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  1. Sick!
  2. The LBT ones are pretty good for billboards (one is a prop pack and the other is lots) http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc&descarga=1786 http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc&descarga=1785
  3. Version 1.0.0


    5 new buildings for SimCity 3000: Mini-Mall (Kroger, Five Below, etc). - updated from HBMeeks New Billows Mini-Mall to current brands. The original had a Kmart and a Hollywood Video - one which barely exists and the other which does not anymore, so I replaced out logos. Garvey Plaza 2017 - an updated version of the original default Garvey Plaza (which was actually a user created building) to 2017. Clark Gas Station - midwestern gas station chain, a repaint of my original Shell station. Jimmy John's - A repaint of Siyahamba's Subway building which was quite outdated Exxon - An Exxon I made in 2002, no changes made Both .bld and .dat files are available, like usual. Feel free to add images, @CorinaMarie
  4. Yep. There's the dk1 Bank of America, NDEX Chase, and the @Ceafus 88 BB&T along with Zahrul's suburban bank set and a couple of credit unions and W2Ws. There aren't even many ATMs or ATM props. For Cities:Skylines, someone made a Wells Fargo and a B of A as well. It's one of the areas that lack realism for sure.
  5. Regions is actually an underrepresented bank in city builders games, which is weird, because it's in the top 10 in the largest banks by number of locations in the US, so this is great.
  6. Some new SC3K stuff coming this weekend. One is a Clark Gas Station (a chain common in the midwest) which is basically a redo of my Shell station and another is an updated version of HBMeeks Plaza originally found in SimArchitect. The original building had a KMart, a Hollywood Video, and a couple other out of business chains so I felt it needed to be updated. Whoever HBMeeks is, your buildings were great, and I really appreciate your work.
  7. From the album Pclark06 pic dump

    new retail development
  8. I've not seen it possible. These are all landmark .dats anyways as there were never any .bld files on that site
  9. Version 1.0.0


    10 SimCity 3000 buildings, both in .bld and .dat (landmark) formats that are already converted. Some of these are old buildings from 2001-02 that have been unchanged and the others are redos of buildings into current, modern logos, and details. Many of the props used can be found at Freeland. Aaron's Aamco Chick-Fil-A Freddy's Golden Corral Menards Meijer (redo from Hobager's Zellers) O'Reilly People's Choice Plaza Shell
  10. Go for it! Thank you!
  11. you can get it here! "Wimpy's Burger Shack" http://www.tatertown.com/sc3000/db/index.php?cat=Commercial Buildings
  12. this Aaron's redone over an old building will come out soon, along with a few other of my old buildings in the first pack.
  13. The SimCity 3000 Revival Project Pleased to talk about this. I used to be a part of the SimCity 3000 Unlimited community. For a few weeks now I have been talking with fredfree from one of the biggest SimCity 3000 websites in it's heyday, Freeland. We have realized that many of the buildings from back then no longer exist, and it is certainly possible to bring them back. Fred has some CDs worth of old SimCity 3000 content from various places by many creators, like Freeland and the SC3KU exchange, and there might be some of my own (minimally re-edited) buildings coming back. I am unsure of where they will be uploaded, but it likely will be here. Right now I have about 30 buildings that aren't on the net right now with more to come. They will be uploaded in packs, I want to say. My intention is to show off some of the best art from the creators of the past, so people can enjoy these works fifteen years later. I will also add some of my own work from the past as well. SC3KU is now on the GOG gaming platform (https://www.gog.com/game/simcity_3000). I always use the Landmark Converter, which can be found at @catty-cb's website, https://city-builders.info/. Attached image: A Marriott by Aaronsdad, who was a brilliant creator back then, and a new work by myself, a Golden Corral (that is undersized), gentrified from an old building in the exchange in the 90s.
  14. this is an all-too-early test of this building in-game but it's somewhere at least. LODs suck so they need to be fixed along with needing some interior design and windows. oh and that hanging wall in the back lol that will be fixed
  15. have to model awnings, doors, hvac, redo brick textures, but we may have some new restaurants soon. this Raising Cane's is based off the one in Charlottesville, Virginia, but there's a lot still to do
  16. Yep! Along with a Shell Station, a Menards, and a couple new ones!
  17. I plan on a re-release of a set of my own commercial buildings, in the near future. Should be fun!
  18. @corinamarie yeah, sure. I'm okay with this!
  19. A thread for BAT stuff I am working on. Finished Rally's/Checkers - textures are placeholders right now (I have new textures that are darker that go better with game palette), a tiny BAT that should go on a 3x2 lot (possibly corner only). Modding not close to finished yet, going to extrude everything tonight. Also want a rounded square roof on the top, and all the roof elements pushed forward so working on that as well. It is based mostly off the one on Portsmouth, Ohio, with a few modifications. Checker's/Rally's American convenience store expansion for MGB convenience stores - finished, may be released soon maybe as an update to rsc's file. Convenience Store Signs Cable Vans - 4 Cable Company Vans Cable Vans Commercial Vans - 15 Commercial Vans that deliver various products and services - PC Commercial Vans WIP Automata -18-wheelers with trucking brands not in game yet, along with moving trucks. Another set with four food trucks as well, possibly using FedEx Trucks as a base. 18 Wheel Set 1 JB Hunt Schneider Swift Hub Group Estes YRC Landstar Mayflower (old livery) United Van Lines ABF Upack Atlas Allied Modular Strip Mall - not started. A modular Strip Mall with 72 different brands that would go wall-to-wall on 1x3 and 2x3 lots as either a standalone, or one can plop and put together as a strip mall. It would be somewhat similar to KingLeno's modular plaza for C:S as well as the SG Plop-A-Shop, but it would be for low-wealth Sims. List is below. Signage textures are finished, modeling on 3dsMax is getting started. Planned release: Spring 2017. A 4x3 grocery store expansion is planned as well sometime next year. Billboard Set - A set of billboards with 78 different brands like Snapchat, Uber, Tide, and a Powerball billboard. There would also be political billboards of the three major parties in a folder if you want to extract them or not. Political billboards are not endorsements and are meant for imitation of realism. A few texture samples are below.Golden Corral - modeling on 3dsMax Menards - modeling on 3dsMax. Krystal, Rooms 2 Go, Meijer hypermarket -- not started ATM Props - A set of ATM props for people's lots. 18 different banks including PNC, Comerica, Washington Federal, and a generic ATM. Should be done fairly quickly.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    11 new branded truck trailers for your cities. Barr-Nunn Big G Express Culligan Water Dart Advantage DOT Foods Halvor PAM Pegasus PPG Paints Transport America Voortman Cookies This is an expansion to my trucking set released in November 2016, which you can download below. This brings a total of 90 total trailers from myself to your games. They will spawn randomly near Industrial areas. For these to work you need @Simfanatik's trucking automata. To install: simply extract to your Plugins folder.
  21. From the album Pclark06 pic dump

    A row of clothing stores, influenced by Soho in NYC.