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  1. @DavidDHetzel believe it is this one and the corner left one is a Burlington Coat Factory? I think
  2. From the album Pclark06 pic dump

    One of those pop up Halloween shops shows up every October where a Circuit City used to be.
  3. A thread for BAT stuff I am working on. Finished Rally's/Checkers - textures are placeholders right now (I have new textures that are darker that go better with game palette), a tiny BAT that should go on a 3x2 lot (possibly corner only). Modding not close to finished yet, going to extrude everything tonight. Also want a rounded square roof on the top, and all the roof elements pushed forward so working on that as well. It is based mostly off the one on Portsmouth, Ohio, with a few modifications. Checker's/Rally's American convenience store expansion for MGB convenience stores - finished, may be released soon maybe as an update to rsc's file. Convenience Store Signs Cable Vans - 4 Cable Company Vans Cable Vans Commercial Vans - 15 Commercial Vans that deliver various products and services - PC Commercial Vans WIP Automata -18-wheelers with trucking brands not in game yet, along with moving trucks. Another set with four food trucks as well, possibly using FedEx Trucks as a base. 18 Wheel Set 1 JB Hunt Schneider Swift Hub Group Estes YRC Landstar Mayflower (old livery) United Van Lines ABF Upack Atlas Allied Modular Strip Mall - not started. A modular Strip Mall with 72 different brands that would go wall-to-wall on 1x3 and 2x3 lots as either a standalone, or one can plop and put together as a strip mall. It would be somewhat similar to KingLeno's modular plaza for C:S as well as the SG Plop-A-Shop, but it would be for low-wealth Sims. List is below. Signage textures are finished, modeling on 3dsMax is getting started. Planned release: Spring 2017. A 4x3 grocery store expansion is planned as well sometime next year. Billboard Set - A set of billboards with 78 different brands like Snapchat, Uber, Tide, and a Powerball billboard. There would also be political billboards of the three major parties in a folder if you want to extract them or not. Political billboards are not endorsements and are meant for imitation of realism. A few texture samples are below.Golden Corral - modeling on 3dsMax Menards - modeling on 3dsMax. Krystal, Rooms 2 Go, Meijer hypermarket -- not started ATM Props - A set of ATM props for people's lots. 18 different banks including PNC, Comerica, Washington Federal, and a generic ATM. Should be done fairly quickly.
  4. I run in CORT. Lots of guys who design and also race there. We have a lot of cool people! I have a team of 3 other people. www.cort.cool (fixed the link)
  5. I am, work's just busy. I might do a combo Cities:Skylines/SC4 CJ soon. I also have a second truck set on companies I missed, that I am working on. I want to do some Canadian and Mexican companies in this set too. I have other projects non SC4 related like my iRacing team as seen below.
  6. mipro

    Hummina hummina hummina
  7. Version 1.0.0


    A set of American branded tractor trailers and cabs to make your logistics and freight automata more realistic for American themed cities. There are also 10 different colors of International cabs to pair with these trailers. There are 79 in all: 5-Hour Energy, 84 Lumber, AAA Cooper, ABF, Allied, Amazon Prime, Arnold, Batesville Casket, Baylor, Cargill, Carlile, Caterpillar, Celadon, Central Transport, CH Robinson, Churchill from Detroit, Covenant, CR England, Crete, CRST, Dart, Dayton Freight, DFS Danfreight, Estes, Fastenal, Forward Air, Freymiller, Gardner, Goodwill, Heartland Express, Hirschbach, Hogan, Hub Group, Interstate, JB Hunt, Knight, Landstar, Little Debbie, Lucas, Lumber Liquidators, Lynden, Marten, Mayflower, MDS, Menard, New England Motor Freight, North American Van Lines, Old Dominion, Phillips 66 Motor Oils, Pitt Ohio, Prime, R&L, Roadrunner, Ruan, Saia, Schneider, Smith, Smokey & The Bandit, Steelcase, Stevens, Sunco, Swift, Sysco, TransAm, Two Men & A Truck, Tyson, United Van Lines, Universal, US Foods, USA Truck, US Xpress, Werner, Western, Wheaton, Willig, Xtralease, & YRC. 10 Different colors of cabs: Blue, Baby Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Silver, Black, Burgundy, Yellow, & Gold. Also there is a surprise van from my previous van set that was scrapped last minute, improved to look good enough for the game These are also compatible with the cabs from @Simfanatik's Trucking sets, his Internationals and Scanias work with them. If you want more cab-trailer variety, I suggest using these as well: To install: simply extract to your Plugins folder.
  8. Only about 10 of these left to add into the game. Then look at the textures to see if they work in-game and look good, then release time. There will be 78 new trailers (and 8 new colors of cabs to go along with the trailers).
  9. This is going to be an expansive set. I'm pretty excited! Green means they are finished and in the game. I forgot Little Debbie and added their truck on the list. There could eventually be a set for Canadian brands like Day & Ross, as well as a separate set for Grocery ones. If you have one that you want done, now is the perfect time since I have been getting through these quickly.
  10. @CT14 intermodals would be super interesting! that's an idea I may pursue in the future. I also need to fix the brightness on these things which should not be difficult, but I am going to get the rest of these done, judge in game and then replace what needs to be replaced. The Schneider one is too bright as well, need to go darker. I am also adding cab color variety for these things. re: Kroger, I may do that but with a Meijer. I am unsure as of yet...
  11. More liveries. I have about 20 of these in the game right now. Because of how quickly I am moving through these, I am going to do way more than I thought I would.
  12. From the album Pclark06 pic dump

    Big news in the Hotel Industry as Motel 6 has announced plans to buy out the Cox Family, owners of the hotel chain, the "Cox Family Court."
  13. @MeMyself&I Good news re: Sysco. I finished one today before you posted that. US Foodservice is a good idea as well, thanks for the suggestion! Also, I think Pepsi/Coke ones have been made, so they are not currently in the plans.
  14. They are @Simfanatik models. I am reskinning them to include American truck companies. They spawn onto the trucks randomly just like his old packs. I have more pics! Estes Trucking Schneider (need to fix the saturation, way too bright) Arkansas Best Freight I plan on adding about 40 or so more brands onto trailers that spawn into the SimFanatik trucks. I think there was missing variety in the number of logistics companies represented in the STEX so this should fix that a little bit. Being a professional designer, I can work on these trailers fairly quickly, lol
  15. Excited for these trucks (and more coming). Here's the list I have so far that I want to add into the game. I'll do brand-themed ones in the future. JB Hunt Schneider Swift Hub Group Estes YRC Landstar Mayflower (old livery) United Van Lines ABF Upack Atlas Allied Old Dominion CR England
  16. Coming soon: automata truck trailers that add American trucking brands into the game.
  17. I found a couple old buildings of mine from SC3KU, on a website I made I totally forgot existed. These were when I was in middle school, a long time ago (2001ish?). http://trshmn4.tripod.com/corporatelogoland/id14.html