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  1. Medieval Sailing Ship

  2. NSW State Rail Pack

  3. NSW State Rail Pack

  4. Melbourne Arts Precinct Part One: NGV International

    How could I not love this... excellent work! :)
  5. 1860 Census

    Great update... I just love your New SorGun CJ. Beautiful and creative
  6. The Sensational Six #111

    I soooooo can't wait for this to just explode into a mega cat fight.....
  7. Snowline

    beautiful natural landscapes... and not a single building in sight... nice!
  8. The Battle of New SorGun - Part 2

    Another excellent update... glad to see New SorGun live to see another day!
  9. Bring tourists here !

    Really nice work... you've done Bali proud hehehe... Are these cities/districts part of one region or are they on different region maps? If they are part of one region, perhaps a region map would be good so that we get an idea of where each district sits in relation to the others... that said, I really like your work
  10. Consternation

    Times are indeed a changing ..... but why do I get the feeling something really big (other than the move) is about to happen?
  11. 2012 Coin of the Year

    MeltonHill for 50 Purrs and Franciflorianopolis for 25 Purrs... nice!
  12. Rengska - various views of the city, in various stages of development...

    Interesting city layout... as a fellow Urban Design & Planning student I look forward to seeing where you take this CJ as I also like using SC4 to trial planning concepts (such as the Eb. Howards Garden City concept etc).... ps: how many hours of playing your city has it taken to get to the year 1224... nice start
  13. 1837 : The Way Forward + replies

    [font="Verdana"][quote name='Schulmanator' timestamp='1340718531'] Cool... Those maps have a fun SC2K vibe to them [/quote][/font] [font="Verdana"]Simcity 4s gridiness lends itself quite nicely to using Bitmaps to create zone maps [/font]
  14. The Sensational Six #104

    [i][font="Verdana"]"...It's not always about looking like a whore, but it helps."[/font][/i] [font="Verdana"]If this was a TV show, that would be a tag line for it on IMDb.... can't help but pmsl every time I read your updates. [/font]