR3 memory, Geforce 740 PCi-E video card, Regular HDD sata, windows 7 ultimate X64 /ubuntu 15.04 new system specs: same video card, Ubuntu 15.04 as 2nd OS, both on 12gb SSD's. also, Oculus rift for VR gaming. anyone else do any hardware upgrading recently?