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  1. SC3K takes account for saltwater and freshwater (which is something that was scrapped in later games). You may need to use the desalination plant to convert your water into freshwater.
  2. From the album Pclark06 pic dump

    Downtown Threeton, a town of 3100 people.
  3. From the album Pclark06 pic dump

    A traveler's oasis
  4. From the album Pclark06 pic dump

  5. If you guys like SC3KU, or still play, I am starting to compile a bunch of the old SC3K custom stuff that is still around on the internet.
  6. A list of SC3K/SC3KU content that is still around on the internet, considering the old SC3KU exchange is gone (and most of my stuff I made in 2000-2002 is gone, which I am kind of pissed about) CBEX, by @catty-cb http://city-builders.info/cbex Freeland (Fredfree, many others) http://fredfree.homestead.com/FVC.html http://freelandrealty.50megs.com/downloads/ Second link is a building directory from Freeland Realty. There are a couple of my BATs (seveneleven117) on there. There's a lot by Birch23 who made a ton of stuff in the SC3KU days there. Freeland's Yahoo group still has a bunch of stuff but someone needs a Yahoo account which is like, ancient history at this point: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/flealand/files Hobager (Canadian guy who made a bunch of retail) http://hobager-download-page.fws1.com/ SimArchitect - both BAP and BAT. BAP is Building Architect Plus and compatible with Unlimited. Lots of buildings under the BAP section. http://simarchitect.com/buildings/bat/ The Rendering Kit http://renderingkit.simarchitect.com/ Old SC3000 Exchange for the BAT (before Unlimited Building Architect Plus came out - this version didn't have support for props like cars yet) http://web.archive.org/web/20070109085101/http://simcity.ea.com/obe/Building_Exchange.html
  7. No nightlights 0 out of 10!!1 Kidding, this is awesome. I love the old Forbes Field vibe you gave to it.
  8. Just want to say I am a fan of the diversity of your latest assets, @kingleno. A small-med grocery store, a fancy cosmetics store, and the new car center. Really nice!
  9. @DavidDHetzel believe it is this one and the corner left one is a Burlington Coat Factory? I think